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Using Interactive Video in Learning

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With the launch of our Interactive Video Editor’s 4th Edition, providing interactive learning experiences is about to get a whole lot easier now.

Why? Because after a long time of research on the educational interactive video, we tapped into our in-house experts and asked them to add the most fascinating video interaction types on our video player. And here they are!

Don’t forget that your educational videos are your promise: A promise to provide learning materials that your viewers will want to rewatch again and again…

It’s as simple as that. From the simple course overview videos to the long lectures, your videos speak and sell for you.

And in case you haven’t spent some time nailing down the importance of video-based teaching you may want to do that and come back to this post. But when you’re ready to start easily transforming your videos into interactive learning experiences-this article is here to help you learn all the potentials.

Why bother with interactivity? Two quick reasons: 1) Viewers get much more engaged while they watch and 2) become much more active participants in the learning experience. Hence, they learn more of your content. But this is a whole other topic which you can learn about in our Academy’s new Course – How Interactive Videos Benefit Online Courses.

My purpose now is to showcase you some outstanding examples of how you can take advantage of our new awesome features, why you should use them and how they are impacting learning. In the examples, you will actually find out how I personally used all those features in my courses before the release.

The newest addition to the interactive video player on LearnWorlds are the interactive transcript and subtitles features, which are going to make it easier to teach students of all levels and languages.

The Interactive transcripts add flair to your video course. With just one click we create the transcript for you (and the subtitles) and add them to your video where they follow your speech.

How is that possible? Let’s look at what the Interactive Video Transcripts do:

Interactive transcripts examples

Next is the subtitles, where you will be able to add subtitles in any language. You are now able to add and edit subtitles in multiple languages for all your videos.

You can even convert subtitles into interactive transcripts!

Subtitles for LearnWorlds videos example

Adding captions to your videos is now a whole lot easier. Learnworlds helps you skip the unnecessary step of adding simple elements to your videos such as textual elements, images and titles with a video editing tool. With a simple click you can now give extra information in several ways apart from the main video. Learn more about captions here.

The strategy of drawing learners’ attention allows you to give emphasis on the important parts of the information with the use of keywords and pointer phrases. See more about why and how instructors should use this strategy in their courses.

If your main video sources are screencasts, you should definitely read what I propose about interactivity in screencasts. Procedural videos need a step by step interpretation and interactivity is crucial if we want learners to absorb the information much better.

Navigating on a video’s timeline is a time-consuming task. And being able to control the video access is significant as a viewer might want to jump to another desired part of the video rather than following the pre-given route or watching portions of video they are not interested in.

There is lots of research around embedded interactive video questions. Many studies have proved their beneficial effect in learning and studied their different forms and types. In this article you can get only an idea about what we’ve learned about embedded questions.

So, these are five examples that reveal how powerful Learnworlds’ new video editor is. From simple linear stories your videos now become enriched and personalized footages. And all that in only a few seconds. We would be thrilled if you shared with us how you transformed your own video! Let us know!

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