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You Ask. We Deliver. — Improvements for Q1 2023

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At LearnWorlds, we strive to provide the best online course platform for you by continuously developing new features based on your feedback. Our goal is to shape the future of education, not just be a part of it. To accomplish this, we work together with our amazing customers in a collaborative effort.

That’s why we launched the You Ask. We Deliver. product updates — a recurring series of posts highlighting customer-requested features and improvements. We want to demonstrate how much we appreciate user feedback — and what better way to do that than showing exactly how your suggestions are shaping the future of the platform!

Here are some of the great new features and improvements we’ve implemented in Q1 2023 based on your feedback. We hope you enjoy them!

Improvements for Q1 2023

We’re excited to deliver 19 new improvements across the platform for this quarter. These include features like new settings for the Image and Event Calendar widgets, the ability to set Anchor names on Website sections and link directly to them from other pages, new Customization settings for currency formats, new functionality to Tag respondents after they pass an exam, and many more!

What’s new in Course Authoring tools

Our Course Authoring tools allow you to design and implement all types of Learning Activities for your learners. The following are some of the updates and improvements we’ve made to the Course Authoring tools based on your feedback:

1. The “Back to course layout” button can now navigate to a different page

If you want your learners to navigate to a different page when clicking the “Back to course layout” button while they’re inside a Course player, you can now customize it to navigate to any of your School’s pages or even an entirely different URL.

Delivered with ❤️ for Hari.

2. Tag students after passing an assessment

You can now set specific tags for assessment respondents that are only applied if the respective assessment is successfully passed. The new setting can be found in the After submission tab of the Assessment settings.

Delivered with ❤️ for a lot of you.

3. Course descriptions are now available in PDF keys for certificates

It’s now possible to insert the course description inside a PDF Certificate by using the new “Class_description” PDF key while using custom certificate templates. Learn how to create a PDF Certificate with the correct form fields here.

Delivered with ❤️ for Nursing CPD.

What’s new in Site Builder

Our Site Builder provides you with a variety of easy-to-use tools that allow you to create stunning websites without any coding experience. Using point & click or drag & drop, you can create a website that is tailored to your business use case. In response to your feedback, we have made the following updates and improvements to our Website Builder tools:

4. New Popup setting to enable an expand image button on Image Widgets

Enabling the “Open image in pop-up window” option from the settings of an Image Widget will give your website visitors the ability to view and expand the image in a full screen popup window.

Delivered with ❤️ for Lines.

5. Set the Event Calendars widgets to only show events of specific courses

You can now configure the Event Calendars widget to show upcoming events for a single or a specific set of courses, using the Show Courses section in the Widget settings.

Delivered with ❤️ for Samuel.

6. Affiliates can be redirected to a different page after login

The After login page for Affiliate users can now be changed from the default “Affiliate dashboard”. Used in conjunction with the Visibility on elements or the Different After login page based on tags setting, you can have a completely customized page that is only visible to your Affiliates after they login.

Delivered with ❤️ for Usman.

7. New “First Name” only question for Marketing and Course forms

For those times that you need to employ a simpler — less strict Marketing or Course form, you can now use the new “First Name only” question, found under the “Contact” group of the questions menu in the Form Builder.

Delivered with ❤️ for a lot of you.

8. Control the order of Appearance for bundles inside a Bundle list section

Previously, when a Bundle list section was used on your school’s website, you had no control over the order of appearance for the bundles. This is no longer the case as you can customize their order by setting a number on the “Appearance order” field of every bundle.

Delivered with ❤️ for a lot of you.

9. Automatically navigate users to a specific Section using Anchors in URLs

The Anchor name of a Page section can now be used on the URL of that Page, preceded by a hash sign (#) to directly navigate the user to this specified section.

Delivered with ❤️ for Katia.

10. New options for the Password fields in the LearnWorlds’ Sign up forms

You now have the ability to include a Hide / Show password option and an additional “Confirm your password” field on your Signup forms, both of which can be enabled in the Password options of the default, built-in authentication.

Delivered with ❤️ for a lot of you.

What’s new in Admin tools

The Admin tools provide you with a birds-eye view of your academy and allows you to manage all aspects of its day-to-day operations. Listed below are some of the changes and improvements made to the Admin Tools as a result of your feedback:

11. Admin notification emails about Form submissions now include the submitted form Name and Page URL

If you have the Admin notification emails “On form submission” enabled, the notification message will now include the name of the form that was submitted, as well as the Page where the form submission occurred.

Delivered with ❤️ for Melody.

12. Completely customize the currency format of your School

The specific currency format that defines how your prices will appear in your Products and Website, including the currency symbol, the currency sign position, the thousands separator, and the decimal separator can now be completely custom to fit your requirements.

Delivered with ❤️ for a lot of you.

13. Sort marketing and course forms by the number of responses

You can now sort the list of your Marketing and Course forms using the number of responses, by either largest to smallest or smallest to largest ordering.

Delivered with ❤️ for Theo.

14. XLS and CSV exports of marketing forms now include a Page submitted column

When you export a marketing form in an XLS or CSV format, a new column is now included that contains the Page where the form submission occurred.

Delivered with ❤️ for a lot of you.

15. Anonymize multiple users simultaneously using bulk actions

It is now possible to perform account anonymization on multiple users simultaneously, using the new option on the multiple user selection menu.

Delivered with ❤️ for Daniel.

16. Edit the public URL of your courses at any time

Previously, you were only able to give your course a public-friendly URL (slug) during the second step of the Course creation wizard. This is no longer the case and you can always edit the public URL of any course from the Access tab of the course settings.

Delivered with ❤️ for a lot of you.

17. Automatically logout idle users with the new Force logout setting

If you want to restrict your users from staying signed in for an extended period of time while being inactive or idle, you are now able to use the new Force logout setting found in the Sign in/up settings of Site Builder and also configure it with an Idle time threshold of minutes and a Pre-logout message duration of seconds.

Delivered with ❤️ for Arnaud.

What’s new in Integrations

Integrations allow you to easily connect all the different aspects of your online business so you can focus on what you do best, automate tasks and improve your workflow. Check out the latest improvements in Integrations based on your feedback:

18. New parameters in the Users’ Create and Enroll POST API requests

The Create and Enroll API endpoints can now process an additional parameter that controls whether you’d like your Users to receive a Registration or Enrollment email, when you create or enroll them through the API, respectively.

Delivered with ❤️ for Henry.

19. Create Access Tokens and regenerate API Client Secrets on-demand

You can now create multiple Access Tokens for your endpoints and regenerate the Client Secret key on-demand without reaching out to our support team, using the respective buttons in the Developers / API settings page.

Delivered with ❤️ for a lot of you.

We Want to Hear Your Ideas!

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our platform or what new features you would like to see, feel free to send us an email at hello[at] We read every submission and appreciate all of your feedback. Thank you for helping us make LearnWorlds the best it can be!

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