The Ultimate Guide To Selling & Marketing Online Courses (Vol. 1)

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Everything you need to know to launch a profitable online course. In this guide, you will learn how to prepare your courses to be sales-ready, publishing and finding your first customers.

What's Inside?

This e-book offers actionable advice on how to convert your online courses into highly sellable digital products. These are the techinques used by some of the Top course sellers, presented in clear and easy to understand terms, avoiding the marketing lingo as much as possible, and with clear, practica examples.

The e-book follows a methodological approach to making your course more attractive to your potential customers, reaching out to your targeted audience whilst applying effective and modern marketing strategies.

Who is This For?

  • Professional trainers or training business who find it increasingly difficult to grow their reach with in-classroom training.

  • Blog authors, youtubers, podcasters, social media or professional celebrities are using online courses to complement their income.

  • Small and medium-sized business, large corporates, even non-profits turn to online courses in order to cheaply and more effectively train their employees, associates, and customers.


A detailed breakdown of what's inside

Chapter 1

How to Make Your Online Course Sales-Ready

We begin by discussing the importance of identifying your ideal customers and making yourself different to your competitors. It goes over your unique selling proposition and explains how this can give your online school additional value.

Chapter 2

Publishing Your Online Course

In this chapter we go one step further into explaining how you can publish your online course. We talk about the online platform you can choose, the thinking process behind the creation of your school, your site’s appearance and landing page presentation.

Chapter 3

Pre-Launching Your Online Course: Get Your First $1

After getting the visual presentation right, it’s time to get down to specifics and discuss the price you are putting on your courses/lessons. Determining the best price is a big deal and this is why it’s important to test your course and ask others for feedback.

Chapter 4

Launching Your Online Course: A Step by Step Guide

One of the most important steps to launching your course is coming up with strategies on how to leverage your network. This starts with contacting people from your inner circle and gathering their opinion.

The authors

The book is brought to you by the LearnWorlds Business Development Team.

Panos Siozos, PhD
Panos Siozos is the CEO and Co-Founder of LearnWorlds. He holds a PhD in Educational Technology and has worked extensively as a computer science educator, software engineer, IT manager and researcher in many EU funded research projects.
Nick Malekos
Nick Malekos is the head Growth Marketer of LearnWorlds. He is a results based and well-rounded Digital Marketer with years of experience in the education industry that doubles as a youth trainer and volunteers’ coordinator in his free time.
Joey Tsouvalas
Joey Tsouvalas is a Customer Support Specialist for the LearnWorlds team. He has a Bachelor’s in English Language Teaching from the University of Greenwich and loves to communicate with people of various cultural backgrounds.