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Welcome to LearnWorlds’ New User Interface!

Sara Cortellazzi - Senior Product Marketing Manager LearnWorlds
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Dive into the new era of LearnWorlds with our updated User Interface (UI)! This is more than an aesthetic upgrade: the new UI is designed for optimized navigation and more efficient course and user management.

The UI redesign reduces the number of clicks needed to find features by 40% and increases access speed by 60%! With quicker access to functionalities, automation templates, and a fresh design aesthetic, including Dark Mode, managing your online courses has never been more efficient.

The Vision Behind the UI Enhancements

Our vision for this UI update is rooted in a deep commitment to transforming how eLearning professionals achieve success. We envision a platform that not only simplifies your ‘jobs to be done’ but also unlocks unprecedented value, making every interaction seamless and more intuitive and every valuable feature more discoverable.

By making it easier for you to navigate our platform and access help, additional resources, and features, we aim to not just meet but exceed the evolving demands of course creation.

So, only one question remains now…

Top 5 Changes You Will Notice in LearnWorlds’ New UI

1. Fast and Concise Menu Design

We’ve overhauled our menu to significantly reduce the time you spend searching for features. The new design offers intuitive navigation, allowing you to find what you need quickly – reducing feature search time by over 60%.

2. Shortcut-Enabled Search Function

Quickly locate and access what you need using the new keyboard shortcut-enabled search feature. With the introduction of our Cmd+K (on Mac) or Ctrl+K (on PC) quick search capability, you can now jump to any feature, setting, course, or learning activity instantly from anywhere on the platform. This tool is all about speed and immediate access, ensuring that no valuable time is wasted.

3. Eye-Friendly Dark Mode

Our new Eye-Friendly Dark Mode reduces eye strain in low-light environments – perfect for our night owl educators. This feature is not just functional but also adds a sleek, stylish touch to your learning environment. Toggle on the new Dark Mode to ease your eyes during extended sessions, blending aesthetics with comfort.

4. In-Context Help With the “Learn More” Button

We know we have a very rich knowledge page with more than 600 support articles, a myriad of blog articles, courses, and webinars. It can be time-consuming to search for what you need. Therefore, on each feature page, we introduced the “Learn More” button that connects you to cherry-picked resources from our libraries, ensuring relevant help is always at hand.

This in-context assistance is designed to help you understand and utilize each feature available to you, maximizing the value you get from your academy.

5. Centralized Course Management

Course management has been significantly centralized. All the tools you need to manage your courses are now in one place, allowing for one-click access to settings and reports. This change simplifies learner progress monitoring and makes course management more efficient than ever. From Gradebooks to User Progress and content, everything related to your courses is now accessible from one central hub. Not enough? We’ve also added:

What Else is Waiting for You in LearnWorlds’ New UI?

We’re not quite done yet! Here are some additional exciting features for you:

Feature Discovery Pages

Have you spotted a new feature but are not sure what it is? No problem. Feature Discovery pages help you understand not just how to use a feature but also the use cases it is designed for, so you can draw even more value from features you didn’t consider using before!

White-Label and Customize Your Platform (Even More!)

The updated UI offers expanded white-labeling options, allowing for deeper customization and branding of your online school. You can even white-label the user interface and hide the LearnWorlds branding for selected custom user roles.

Additional Site Flavor for Pro Users

Pro users can now choose an additional Site Flavor to further customize their school’s look and feel to better reflect their brand. This means you don’t need to commit to a design when you start your school and can switch between flavors depending on occasions or seasonal offers, for example.

Editable Gamification Badges

Reward your learners with customizable badges to keep them motivated! Customize badges to gamify your courses, making learning fun, interactive, and more engaging than ever.

Unified Management for Collaborators and Leads

All collaborator roles and lead management are now centralized in one place, simplifying how you manage your team and track potential customers.

Automation Templates

Our wide array of automation templates supports diverse educational and marketing activities. One such template integrates Facebook Pixel events, enabling detailed tracking and marketing optimizations.


Reporting & Report Templates

Mobile App

In Need of an Additional School? Get Started Faster

Creating an additional school through your multiple-school dashboard has never been easier or faster!

Easy Onboarding

With the introduction of template previews and a personalized setup wizard, you can easily visualize and customize your site from the beginning. This optimized setup not only accelerates the readiness of your platform but also enhances the personalization of the learning environment to meet specific needs. Ideal if you’re looking to reach different audiences. To start creating a new school, access your multiple-school dashboard!

Embracing Change and Looking Forward

These changes are the result of extensive user research and feedback and are designed to streamline your tasks and enhance your overall platform experience.

The new UI sets the stage for future updates that will continue to adapt to eLearning trends and user needs. Stay tuned for more innovative features that will help you stay ahead in the evolving world of online education.

As we gradually roll out our new UI, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Your feedback is crucial in our ongoing effort to refine and perfect the LearnWorlds experience. Let us know how these changes work for you and how we can continue to support your eLearning goals.

We’re excited to move forward with you and redefine the boundaries of online education!

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Sara Cortellazzi - Senior Product Marketing Manager LearnWorlds
Sara Cortellazzi
Senior Product Marketing Manager at LearnWorlds

Sara is on a mission to keep up to speed the LearnWorlds' community with the latest feature releases and more. She lived and traveled all around Europe, gaining an MSc in Marketing, experience in tech, and passion for education.