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Product Updates

Check the Pulse of your Learners With our new NPS Survey and Qualification Questions

Evan Katsiouras product marketing manager LearnWorlds
7 min

For anyone involved in the eLearning business, ‘your customers are your greatest source of learning’ is a mantra to live by. But how easy is it to find out what the customers think about you behind closed doors?

Our latest update makes word of mouth measurable, enabling you to learn more about your customers smoothly and easily. New NPS Surveys and Qualification Questions are here to take the guesswork out of your success and make your customers’ voices a key part of your decision-making.

Net Promoter Score: Survey, Without the Survey

In the world of customer satisfaction, long surveys, customer interviews, and the frustration of low response rates are dated. With Net Promoter Score (NPS), it takes just one simple question… and the secret to your success won’t be a secret anymore!

Simply put, an NPS survey asks your customers how likely they are to recommend your course to their friends or colleagues on a scale from 0 to 10. After their response, you can ask for additional feedback or even reach out to them personally to further evaluate their satisfaction with your courses.

Why NPS is What Your LearnWorlds Academy Needs Right Now

NPS surveys are a foolproof way to:

📈 Check Your Learners’ Pulse, Fast and Easy

Setting up an NPS survey helps you evaluate your school’s performance simply and effectively without running lengthy surveys that your learners are likely to skip.

👁️‍🗨️ Find Blind Spots and Bright Areas Within Your School

You can trigger an interaction with your learners using a simple question that is easy to answer, then gradually dig deeper into user feedback without being invasive.

🚀 Optimize Your School’s Performance

NPS survey data can be easily combined with other performance measures, like course engagement, so you can clearly see how appealing your offering is.

📣 Make Your Learners’ Voice Part of the Learning Experience

Take advantage of the most popular feedback tool that is now completely fused in your LearnWorlds school, so you can keep everything in one place without the need for extra apps.

How NPS Helps you Upgrade Your eLearning Business

Building an NPS survey helps you improve your business in several ways.

Segment Customers by Loyalty

Loyal customers mean more revenue and, thus, sustained growth. NPS is the ultimate measure to categorize your learners into promoters (the loyal ones) and detractors (the ones that may leave you soon). This categorization helps you adjust your business strategy or training program to keep your promoters happy and improve satisfaction for your detractors. For example, you can offer a discount to your promoters for sharing your course on their social media.

On the other hand, feedback from your detractors can be used to better cover their needs, giving them more reasons to change their minds and give you a better NPS in the future. That way, you fulfill the ultimate goal of turning detractors into promoters and getting promoters to evangelize your product.

Identify At-Risk Customers

Whether you’re offering a subscription, membership, coaching program, or single course, NPS helps you identify which customers are not willing to stay with you any longer. This gives you the unique opportunity to act proactively and engage with them before they make the decision to leave.

For example, a high-value customer that submitted a low NPS response because of your course’s price can be positively influenced by an offer or a discount. Think of NPS as an alarm that goes loud every time it locates a red flag and warns you of an upcoming risk that you wouldn’t have easily predicted otherwise.

Benchmark Against Industry and Competitor Scores

NPS has been widely adopted by many businesses in multiple industries, including eLearning, to measure customer satisfaction. This means that for each industry, there are benchmarks for what a good NPS stands for. Thus, comparing your NPS with your industry’s average can give you an overview of your performance against your competitors.

An above-average score can be used as a proof of concept in your marketing initiatives – for example, you can highlight this achievement in your landing pages. On the other hand, a below-the-average NPS is a red flag indicating that you have to improve your offering based on your customers’ feedback.

Uncover Customer Loyalty Drivers

Your customers are your greatest source of learning – we said that before, right? One key question about customer satisfaction is what factors turn a customer into a loyal product fan. Using NPS surveys enables you to collect feedback from both your most loyal segments and the least engaged ones. With these in hand, you can unravel how your customers define success, so you can adjust your strategy accordingly and turn detractors into promoters!

