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Top 10 Healthcare LMS Software

Androniki Koumadoraki
11 min
Top 10 Healthcare LMS Software

You know better than us how healthcare is one of the most heavily regulated industries with dozens of safety guidelines and compliance regulations formulating your day-to-day processes. The only way for healthcare employees to keep up with compliance practices is to undergo training, often on a pretty regular basis.

The problem is, health workers are extremely busy and, in their majority, rarely work from an office. Therefore, their training programs must be efficient and systematic, yet flexible enough to fit their schedules.

Investing in a Learning Management System and moving your training programs online will transform the way your healthcare business handles compliance and employee development.

Don’t worry about how to go about this – we’ve done the heavy lifting for you! We’ve singled out the top 10 LMS systems for healthcare based on their features and user reviews. Rest assured that picking any of these platforms will help you streamline your training efforts and stay on top of compliance!

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#1 LearnWorlds

an image of the LearnWorlds landing page showing the platform's user interface

LearnWorlds is an all-in-one course platform, perfect for different types of training, including healthcare learning initiatives. LearnWorlds is a versatile tool that enables healthcare businesses to build personalized training programs with a huge variety of learning materials for every need and preference.

With LearnWorlds, you can conduct a training program either entirely online or blended – that is, combining on-site sessions, resources readily available on the cloud, and live sessions held online. The best part? Learning happens in a user-friendly online learning environment, in a fully branded website your learners are familiar with and feel comfortable in.

LearnWorlds offers hard-to-find features. In our opinion, offering interactive content in the form of eBooks and video is the bare minimum you should offer your healthcare employees to keep them engaged and help them learn efficiently. And we go much further than that.


LearnWorlds also features a powerful assessment builder with different types of quizzes ranging from the standard multiple-choice and true-false questions to open-ended assignments and video submissions. You can also issue certificates for your learners that are awarded upon the successful completion of an exam.

Automated and in-depth reporting allows you to monitor learner progress at any given moment, featuring a transparent Dashboard where you can see everything at a glance. Our native mobile app, fully white-labeled, is another huge plus, since healthcare employees are usually deskless and might require to access training material while on the job.

Let’s see all the features you’ll find useful:


One downside of our platform is that, due to its extended capabilities, it might take you longer to explore and uncover all its features and find your way around it. That said, we offer an impressive resource library with guidelines, videos, and webinars – not to mention our capable customer support team – to help you navigate our platform and discover all its capabilities.


LearnWorlds offers a 30-day free trial (no credit card required), during which most features are available, and 3 main plans:

*Pricing information was retrieved from LearnWorlds on December 7, 2022.

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#2 TalentLMS

an image of the TalentLMS landing page showing a young woman in orange shirt smiling with her hands stretched out

TalentLMS is a user-friendly LMS that comes at an affordable price. It’s one of the top LMS systems for healthcare professionals, as it’s a particularly reliable platform that has been tried and recommended by many businesses. TalentLMS allows you to either build your online course from scratch or buy ready-made content from its built-in resource library, which includes courses for medical professionals.


TalentLMS stands out for being an intuitive platform. It automates certain tedious tasks, like course assignments, and does a very good job in certificate and compliance management, as it allows you to send automatic reminders when a certificate expires.


TalentLMS doesn’t offer a branded mobile app nor a Gradebook for quick monitoring of learner progress or advanced community features for better engagement.


TalentLMS has a free plan that supports up to 5 users and 10 courses maximum. Their paid plans are the following:

*Pricing information was retrieved from TalentLMS on December 7, 2022.

#3 Tovuti LMS

an image of the Tovuti LMS landing page showing the platform's user interface

Tovuti LMS is another tool that serves as medical education software with a user-friendly interface, highly customizable, and with many available integrations to enhance its functionalities. Tovuti LMS supports different types of content for an engaging learning experience, including support for live sessions.


