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Meet the Upgraded Ebook Builder: the Future of Ebook Creation is Here

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Over the past months, the LearnWorlds team received numerous expressions of admiration for the recent revamps of our Site, Assessment, and Survey Builders.

When our customers experience the freedom and empowerment from the LearnWorlds solutions, it fuels our motivation to strive for more.

Today, we are excited to unveil yet another milestone in our platform’s evolution – the enhanced Ebook Builder, offering unparalleled possibilities for your content creation.

We understand that creating eΒooks can be demanding and often involves hours of procrastination. It becomes even more challenging when a tool you’re using complicates the process due to usability issues and lack of functionalities.

At LearnWorlds, we are dedicated to facilitating and unleashing your creativity. That is why today we’re turning your ebook creation process upside down, introducing the top Builder that empowers and assists your creation process with:

+ Fluid editing
+ Consistent design
+ Engaging multimedia
+ Empowering templates
+ AI assistance
+ …and much more!

Our enhanced Ebook Builder is revolutionizing the way you create and engage with content. It combines fluid editing & design experiences with limitless content visualization capabilities and empowering instructions, enabling you to focus on the essence of your content, not on the tool you’re using.

Let’s jump into key changes to see how you can benefit from our enhanced Ebook Builder.

The New LearnWorlds Ebook Builder: Groundbreaking Features

Consistent design & customization freedom

It’s essential to maintain a cohesive visual identity throughout your digital content. Whether it’s your website or ebooks, visual consistency plays a crucial role in delivering a unified experience.

That’s why the enhanced Ebook Builder seamlessly integrates all design elements of your website and ebooks.

When you set the design preferences for the website, such as theme, fonts, colors, or layout, those choices carry over effortlessly to your ebooks.

The enhanced Ebook Builder ensures your chosen website style automatically adjusts to the ebook format, composing the content & design elements in the most appealing way for your readers.

Gone are the days of manually formatting each element or worrying about inconsistencies. Your Ebook Builder is now powered by visual design expertise and handles it all for you, saving you precious time and effort.

With LearnWorlds, you have the best of both worlds – design consistency and complete customization capabilities.

The way you do customization in the LearnWorlds Site Builder, you can now play with colors, fonts, building blocks, and other visual elements inside your Ebook Builder.

Feel the freedom to unleash your creativity and bring your unique vision to life, all while ensuring that your ebooks align seamlessly with your overall design identity.

Moreover, after completing the editing, you can set the created style as default for all your ebooks, bringing efficiency to your ebook library creation.

Streamlined editing & empowering instructions

Editing ebooks should be a smooth and empowering experience. At LearnWorlds, we want you to focus on WHAT you write, not HOW you write.

That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile bringing together all the best content authoring practices to streamline the ebook creation process and provide you with a fluid editing experience.

Our friendly drag-and-drop interface was enhanced by the intuitive shortcuts algorithm & functions so you can bring your creative vision to life without any technical barriers, using only the keyboard keys.

Leverage well-known button combinations to make the creation process a breeze. Enjoy your user-friendly Ebook Builder that optimizes workflow and enhances productivity. Save time and experience the true, unlimited freedom of the creation process.

Our Ebook Builder goes beyond your expectations by offering empowering instructions along your ebook-building journey.

From AI-powered content creation & instructional design-driven templates to a rich pool of interactive widgets & beautifully designed building blocks.

We’ve packed the Builder with tools that will truly empower your content creation process. Benefit from years of expertise in instructional & visual designs and thousand of ebook use cases overlooked by our clients.

Now you can boost your creative process with pre-made solutions that have been proven to work.

AI-powered functionality

At the end of this August, prepare to witness yet another ground-breaking enhancement of the Ebook Builder that will embark you on a journey where the power of AI meets your ebook creation process.

We are about to release the prompt-engineered AI functionality that will empower you to unlock infinite content possibilities with ease.

Seamlessly integrated into the Ebook Builder, this innovative feature will offer an intuitive interface, guiding you through content development, polishing, and improvement.

The AI suggestion engine will analyze your prompts, providing an endless well of inspiration for the content of your purpose.

Collaborate effortlessly with AI via pre-made content request forms designed by LearnWorlds prompt engineering experts.

Wait a bit to embrace the future of ebook creation and unlock the true potential of your content with our prompt-engineered AI functionality.

Dynamic content presentation

Creating engaging and interactive ebooks is key to capturing your learners’ attention. With our enhanced Ebook Builder, we provide you with the tools to make your content come alive.

Say goodbye to static ebooks and embrace a new level of interactivity.

With just a few clicks, you can seamlessly structure your ebook and insert multimedia elements.

From videos and audio files to image galleries and more, your Ebook Builder offers a wide selection of pre-made widgets designed to enhance the learning journey. Create a visually appealing and immersive reading experience for your audience with ease.

As for your readers, they were not left aside. Annotations within ebooks have become even more user-friendly, fostering interaction and engagement.

Enable your learners to effortlessly highlight important sections and make notes while reading, leading to improved content consumption and enhanced memorization.

With the enhanced Ebook Builder, both content creators and readers benefit from a seamless and enriched experience.

Flexible & easy management

Managing your ebook assets efficiently is essential for a seamless content creation process. We’ve designed the enhanced Ebook Builder with flexibility and ease of management in mind. Let’s explore how our platform empowers you to handle your ebooks effortlessly.

With the new sidebar in the Builder, you can easily navigate, edit, and even copy content blocks between different ebooks.

Seamlessly jump between projects and repurpose content to build your comprehensive ebook library.

Managing multiple ebooks has never been easier. Now you have complete visibility of the ebook you are working on, as well as the full list of assets you’ve created before and their place in your learning content structure.

No more searching through courses or struggling to keep track of individual assets. Enjoy the convenience of having all your ebooks organized and readily accessible.

The Game-Changing Solution

Words alone cannot fully capture the amazing changes brought by the new Ebook Builder.

Sometimes, it’s better to experience it firsthand rather than hear about it. And believe us, this is exactly the case!

Start your free trial, or, if you have already joined LearnWorlds, enter your school to see the empowering Ebook Builder in action.

Our team is working tirelessly to eliminate all the blockers that may hinder your creative job. And the new Ebook Builder is yet another proof of that mission.

You can stop making compromises between design and functionality and leave your “how’ thoughts aside. Just do it create!

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