Monitor Improvements in Your eLearning Product or Training Program

If you’re thinking about applying a major change to your eLearning program, NPS is a quick and easy way to measure how well this new change was adapted by your learners. Simply compare their NPS score and feedback before and after introducing your new training program to evaluate whether it got the job done or not.

Setting Up an NPS Survey in Your LearnWorlds School

There are many options to customize how NPS will work for you. For example, you can:

All individual NPS responses are stored and presented in the Responses tab. You can use filters to focus on what matters most. For your NPS monitoring needs, you can visit the Overview tab to get a glimpse of your NPS trends over time.

💁 Now, here’s a question for you: “How possible is it to recommend the new LearnWorlds NPS feature to your friends and colleagues?”

From Strangers to Family: Know Your Customers With new Qualification Questions

If NPS is your go-to solution for quickly checking the pulse of your learners, then the all-new Qualification Questions are here to help you learn everything you need about your customers without being too invasive. This new feature has been designed with:

Simply put, you can set up a qualification questionnaire right after a user signs up for your course, coaching session, or training program and collect any important information for your school.

For example, you get answers to questions like:

These sound quite familiar, right? The truth is that the most successful businesses out there use Qualification questions to get to know their customers better and improve their offerings. But making qualification part of the signup process is a pitfall that many businesses fail to avoid. This results in lengthy sign-up forms that break the user experience and discourage them from moving on with making that purchase.

With the new LearnWorlds Qualification Questions, you can collect all the information you need, but only after you ensure that your customers have purchased your course. This means more revenue, more data, and more happy customers.

How Qualification Questions Help you Grow Your eLearning Business

⬇️ Collect

Build customer profiles progressively by collecting key customer data after they sign up for your course while keeping the checkout experience as seamless as possible. No matter how important profiling information is, you don’t want to put on any obstacles while your customers are making a decision to buy. Conversions can’t wait, but questions can.

⬇️ Segment

Use our smart tagging system to create segments based on qualification question responses. For example, you can group customers based on their demographics, firmographics, or training goal responses so that you track their interaction with your school separately. This helps you deliver more personalized experiences to your users, send relevant offers, or show/hide specific website sections based on responses.

⬇️ Adapt

Eliminate guesswork around your offering by building up your products to respond to your customers’ needs. By combining multiple data sources, like NPS and Qualification responses, with User Progress and Course Insights, you can look in-depth at improving your products and overall strategy.

⬇️ Evaluate

If you’re putting too much marketing effort into getting more customers, you should know what type of customers you’re attracting and whether they fit your ideal customer profile. For example, if your best-performing customers are working for large companies but your campaigns bring mostly entrepreneurs, you might have to adjust your marketing strategy to target the right audience.

Setting up Qualification Questions in your LearnWorlds Academy

As soon as your questions are ready, you can move on by configuring how the qualification will work for you.

For example, you can:

All submissions are stored in the Responses tab, where you can export responses in XLS/CSV format, filter by date, download responses report per user, or even delete a user’s submission. This way, you can manage feedback as you wish, make your own analysis, and get well-equipped with insights to support your decision-making.

Let Customer Feedback be Your ‘Jingle Bells’ this Year

At LearnWorlds, we always strive to hear the voice of our customers, as it helps us both move forward. That’s why we want to make the voice of your customers part of your journey as an eLearning professional. As we’re moving closer to the end of this year, we want to ensure that you are well-equipped to reach your next success milestone, and chances are that customer feedback is your secret weapon.

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Evan Katsiouras product marketing manager LearnWorlds
Evan Katsiouras
Product Marketing Manager at LearnWorlds

Evan is a seasoned marketing professional with an experience in EdTech and SaaS start-up ventures. He's vision is to inspire and motivate knowledge entrepreneurs to scale their business by embedding state-of-the-art technology in their workflow.