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8 Course Certificate Templates For Your Online School

Access a collection of 8 different type of certificate templates that you can use for your online school right away. Use them as is, or customize them to fit your school’s branding.

18 Amazing Templates for Online Courses to Save Time

Get inspired by examples of real-world course outlines to design your own.
  • Copy-ready outlines
  • 18 popular course types
  • Based on successful courses

Social Media Templates To Promote Your Online Course Offers

Access a collection of ready-to-use design templates built with Canva that will help you showcase your online course offers on social media effortlessly.

Social Media Templates To Promote Your Online Course Offers on Black Friday

Get a collection of ready-to-use design templates created with Canva that will help you showcase your online course offers on social media during Black Friday.

Email Templates & Sequences to Launch Your Online Course

Access a collection of email sequences and plug-and-play templates to launch your next online course.

7 Free Email Templates to Inspire Your Black Friday Online Course Sales

We have created a 7-day email sequence to help you boost your online course sales over Black Friday.

Build Your 6-figure Coaching Business Online In LearnWorlds

A step-by-step guide to helping you successfully build and grow any type of coaching business online through LearnWorlds!

The Ultimate Guide To Selling & Marketing Online Courses

Everything you need to know to have a profitable online course. In this guide, you will learn how to prepare your courses to be sales-ready, and how to promote them through various digital marketing channels to scale your business.

Video-based Learning: A Complete Guide On How To Use Video To Improve Your Online Course

Video in learning is increasingly becoming more popular, with students looking for video-based education and instructors delivering on that. This ebook will guide you in designing video for online learning.

Customer Education as a Marketing Tool

Establish your company as a thought leader by providing education to your customers. A great customer education process makes for faster onboarding, lower support costs and engaged users. Read our guide on how to provide excellent customer education and use it to grow your company!

From Passive to Interactive: Learn How Interactive Videos Can Transform Learning

Interactive videos have evolved to include a variety of features including augmentation, synchronous interactions, pop-up questions and a variety of educational elements. Learn how you can use all these techniques to deliver great interactive experiences to your students.

All About Video Creation for Online Instructors

Educational videos are the holy grail of modern elearning. Online learning is dominated by video as it becomes more accessible and easy to create. Learn how to shoot educational video using the right equipment, light it right and edit it to impress!

How To Thrive In Affiliate Marketing

Affiliation is one of the most powerful tools of marketing, allowing you to recruit affiliates to promote your courses and tap into existing audiences and influencers. We will explain the ins and outs of how to set up and use affiliate marketing.

Selling Online Courses Through Email Marketing

In this ebook, we are going deep into teaching you how to create and use your email list to sell online courses. We have included 3 email sequences to launch online courses as well as 20 ready-to-use email templates that you can use immediately.

The Essential Guide To Selling Online Courses Using Facebook Ads

Social media engage billions of people and is a great source of potential customers to tap into. We break down the most powerful tool of Facebook Advertising which will help you turn visitors into customers!

Teach Yoga Online

Do you want to take your yoga classes online? Follow our five-step guide with examples and tips to make it work. Download the guide and get your yoga course online in no-time!

The Definitive Guide to Social Media Platform Content Types

Learn about the most popular social media platforms to understand what kind of posts will benefit your business the most on each. You will also discover how to set up your brand's social media page(s) as well as what steps you need to take to increase engagement and drive followers from your business's website to your social media profile.

The Ultimate Guide to Building Customer Education Courses

From Idea to Launch. Create engaging & effective online courses for your customer education programs with this handy step-by-step guide. The guide includes templates from LearnWorlds customers to help inspire & assist you with the process.

9 Professional Templates for your Customer Education Website

Discover 9 professionally designed website templates, perfect for building an academy using LearnWorlds. Educate your customers smarter & in style!

Maximizing your Course Success: Utilizing ChatGPT & Prompt Engineering

A comprehensive guide on how to use ChatGPT and prompt engineering to create an effective online course.

+Go Beyond 1:1 Coaching: Your Guide to Expert Program Templates To Grow Your Impact

Unlock real growth with ready-to-use templates based on industry best practices. Learn from successful coaches & consultants how to easily create professional, personalizable coaching programs that meet diverse client needs.

Ready-To-Go Website Templates To Get Your Coaching & Consulting School In Style

Empower your coaching & consulting business with a strong brand identity. Use professionally-designed site templates to create a website that conveys your expertise through appealing language and beautiful designs. Find the perfect match for your coaching niche!

