The top AI-powered LMS
to share knowledge with your teams

The top AI-powered LMS to share knowledge with your teams

LearnWorlds is the revolutionary, cloud-based training platform used by market leaders to onboard, engage and keep employees happy.

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The LMS made for a new way of employee training

AI-enhanced and flexible Course Creation

Deliver captivating new courses faster with your AI assistant, enriched with multimedia elements and assessment tools to upgrade the learning experience.

Personalized training paths

Establish unique training paths, tailored and delivered depending on each employee's role, each skill level, and each department’s particular needs.

Robust analytics and reporting tools

Empower HR and L&D teams to track employee progress, measure training program impact, and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

The solution to all your training needs

Understand and address your learners’ pains

Identify specific training requirements with assessments and quizzes for training comprehension. Give exams and deliver certifications within your organization.

Measure educational impact and cost efficiency

Advanced reporting and analytics provide actionable and readily shareable insights into training effectiveness, learner progress, and ROI.

Reach your learners where they are

LearnWorlds’ responsive web design and native mobile apps ensure that employees can access training from anywhere, anytime, enabling remote teams.
See how the UK restaurant chain Wagamama uses their LearnWorlds-powered online Academy to onboard its employees in multiple locations and job roles.

The best platform for developing your workforce

Courses that do more than teach, they excite

We don't do snooze-worthy training. Our platform serves interactive, engaging content, keeping your team hungry for knowledge.

An academy easy to use and navigate

LearnWorlds provides an intuitive interface for both trainers and employees, reducing learning curves and increasing employee engagement.

A branded, no-code, cost-effective solution

A cloud-based academy, adjusted to your brand, no coding needed. Transparent pricing structures with no setup fees, scalability options, and always up-to-date.

Everything you need from a Learning Management System

Keep using the tech you already know and love

Keep using the tech you already know and love
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Internal Training Course Creation made easy

Bring your existing content, such as SCORM & HTML5 packages, from any source in just a few clicks.
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The most trusted platform on the market

5-star rated support, GDPR compliance, advanced SSO capabilities, and 99.95% uptime.
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