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How to Grow Your Academy With Built-In Email Integrations (Spoiler: Your Options Have Doubled)

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We are expanding the built-in marketing capabilities with new email integrations: even more of your favorite tools are available with LearnWorlds!

Apart from Mailchimp, Active Campaign, AWeber, and Convertkit, you can now seize upon four new powerful email marketing platforms – GetResponse, Constant Contact, MailerLite, or Moosend – to engage with your learners and boost your sales.

The number of native email integrations we offer has doubled to keep you connected to the tools you love. Now, it’s easier than ever to stick to your existing tech stack with LearnWorlds.

Your Academy & Your Email Tech Stack go Together, Natively!

Whatever your goal is – informing customers about a new course, announcing a flash sale of a best-seller buddle, or sharing a new e-book with your learners – with email integration embedded natively into your Academy, you have the power to do all these things within one channel.

Don’t have a go-to email marketing software yet? Here’s a quick overview of the four new integrated platforms you can leverage.

GetResponse is a comprehensive marketing automation platform with a user-friendly email creator, professionally designed email templates, and a comprehensive dashboard for managing your campaigns.

💁 Learn how to integrate your school with GetResponse

ConstantContact would be right for you if you’re looking for a super easy-to-use platform with high-quality customer support. It’s most suitable for email marketing beginners who need simple features at a fair price.

💁 Learn how to integrate your school with ConstantContact

MailerLite is a robust email marketing tool with a rich set of features. MailerLite comes with a handy drag-and-drop editor, providing a deep level of customization for your emails.

💁 Learn how to integrate your school with MailerLite

Moosend offers advanced features like multi-step marketing automation workflows, but if you don’t use email marketing often, you don’t even have to subscribe to a plan: Moosend offers a credit system, allowing you to pay only when you actually send emails.

💁 Learn how to integrate your school with Moosend

How to Integrate With an Email Marketing Provider

The process of integrating with your email marketing software of choice is seamless and requires no coding skills.

With eight email marketing integrations at your fingertips, it’s the best time to take full advantage of email marketing to take your school to the next level.

5 Ways to Leverage Email Marketing to Enhance Your Training Program

Next, let’s see how email marketing can enhance your training programs and positively contribute to your online academy’s growth.

1. Promote New Courses

Email marketing is a great, if not the best, way to introduce new courses to your audience. What makes promotional email campaigns easy is that your customers already know your brand and are interested in what you offer. You just need to push them slightly, so try to make promotional emails fun and enticing to capture audience interest and drive users to enroll in your new course.

You can boost customer engagement by adding a personalization element to your email campaigns. This way, you can promote relevant courses to specific segments based on gender, industry, interests, etc.

By adding custom fields to your sign-up forms, you can collect details about your learners and then utilize this data to tailor your email campaigns to particular audience segments.

2. Share Helpful Content

A key ingredient of business success is building a relationship of trust with customers, and email marketing is the ideal tool to accomplish this. If you provide value for your users, they will stay loyal to your brand. The value doesn’t have to be associated with the purchase – using emails, you can share helpful resources and keep your users engaged all year round.

Delight your learners with free content that helps them achieve their goals: blog posts, e-books, how-to videos, or case studies. Your only rule is to ensure that your content is relevant to your audience so that they will appreciate it rather than be annoyed by spammy emails.

💡 Tip: You can repurpose your content into lead magnets to capture new subscribers and grow your email list. For example, you can set up an exit-intent popup that offers a piece of free content – cheat sheet, e-book, or whitepaper – in exchange for an email.

3. Re-Engage Inactive Learners

Have you noticed that some users drop their courses halfway through? Reasons may vary – maybe the content wasn’t interesting for them, or they got distracted, or they simply didn’t have enough time. The reality is not all of your learners will get through all steps of the course, but luckily you can recoup their interest by sending targeted email campaigns.

Here are some re-engagement strategies you might want to consider:

Friendly reminder

Sometimes, a simple reminder is the best way to encourage users to get back to learning. Gently nudge them to continue their course by reminding them of the benefits they miss out on. Make this email personalized – address users by their first name, include the name of their course – to maximize the effectiveness of your re-engagement efforts.

Short note

Maybe, your learners are so busy they can’t find time to finish their course. A long, tiresome email will only frustrate them. Instead, send them a short yet valuable note – ask about their learning progress and share an article, a fun video, or another piece of exciting content.

