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Welcome to the Future: Introducing LearnWorlds’ AI Assistant

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LearnWorlds AI Assistant

The future of eLearning is here—at LearnWorlds—and it’s more intuitive than you ever imagined!

We’re proud to introduce AI Assistant, a built-in, feature-enhancing assistant system in our platform that seamlessly blends technology and education, redefining the boundaries of online learning.

Inspired by the pioneering spirit of our EdTech experts and the advancements in the realm of AI, we’ve meticulously crafted an experience that is dead simple yet revolutionary.

The LearnWorlds AI Assistant isn’t just another tool—it’s an experience, a journey, a leap into what’s next. It’s the future, today.

Powered by the GPT-3.5 large language model from OpenAI, the AI Assistant ensures that every piece of content and every interaction is created using cutting-edge generative AI technology.

It’s our commitment to delivering an unparalleled eLearning experience. With over 38 AI Assistant tools powered by 200+ expertly designed prompts behind the scenes, every detail is a testament to our dedication to innovation.

This is eLearning, reimagined!

Optimize Your Course Outline Planning With AI

In today’s fast-paced eLearning environment, efficiency and effectiveness in the course planning stage are paramount.

With the introduction of LearnWorlds’ AI Assistant, one of our aims is to streamline the course planning process, ensuring that you can focus on delivering quality content while the AI handles the intricacies of structuring.

Use LearnWorlds’ AI Assistant to generate a course outline

Creating a course from scratch can be a daunting task. Deciding on the suitable chapters, ensuring a logical flow, and keeping students engaged are challenges every educator faces.

With LearnWorlds’ AI Assistant, these challenges are addressed head-on.

Simply define the course topic, the type of learning activities you want to be included, the desired instructional approach, the tone of voice—and many more—and the AI will generate a comprehensive outline tailored to facilitate optimal learning. 

It organizes the material in a manner that not only makes sense academically but also ensures student engagement throughout the course syllabus.

💡 To learn more details about how to utilize AI Assistant to create a course outline and discover additional settings and tips, please visit our Help Center article here.

Create Captivating eBooks With The Help of AI

In eLearning, eBooks are a powerful tool for educators, offering a dynamic and engaging way to share knowledge. 

Now, with the LearnWorlds’ AI Assistant, the process of eBook creation is not only simplified but also elevated to new heights of quality and efficiency:

Consistency and quality, elevated: a standard above the rest

Consistency is king, and our AI Assistant guarantees it.

Beyond basic spelling and grammatical error checks, it ensures uniform tone, offers content suggestions, and provides invaluable editing insights.

The result? An eBook that stands out and maintains a high standard from start to finish.

Overcome your “writer’s block” with AI brainstorming

The AI Assistant also accelerates your eBook creation process, assisting not just with writing but also with research

Need an outline? The AI crafts it. 

Are you looking for summaries or trending topics? The AI sources them. 

And when it comes to finding related resources or diving deep into a topic, the AI’s research capabilities ensure your eBook is both comprehensive and current.

As soon as your initial content is inserted, you can use the AI Assistant to edit the eBook further and Create new Text Content, insert Instructional Content using a specific methodology (such as Bloom’s taxonomy, Reigeluth’s simplified conditions, or SMART goals), provide different viewpoints, describe creatively, explain a process in steps and more.

💡 To learn more details about how to utilize AI Assistant to author eBooks and discover additional settings and tips, please visit our Help Center article here.

Precision In Every Word: Elevate Your Text With AI

With LearnWorlds’ AI Assistant, text content creation becomes a seamless experience.

Every word and sentence is crafted with care, ensuring clarity and consistency throughout your content. Anywhere you add text content, the AI Assistant offers a range of tools to enhance it:

Polish text: improves the text in terms of syntax and grammar.
Rewrite text: rephrases the text.
Make it catchy: rephrases some of the sentences and words with a captivating dictionary.
Make it surprising: rephrases some of the sentences and words to create anticipation.
Make it serious: rephrases some of the sentences and words to make it sound serious.
Shorten: reduces the amount of content.
Expand: increases the amount of content.
Summarize: creates a summary of the content.
Analyze the style, voice, and tone: provides an explanation of the text’s style, voice and tone.
Change tone: changes the text tone e.g. casual, direct.
Translate: translates the text to a different language from the available dropdown menu.

Craft compelling emails

Emails are a crucial communication tool, and now with the help of the AI Assistant on your text content, they can be more impactful

Whether you’re looking to polish the text, adjust the tone, or translate your content for global audiences, AI Assistant is designed to ensure your emails aren’t just read—they’re remembered.

Design Assessments With AI-enhanced Precision

In the ever-evolving landscape of online education, Assessments still remain the go-to tool that educators use to gauge understanding, measure progress, and refine teaching methods.

But as with all tools, there’s always room for innovation:

The renaissance of smart testing

Creating the perfect assessment has always been a blend of art and science. Each question crafted is a delicate balance of challenging the learner while ensuring clarity and fairness.

Now with LearnWorlds’ AI Assistant, this process is easier than ever. Imagine having a co-designer who deeply understands your objectives and suggests questions that are not just relevant but also engaging.

Whether you’re designing a new set of questions for a fresh course or revisiting older assessments for a touch of refinement, the AI Assistant lets you tailor the questions to suit your needs.

You can specify the difficulty level, tone of voice, type of question, based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, and more, while creating graded or non-graded assessment activities.

💡 To learn more details about how to utilize AI Assistant to Create Assessments and discover additional settings and tips, please visit our Help Center article here.

Provide Personalized & Accurate Feedback Using AI

By utilizing the AI Assistant within the Review Center, you can now use the “Generate Feedback” action for each question or under Overall Feedback, crafting AI-enhanced feedback responses that do not just evaluatebut also act as a catalyst for growth.

A completely customized feedback generation workflow

Whether you seek simplicity or a nuanced analysis of strengths and weaknesses, positive reinforcement, or a rubric-based approach, the AI Assistant for feedback generation empowers you to honor instructional design principles within your feedback without losing your distinctive style. 

With all the available customization options like feedback type, key points, length, level of strictness, and tone of voice, it’s like having a co-educator who understands and amplifies your educational philosophy.

💡 To learn more about how to utilize AI Assistant to provide feedback in Assessments and discover additional settings and tips, please visit our Help Center article here.

Empowering Every Academy. On All Plans

We envision a future where innovation is not a privilege but a right. We believe that every academy, regardless of its size or scale, should have access to the best tools to create exceptional learning experiences. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that AI Assistant is now available for all plans, with tailored limits per month:

AI Prompts per plan:

🚀 From the smallest startup academy to the largest online learning center, the AI Assistant is here to redefine the way you engage, educate, and inspire!

Start exploring the power of LearnWorlds’ AI Assistant and take your academy to new heights:

Your professional looking Academy in a few clicks

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