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6 Successful Customer Training Examples That Will Inspire You

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The effort to meet customer needs never stops. A positive customer experience spans from the moment a customer first hears about your brand to the end of the customer lifecycle. Throughout their journey with you, you’ll have numerous opportunities to make it or break it in terms of customer satisfaction.

So, to get off on the right foot, start with an onboarding process that helps new customers set up and start using your product, such as an on-demand training course, one-to-one or group training sessions with Customer Success Managers, and a knowledge base. However, customer onboarding is just the first part of a customer training program.

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Then, you must continue with more training material and live events, like webinars, to deepen product knowledge for new and advanced users to solidify customer loyalty and prevent churn. Of course, all this is extremely hard to carry out in person or even in real-time, which is why most customer education programs are conducted online, especially for SaaS products.

Need some inspiration to create customer learning experiences that will hook your customers and help you boost customer retention rates and achieve your desired business goals? In this article, we have collected the best examples of customer training programs to help you get started!

6 Best Customer Training Examples

Reap the benefits of customer training and make loyal customers following the example of these online academies – secure product adoption, foster customer loyalty, and expand your customer base with a comprehensive and fun customer training academy!

1. HubSpot Academy

a screenshot of HubSpot Academy showcasing available courses

HubSpot, being one of the most popular CRM platforms, doesn’t need particular introductions. The HubSpot Academy is an exemplary online academy that offers numerous free and paid online courses, not simply to educate customers but also for lead generation and brand awareness purposes.

The HubSpot Academy offers courses in several languages, eBooks, lessons, and templates. Learners can gain certifications relevant to marketing, SEO, social media, sales, data management, web design, web development, and customer service training. All in all, the academy is a powerhouse for marketing & customer service team members and not only!

2. Trailhead Academy

a screenshot of Trailhead Academy showcasing available courses in animated design

The Trailhead Academy is Salesforce’s online learning academy with instructor-led courses about the platform, integrations, marketing, and sales. The courses are divided by job role, so they’re more relevant to the users. The Trailhead Academy also features a vibrant community that enables participants to network and join events.

The Trailhead Academy utilizes gamification, rewarding users with certifications, superbadges & supersets, points, quests, challenges, and fun prizes. Learners can choose from guided learning paths (trails), create their own personalized learning playlist (trailmix), or join the Trailhead Academy for instructor-led courses taught by industry experts.

3. Workable Academy

 a screenshot of Workable Academy showcasing available courses in blue background with a flying rocket

Workable, the popular hiring and employee management software, has launched the Workable Academy with LearnWorlds. The academy currently offers 19 free courses on how to get started with Workable and more advanced courses per use case – recruiting and HR. The courses include interactive links, intuitive content navigation, directive pointers, expert tips, and knowledge checks.

The Workable Academy has been praised by users, who have found the content to be easy to follow and very helpful. At the same time, Workable has managed to reduce incoming tickets in less than a year after launching its asynchronous customer onboarding program!

4. Zendesk Training

a screenshot of Zendesk Training Academy's welcome page showing an animated character with backpack

Zendesk should know about maintaining good customer relationships. The well-known customer service solution offers Zendesk Training, a series of comprehensive training courses per job role (admin, agents, CX analysts, sales team, and developers). The training courses offer reading material and hands-on activities.

There are also certification programs available with separate courses and bundles that verify you’ve mastered Zendesk, coming at varying costs. The academy offers additional resources to prepare learners for their certification exams.

5. LinkedIn Learning

a screenshot of LinkedIn Learning landing page showing an animated character working on laptop

The world’s leading networking platform for professionals offers a rich educational hub, LinkedIn Learning, with over 23,000 courses available led by industry experts, short video tutorials, and learning paths for professionals that you can either buy individually or for your team. LinkedIn is another example of a company using education as a marketing tool.

The training resources cover a wide range of trending topics, such as Artificial intelligence, Data Analysis, DEI, Human Resources, and many more. With LinkedIn being the top business-focused social media platform, it’s hard to overlook the opportunity and benefits that come with networking with like-minded professionals when you become part of its learning community!

6. LearnWorlds Academy

a screenshot of LearnWorlds Academy landing page showing a woman and a man working on laptop

Last but not least, we couldn’t help but mention our own customer education academy! Apart from a top-notch customer support team, dedicated CSMs, instructor-led daily webinars, and a vast knowledge base with support articles… our LMS platform, LearnWorlds, also offers eLearning courses that showcase product features and walkthroughs to help you master our training platform, additionally offering you hands-on tips to grow your eLearning business.

The LearnWorlds Academy is free to use and all the courses are available on demand. Apart from the Academy, we offer a resource library with eBooks, templates, checklists, and on-demand webinars to cultivate your knowledge on course creation, customer education, and other topics that could interest you and help you expand your business.

Customer Education is The Way to Go

We hope that these customer training examples have inspired you to build your own customer education hub!

💡 As we go through these successful academies, here’s what we’ve learned:

Remember to use a Learning Management System like LearnWorlds to streamline your training.

LearnWorlds supports:

✅ Integrations with CRMS and other tools to facilitate your workflow
✅ Built-in content authoring that supports Interactive training content
✅ Website Builder with ready-made templates
✅ Quizzes, certificate & survey builder
✅ Microlearning modules for better customer engagement and faster results
✅ Branded mobile app
✅ Multiple schools, user groups, and user roles

Whatever your needs are, LearnWorlds is your go-to learning platform for effective customer training and beyond!

9000+ brands trust LearnWorlds to train their people, partners & customers.

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