Show them you care

“Is process learning going well for you?”
“Do you find the learning materials hard to comprehend?”
“Are you struggling with the curriculum?”

Above are examples of questions you can ask your learners to show them you care about their progress. By asking the right questions, you will not only engage inactive users but also find out valuable insight about your course. Take advantage of this data to improve your learning program and eliminate bottlenecks to lead to user dropout.

Don’t forget about the segmentation – you don’t want to include new or active users in your re-engagement campaigns!

4. Listen to Your Customer’s Voice

Knowledge is power, especially if you want your school to thrive. By being aware of what your learners think of the course, curriculum, materials, and assessments, you can improve your learning program, which ultimately increases customer satisfaction and retention. When it comes to gathering feedback from your customers, email marketing can be easily put to use.

The first step is to segment your subscribers: you want to separate leads from customers and include only old users who have already completed a course, not new registrations. Then, try putting yourself into the customer’s shoes – would you be willing to fill in a 20-minute, 5-page survey? To increase the odds of your customers actually leaving a review, make the process easy and effortless.

And be sincere: tell your learners how important their feedback is and how much you value their opinion. Your customers will appreciate your honesty.

5. Automate Your Processes

You can eliminate manual work and free up hundreds of hours by setting up automated email sequences. With the auto-tagging possibilities within LearnWorlds, you don’t even have to categorize your customers yourself – the tags will be automatically assigned to users based on the actions they perform.

You can choose the cases when a user is tagged: when they make the first purchase, enroll or complete a course, receive a certificate, or preview a free section of a paid course.

Here are several examples of automated sequences you can easily apply using built-in auto-tagging capabilities.

Welcome emails

When users enroll in a course, be it free or paid, it is the moment they’re most interested in your brand. At this point, they are the most likely to read whatever you send them. This can only happen once, so take advantage of that time and introduce a new customer to your brand.

In this sequence of emails, your goal is not to sell something. Your goal is to start building relationships with new customers. Start with a warm welcome email, express gratitude for choosing your school, and give them some advice on how to get started with ease. In the following email, you can share some valuable materials, invite them to join your social media, or check related courses you might have.

Upsell emails

Users express their interest in the subject by previewing a free section of a paid course. This should prompt you to try and turn this user into a paying customer. But don’t push such users to purchase right away – nurture them over time, ask for their feedback after completing a free course, and send over some exciting materials.

Create a sequence of emails that will demonstrate the value of your paid course, and don’t forget to offer an exclusive discount to guide the user to the purchase seamlessly.

Congratulation emails

Not every email should serve the purpose of revenue generation. Being in touch with your learners and communicating with them is just as crucial for the success of your school. Users will appreciate being treated as individuals, not as ‘money bags.’

Make your learners feel valued by celebrating their victories. Create a congratulations email sequence that is triggered whenever a user completes a course. Tell your learners how well they did with the course – nobody can resist a compliment.

But of course, you can’t miss a chance to do some business. While your customers are happy with the progress they’ve already made, you can motivate them to continue their learning and enroll in another course that you’re offering. To do that, include a promotional email in your congratulation sequence:

With LearnWorlds, automations go far beyond just sending email sequences. Creating online courses usually involves many tedious, repetitive processes: keeping your email marketing lists up to date, adding leads from email campaigns to your CRM, or logging purchases into accounting software. To eliminate all these tasks, you need to do only one thing – connect your school with Zapier.

Zapier enables you to connect with third-party applications that you use daily – CRMs, accounting systems, e-commerce platforms, or even email marketing software (if you couldn’t find your favorite tool among the eight native integrations).

Here are some ways to automate your processes with Zapier:

💁 To connect your school with Zapier, please follow the instructions in this Help Center article.

Beyond Email Integrations – Stay Connected With Your Favorite Tools

Even though email marketing is one of the oldest marketing tools, emails still hold a lot of power you can channel to grow your Academy. Now that you have access to eight of the most popular email marketing platforms, you can connect your school with your favorite marketing software to communicate with your prospects and learners, keep them engaged and drive more sales. If you’re not using any platform yet, it is the perfect moment to start.

LearnWorlds empowers you to adhere to your existing tech stack by offering a wide range of native integrations, and they are not limited to email marketing. Check our integrations page to learn about all the tools at your disposal.

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