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The fitness industry disruption: A new era by emergency or by opportunity?

Kat Tsampounari
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The start of 2020 brutally made us face a new “reality” in our lives. One that affected all people and industries. The fitness industry is an essential player in people’s entertainment and well-being.

The global fitness market generated over $94 billion dollars in revenue in the past year. The size of this business is considered to be about $94 billion, with 210,000 clubs and over 183 million health club members worldwide.

Now imagine the loss when more than 90% of all these physical locations had to be shut down globally. The transformation of this market because of Covid-19 is no joke, but history has shown that wherever there is disaster, there is an opportunity waiting to be seized!

Here comes the online coaching prospect headed by remote/online trainers. There was a significant surge from home working out, and this is shown by the 55% increase in buying fitness equipment from home during quarantine. That only shows that people are not willing to give up their way of life and that’s where the opportunity lies!

Quarantine fitness changed workout culture forever. Sure, there were people religiously working out from home pre-pandemic, but the sharp increase in fitness subscriptions and home gym equipment in the last 2 months unravels the new potential.

People have turned to famous fitness instructors on Youtube and app-based workouts as well, finding innovative ways to integrate health and fitness into their daily lives. From continuing to go on daily walks, safe and socially distanced as they may be, to investing in indoor equipment – the ripples spreading across the fitness industry is sure to be felt by both consumers and businesses alike.

Trainers around the globe got inspired and creative and started to market and sell online classes to their audience. That is how building an online business around your passion begins.

There doesn’t have to be a crisis to shift to an online business. Expanding your options with enthusiasm is all you need. Your expertise will create your content and your content will bring your audience!

increase in online fitness searches for 2020

Staying healthy and fit is now a top-tier priority for people of all ages. This is the time for trainers to find efficient ways to reach new audiences. Although social media makes online video coaching an easy streaming option, is it really the beneficial way to share your content and create solid communities?

People connect by emotion and want to feel like they belong somewhere. That is why they enroll in fitness clubs or hire personal trainers. Working out is not always about getting fit – it’s about getting the endorphins in.

Fitness influencers, like Adriene, now have the power to build valuable habits that can become the bedrock of people’s daily routine. Therefore, a 30-minute free workout live stream on Instagram or YouTube will not add the needed value to your audience and neither to your wallet. Those solutions seem to be a temporary answer, which is ineffectual from a business standpoint.

“I went into survival mode,” said Steven Kane, a full-time yoga instructor and personal trainer, when in mid-March he was told classes at the New York City gym where he was teaching would be canceled indefinitely. “The gyms closed on Monday, and by Tuesday I had my first online class.” Now he expects to make about as much as he was being paid by his corporate gym employer. He is only one of many fitness trainers who turned to online coaching amidst Covid-19 crisis.

“I wanted to generate a source of passive income,” said William Camp, the creator of Virtual Kenpo, an online Martial Arts training school. What he finds unique to his online school is the video upload ability and live coaching sessions, which allows them to provide feedback in real

“I wanted a system which gave me individualization. A platform that I could use to showcase my personal brand. A bespoke platform as opposed to one off the shelf” said Tim, co-founder and director of School of Calisthenics. “The range of things that you guys offer the customization within that, and the ability to sort of use our own imagery graphics with headings that we create, and that sort of thing is probably my favorite thing because we’ve really been able to feel like we can communicate what we’re about on LearnWorlds”. Tim and Jacko have 181k followers on Instagram.

As someone who is in the sports/fitness industry for more than 16 years, I can say that people involved in this market have 3 things in common: Passion, Vision and Persistence! Envision having your own online fitness academy where you can monetize your talent and content by creating and selling superior online courses and classes, while your learners buy into a quality 360 experience.

That is what you can do with LearnWorlds; a top to bottom e-learning platform that brings together trainers and learners and creates solid fitness communities with a built-in social network, where interactive engagement is key.

One of the most innovative, user-friendly, fast and reliable e-learning solutions in the industry, that aims on value as a whole and truly focuses on the learners’ experience. This is something you want if you wish to sustain and ultimately grow your audience! We can give you all the tools to build, customize and fully manage your unique online fitness academy and make a difference!

As times shifted, being able to find a way to deliver a lot of value without the physical interaction, is key in the fitness industry. The next year is going to be a challenging one and the fitness aficionados are waiting for safe online solutions to work out and stay healthy and happy. They still need to be inspired; they still need to move onwards. They still need YOU!

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Kat Tsampounari
Kat Tsampounari

Kat is a well-seasoned and passionate project manager carrying 15+ years of global experience in marcom in various industries and specializing in sports marketing and organising major sports events around the world. Kat recently graduated from the City University of New York with a Masters in Branding and Integrated Communications, which gave her further insight in her career. Her bigger strength is the ability to always communicate effectively, build solid relationships and give attention to detail, while striving for quality assurance. She is now focused in expanding the rapidly growing sectors of Sports and Fitness for LearnWorlds.