Find Your Perfect LMS Match with Our Free RFP Template

Speed up your selection process with the most comprehensive RFP template to help you choose the best LMS for your business needs

Get Ahead with the Right LMS: A Practical Guide for Business Success

The information you need to become a savvy LMS buyer. Our FREE guide covers all you need to know - essential LMS features, pricing, scalability - to make the right choice. Let us help you navigate the sea of options and get ahead!

57 Instructional Video Creation Tips

57 actionable tips that can help you improve your educational videos. No more dull and inefficient videos, here's how to shoot video like a pro

50 Instructional Design Tips for Online Courses

Create courses like a pro! Introducing 50 instructional design tips from experts to help you improve your course development process and create high-quality courses that attract students.

14 Instructional Tips to Build a Community of Learners

Learn how to build a powerful learning community with these 14 handy and simple tips. Learning is a social process; your students will appreciate that you offer a community along with your school.

31 Tools & Tips to Create, Design, and Manage Successful Facebook Ads

While Facebook ads can be beneficial, creating them can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider including the image, the headline, the copy, the targeting, etc. This ebook presents a curated list of 31 tools and tips to help you create, design, and manage successful Facebook ads.

7 Essential Tips For Creating A Successful Facebook Ad

Facebook ads can help to promote your online school and online courses. To catch the attention of customers, you need to make use of certain key elements and create high-quality content by selecting the appropriate image, headline, copy, ad type, and more. This ebook gives out 7 essential tips to help you build a Facebook ad, featuring a successful ad example.

The Complete Checklist To Selling More Online Courses

Growing your course sales one step at a time. This checklist is suitable for both newcomers and experienced course sellers, to build a successful course sales funnel and increase your sales.

The Ultimate Checklist To Selling Online Courses With Email Marketing

Email is the absolute best way to sell online courses. There is always something to improve in your email marketing, all you need to do is follow the steps inside this checklist to win your students' heart!

Creating Learning Video

Learn how to create engaging elearning videos. Find out how to create instructional videos, create great video content, ask interactive questions, provoke engagement and create unforgettable learning experiences.

Design Your Course Contents

Creating an online course is as easy as following this checklist. Learn how to conquer your subject and create a course your learners will fall in love with!

Build Your Customer Training Program

Learn the 6 actionable tips and steps to create a successful customer training program from the ground up. This checklist goes through the entire process of your customer training efforts, including gathering relevant material, launching your program, and more.

The Definitive Checklist of Actionable Steps For Facebook Ad Creation

A must-read resource if you are interested in running paid Facebook Ad campaigns to sell online courses. Go through the definitive list of 9 actionable steps that will help you learn all you need to know about successful Facebook ad creation.

The Best Black Friday Checklist to Sell More Online Courses

Black Friday offers the best opportunity to sell more courses and boost your sales. Get access to all the tips and strategies you need to unlock your business growth potential and generate more revenue.

Student Engagement: 10 Ways To Keep Learners Excited, Engaged And Happy

With this guide, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive checklist that will act as a roadmap to improve adult learners' motivation and engagement, so that they will consume more of your content, achieve results and become loyal fans.

Elearning For Nonprofits: 8 Critical Features Every Nonprofit Needs

We have encapsulated our know-how into a set of expert tips to provide you with a solid understanding of an LMS and the key features you need to take into account to make the right decision for your nonprofit organization.

Mastering Healthcare eLearning: Your 4-Step Blueprint to Crafting Your First Online Course

We’ve created a handy 4-step guide designed to streamline the course creation process for your healthcare organization - giving you time back to focus on what matters most.

eLearning for Healthcare: The 9 most important features your LMS should have

We’ve put together a really useful checklist of the 9 most important features your LMS should have to ensure your healthcare learners have the most effective learning experience possible.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Right Healthcare LMS with Course Examples

Build your ideal medical training program with confidence knowing you’ve chosen the best LMS for your healthcare service. Access expert guidance for key features and course examples that you need for exceptional patient care.

Your Course Creation Workbook

A super handy, editable course creation workbook to keep you on track and organized! We take you step-by-step, from ideation to lesson plan outline, from goal-setting to mapping the learning activities and methods you will use within your next online course; and all the way to document how you will engage your learners and assess their performance.

The Customer Education Experts Directory

Over 75 Customer Education Experts are ready to help you! LearnWorlds is the Top eLearning LMS to Build Your Customer Training Program. Download your list of experts and get their contact & services information in a handy spreadsheet.