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Introducing the Most Powerful Mobile App Builder

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We know the way to:

Learning is an ongoing process and can take place everywhere. Learning can be more intuitive, more accessible, and more convenient to users.

Mobile apps have already transformed the way we work, travel, shop, and stay connected. Now it’s time to let mobile apps empower our way of learning as well.

The next step to incredible learning is here! Create a learning experience that redefines the status quo in your industry with LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder.

Join the mobile learning revolution

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What is the LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder?

LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder is a white-label mobile app solution that shapes the way of future mobile education. You can launch your online courses with your very own school’s native mobile app for iOS and Android. Do you feel the thrill?

A white label mobile app is a native mobile application that runs directly on the Apple iOS or Google Android operating systems and is offered under your brand. This means it’s fully customizable to fit your brand. Tweak the visual design to suit your purpose, needs, or brand requirements.

Unlock the power of mobile for your business and liberate your school from any boundaries with your own mobile app, in your own app store account, with your own branding.

✨ Make your online school stand out with Mobile App Builder

The LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder ensures that learning goes on, even on the go.

Now is the time to launch your very own native mobile app for iOS and Android and start crafting engaging mobile learning experiences for your students.

Why Choose LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder?

The LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder comes packed with awesome features to elevate your online learning business. We take mobile education a step further and allow you to tap into the benefits of mobile learning for your online school, regardless of your industry. Let’s explore these features together.

📲 100% White-label, 100% Your Brand!

The Mobile App Builder is a truly white-label solution that puts your brand in the spotlight. This means it’s fully customizable for you to make it exactly how you want it. Tweak the branding and the visual design to fit your purpose, needs, or brand requirements.

You are free to choose:

Additionally, you can customize:

Did I mention how easy it is to leverage the click-and-edit visual builder functionality to manage your app like a pro & 100% coding-free?

Let’s get inside and discover it together:

👉 Log in to your school’s dashboard → Navigate to the “Mobile App” tab → Select the “Customize Your App” option.

Colour schem app customization on LearnWorlds

💡BONUS: You can view how your app looks while making changes to it.

🛍️ Your Own App at your Own App Store account

Create a personalized app so that students can find your brand in the app store. The App Store or Google Play Store allow learners to download your apps directly through your development account. Simply click “Submit” and we will handle the rest. LearnWorlds’ mobile team will handle the tedious process of reviewing and publishing your mobile app to the app stores.  You own the app, but we take care of it!

Invest your time wisely!

Launch a fully customized mobile space for your students without having to build an app from scratch:

You don’t have to:

We make sure your app:

Join the mobile learning revolution

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🔔 Unleash the power of Push Notifications

Our Mobile App Builder is enriched with a powerful push notification feature that lets you cut through the noise and make your users’ lives easier!

Using LearnWorld’s Mobile App Builder, you can offer highly targeted notifications at every step of a user’s journey and at the right time. Businesses are constantly competing for clients’ attention. Push notifications are an important component of your online school’s marketing toolbox.

We all need a little boost now and then, right? You can use push notifications as a personal trainer or an effective alarm for your students to stay on track and make the most of their learning experience. No matter your learning style, you need your students to be present at all times. Push notifications are exactly what you need to keep your learners engaged while they are on the go!

You can set up push notifications to target a specific segment of your learners, teams, or divisions and customize your messaging approach based on the different needs of each group.

Are you curious to learn more about it? Let’s check it together:

👉 Navigate to the “Mobile App” tab → Select Push notifications to users → Click on “Create Push Notification”.

Push Notification on the Mobile App of LearnWorlds

1. Create your message & take advantage of deep linking
2. Select the target audience by combining search filters.
3. Choose the desired time & date.
4. Press “Save & Activate” and you are ready!

Push notifications can benefit learners in many ways, whether during onboarding, a flash sale promo, or refresher training. Motivate learners to come back to your app by sending them push notifications. Focus on your users’ experiences and add value along the way to ensure a successful push notification campaign.

Creatively communicate with your users so that your message stands out. Embrace the timeliness and attention-grabbing format of push notifications to stand out in your messaging. Your online school can engage with its customers on the go with the LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder! This tool is invaluable for equipping your online school’s marketing toolbox.

🚀 Need to speed up your growth? Say “In-App Purchases”

Learners spend time on mobile apps, but how can you make your app stand out in a sea of apps? Grow your revenues by selling and upselling with the most direct way to make money via your own branded app. In-app purchases are here for you to skyrocket your school!