One of the platform’s advantages is the certificate management feature that allows you to track compliance more effectively. The platform also offers some basic eCommerce features in case you want to monetize your courses.


Tovuti LMS doesn’t go great in terms of assessments since they’re limited to multiple-choice questions. It is also rather expensive and charges a setup fee.


Tovuti is definitely not an affordable solution, charging a hefty setup fee that starts from $2.5K and a minimum of $775 per month, charged annually. Judging by the pricing, you can see it’s not addressed to small businesses.

*Pricing information was retrieved from Tovuti LMS on December 7, 2022.

#4 Absorb LMS

an image of the Absorb LMS landing page showing a group of smiling people

Absorb LMS is an intuitive platform that works well as a hospital LMS, providing an intuitive User Interface both for administrators and end users. Absorb LMS enables you to offer blended learning programs while it supports multimedia content, responsive design, and several integrations. The platform is AI-powered and can help with administrative tasks and with personalized suggestions to learners.


Absorb LMS promotes social learning and features gamification elements for better engagement. It also features a content library with ready-made content from third-party providers, including medical courses.


The platform offers few assessment options, and various reviews mention slow customer support and limited reporting capabilities.


Absorb LMS doesn’t list its pricing on its website. You need to request a quote.

#5 Auzmor Learn

an image of Auzmor Learn showing two young women working together on the same laptop

Auzmor Learn is an intuitive platform that can be used as medical staff training software. It stands out for its user-friendly and clean User Interface, which requires no special training to learn. Auzmor Learn supports open enrollment, and it has deep reporting functionality and automated, scheduled reporting. However, Auzmor Learn lacks a certificate builder, which might make it hard to keep track of compliance if you’re running a large company. It’s a good choice for smaller healthcare providers.


Auzmor Learn is easy to use and supports synchronous and asynchronous learning. You can also link to courses from third parties.


Auzmor may not be able to cover advanced compliance needs as it doesn’t feature a certificate builder.


Auzmor doesn’t mention their pricing on their website. You need to request a quote.

#6 Kallidus Learn

an image of the Kallidus Learn LMS showing a young man holding a laptop

Kallidus LMS is an award-winning LMS. As a medical LMS, Kallidus is exceptionally user-friendly and easy to get a hold of for the front-end user, although it might be more complex for administrators. Kallidus is also a Performance Management software linking learning paths with organizational goals, which further strengthens its effectiveness and helps you stay on top of everyone’s professional development.


Learners will find that Kallidus has a clean and simple User Interface they can navigate without problems. It also has an auto-assign function to ensure everyone has undergone mandatory training. The certificate management feature is another plus, along with the featured ready-made content.


Repeated customer reviews mention a clunky User Interface for the backend administrators and a hard-to-figure-out reporting functionality.


Kallidus LMS doesn’t mention its pricing on its website. To get a quote, you must fill out a form and speak to a Kallidus expert.

#7 MedTrainer

an image of the medtrainer LMS landing page showing the platform's key features

MedTrainer is a healthcare Learning Management System that features ready-made courses for healthcare professionals covering from onboarding to compliance, customizable to fit organization-specific needs. You can also import your own courses or training material into the platform, or MedTrainer’s training team can create courses for you from scratch.


Being a medical education software, MedTrainer covers all the key training needs of a healthcare organization and offers features like certificate management, learning analytics, and a Gradebook.


Some user reviews mention they have difficulty navigating the platform, especially when configuring the report feature.


MedTrainer has flexible packages depending on the number of users or providers (in the case of credentialing). The pricing information is on their website.

#8 SkyPrep

an image of the SkyPrep LMS landing page showing the platform's dashboard

SkyPrep supports different delivery methods and content formats, and it’s easy to use. With advanced reporting, certificate management, including reminders nearing certificate expiration, and a Gradebook, it’s one of the top medical staff training software in the market.


SkyPrep has all the essential features for effective healthcare training. User reviews also praise the user-friendliness of the platform and its customer support.


The reporting and assessment features are adequate but rather basic. Scheduling live sessions is also a bit problematic, as there’s no option to set recurring sessions.


SkyPrep offers three different tiers:

That said, they don’t mention pricing on their website. You need to contact them to get a quote.

#9 Dossier

an image of Dossier's landing page showing a group of medical professionals discussing, seated and with laptops

Dossier is a cloud-based healthcare competency management software that streamlines skills development across healthcare organizations with real-time reporting, so you know where every employee stands. Dossier also features third-party online courses and categorizes them, so you can easily assign the right courses to the right people.


The platform is easy to use and stands out for its One Dashboard feature that allows administrators to see with a quick look the overall state of competency in their company.


A distinct disadvantage of this platform is that it doesn’t support mobile learning as it has no mobile app.


Dossier doesn’t list their pricing on the website. Instead, you need to contact them directly to get a quote.

#10 iSpring Learn

an image of the iSpring Learn landing page showing a young woman with glasses

iSpring Learn is an LMS with an intuitive user interface that offers optimal User Experience with minimum onboarding. This is critical for healthcare professionals, who are as busy as a person can be. iSpring Learn is suitable for different types of corporate training, including compliance and healthcare. It’s easy to set up and launch and features a built-in authoring tool, iSpring Suite. With strong assessment capabilities and certificate management, this one is surely among the top LMS systems for healthcare.


iSpring Learn has some impressive features, such as the built-in corporate newsfeed, so healthcare employees stay in the know about company news. The Supervisor Dashboard enables managers to check their team’s progress and assign courses or provide additional resources as needed.


Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of iSpring Learn is its reporting feature, with several customer reviews mentioning it’s pretty basic and hard to figure out.


iSpring Learn offers three pricing tiers and a custom plan for large companies with more than 500 users, billed annually.

*Pricing information was retrieved from iSpring on December 7, 2022.

Which One Will You Pick?

All the healthcare learning management systems we’ve reviewed today fit the bill for rigorous and systematic training that engages employees.

Our platform, LearnWorlds, offers everything you need and combines features that other platforms don’t.

✅Certificate builder
✅Learner assessments
✅In-depth reports
✅Native mobile app
✅Built-in community
✅Stellar customer support

Try LearnWorlds with a 30-day free trial to see how we can help you transform your healthcare training!


How do I choose an LMS?

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Purchasing an LMS is an important decision that will impact the effectiveness of your Learning and Development programs. The selection process can be narrowed down to 3 simple steps.

What is a healthcare LMS?

A healthcare LMS is a learning platform for healthcare professionals, where all relevant learning material is stored and real-time sessions are held. While there are some LMSs specifically designed for the healthcare sector, there are also many options in the market that work well for this purpose, provided that they have the following features:

Which LMS is the easiest to use?

LearnWorlds is one of the most intuitive platforms in the market, both for back-end and front-end users. With a drag-and-drop user interface, ready-made and fully customizable templates for each industry, as well as a vast resource library and a responsive customer support team to guide you through every step, administrators can easily build their courses. As for learners, they enjoy a clean User Interface with excellent navigation and a friendly online environment.

What is the most effective feature of an LMS?

The most effective feature of an LMS depends on the respective use case. A company looking to ensure compliance, for example, might benefit the most from certificate management while a company looking to promote lifelong learning needs a robust built-in community that will keep everyone engaged.

What problems do LMSs solve?

A full-featured and intuitive Learning Management System helps streamline your training efforts. The LMS is a safe online tool to save your learning resources and a place to hold online training sessions. Most LMSs also feature tools to evaluate and monitor learner performance.

What is a medical Content Management System?

A medical Content Management System (CMS) is software that enables you to manage content on your website. A competent medical CMS facilitates data processing and effective document dissemination while optimizing and enhancing the user experience for the site visitor.

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