Make your school’s content more profitable by creating a branded mobile app with in-app purchases:

Mobile devices are more popular than ever. Users love educational apps because they are easy to use and have intriguing features that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Learners use their smartphones to research, buy, and list products. This means course creators, coaches, and school owners will be able to convince customers to complete purchases from their mobile app. With a mobile-first approach, you will be able to integrate your eLearning business into the lives of your learners.

One of the most important ways to monetize your online learning business in the mobile age is through in-app purchases. Launch your own online courses mobile app in your own app store account -for iOS and Android– with your own branding. You can redefine your students’ learning experience with LearnWorlds and disrupt the status quo in your industry!

🔧 Control Your Online School and Your App at Once

Fully Synchronized with your School’s Course Content

All the features you love about LearnWorlds are available on the mobile app. Yes, that is right. You can have all the tools you need to create a robust mobile app in an integrated view with your school’s dashboard.

Let us wow you with more…You can indulge yourself in synchronized online and mobile learning. You do not have to worry about keeping up with course content for your mobile and online versions of your school. The Mobile App Builder is fully synchronized with your school’s Course Player to keep your curriculum consistent easily. Think of it as a single central hub of your course content in which each change is instantly synchronized across all your students’ devices.

Quick & Easy Access to Your Course Materials

Have you ever watched a movie from the beginning after your snack break? Your learners don’t have to do this. Every time they stop and start a course, they can pick up where they left off. Desktop, tablet, or mobile device? It doesn’t matter. Leave the choice on your learners because we’ve got you covered!

With LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder, your online school and mobile app automatically synchronize in real-time, so you can have your students switch between desktop and mobile seamlessly.

Mobile App Builder allows your learners to access their content with just one tap. Your students just download the app, sign in, and don’t have to worry about typing in a URL to access a course. Just one tap to open the app and access your content — that’s it.

Enhanced User Learning Experience

With LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder, you can create an experience specifically designed for mobile phones. Your learners will instantly feel more connected to your school since everything is better looking, easier to use, and all integrated into one app. A world-class experience designed from the ground up for your learners!

⚔️ State-of-the-art Native Technology

Our Mobile App Builder incorporates top-notch technologies and innovative user experience (UX) design to build native mobile apps. Our platform enables you to build robust mobile apps without any coding and offers a superior learning experience on a wide range of devices.

We go further beyond! Your mobile app is tablet-friendly, as it will fully function and look beautiful on any Android or iPad tablet device as well.

Whether you’re trying to extend your reach with your own brand, invest in faster growth and more profound engagement options offered by native apps at a fraction of the cost, or hoping to create and maintain a custom app, then you’ve jumped on the right rocket 🚀

Launch your own Branded Mobile App in 5 easy steps

1Get Started with LearnWorlds

Get a 30-day Free Trial to create your own LearnWorlds online school & familiarize yourself with our advanced features.

2Create Your Very First Course

Build your awesome courses in your online school, as your content is your greatest asset.

3Customize Your App in the Editor

Customize colors, backgrounds, splash screens, texts and more to connect your learners with your brand.

4Test Your App with Ease

Test your own school’s mobile app before submitting it to the app stores to get a feel for what students will experience.

5Submit to the App Stores

Prepare your app for publishing using your own developer accounts. Our team will get your app live at the store as soon as your app is ready.

👉 What you want to know

LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder is Exclusive for schools with a subscription on the Learning Center & Higher plans and it comes with an add-on price.

Still thinking about it? We’ve got your back!

Onboarding & Publishing Service

The app is yours, but we look after it! You just have to press the “Submit” button, and whatever comes next is up to us. Our mobile team will handle the process of reviewing and ensuring that your mobile app is compliant with App Store guidelines, and then publish your mobile app to the App Store and Google Play Store using your own developer account. Last but not least, we will respond to requests, questions, or rejections from the App Stores so that you can focus on what matters the most: share your knowledge and expertise with the world.

👉 BONUS: We crafted for you a step-by-step onboarding training guide on how to create and prepare your mobile app for publishing. We are here to support you every step of the way!

*The Onboarding and Publishing Service costs $199 for one submission (iOS or Android) or $299 for submission to both App Stores (iOS & Android). It will be charged only for one time, as is related to the first time that we set up your apps to the App Stores.

Ready to Create Amazing Mobile Learning Experiences?

Mobile apps are transforming the eLearning industry, and you shouldn’t risk missing out. With the brand new LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder, the power of creating engaging mobile learning experiences is literally at your fingertips.

Now, it’s your turn to create, customize and launch online courses that can take your teaching to the next level. Go mobile today and unlock all the possibilities available to you by LearnWorlds.

Join the mobile learning revolution

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