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Introducing: Personalize Your Users’ After Login Page With Tags

Evan Katsiouras product marketing manager LearnWorlds
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With ‘personalization’ and ‘custom experiences’ taking over the world of eLearning, your online school can’t be ‘one-size-fits-all’ any longer. And if you’ve done everything to make the learning experience as personalized as possible, you can’t ignore the fact that a good first impression always counts.

With our latest building block, you can customize your after login page based on a user’s tag. Are they a customer? Show them a new course. Are they a lead? Promote a can’t-miss offer. Simple as ABC, precious as gold – let’s see how it works.

Win Your Users ‘at Hello’

Using tags to segment your audience has been a LearnWorlds favorite for a long time. With smart tagging, you have countless opportunities to deliver a custom user experience to your segments – and your after-login page couldn’t be a better place to take advantage of tags and make the right first impression.

However, there are more reasons to customize your after login page other than making the right impression. Let’s take a look:

Personalize the user journey

Personalization is about providing your users the same warm feeling as when they walk into their favorite restaurant and the chef starts preparing their favorite dish before they even order.

Whether you’re using a relevant message, video, or any other element that will make them feel welcome and unique, personalizing the experience early on the user journey increases the chances of keeping the user engaged.

Collect additional information that matters

Asking questions is human nature. Especially when these questions are targeting your customers or your soon-to-be customers. For example, let’s say you’re using a free course to attract leads. The after-login page is the best place to evaluate their intention to purchase or collect additional information about their demographics and interests.

This information will help you create detailed and accurate lead profiles, so you can adjust your strategy to make them convert faster and easier.

Make announcements big and bold

If the next big thing that will transform eLearning is about to land at your academy, the after-login page is the best place to make your announcement. If you came up with a small tiny thing that will make your customers’ lives happier and easier, then again, the after-login page should be your billboard.

If you want to pass any major or minor message but only to a specific user segment, then customizing the after-login page based on tags is the ultimate way to make it happen – and LearnWorlds is the only platform that is bringing it to you.

Promote an offer with context

Did you launch a new course that a particular user segment might be interested in? Are you planning to provide coaching to your users? Is there a compelling sale or offer going on that your leads should know about?

Using tags to customize your after-login page gives more context to your messaging. And as we all know, relevant offers sell more. Prospects are more likely to convert when they’re exposed to relevant messages instead of one-size-fits-all memos.

Get Inspired By Our Customers!

Wondering how this could make your life better? Check out our customers’ stories below to get inspired!

🏆 The B2B Seller LearnWorlds Champ

A school that is selling compliance training courses to companies has used tags to segment their customers and provide them with a branded after-login page and a custom course view.

Now, as soon as an employee is logging in to take their training, they’re landing on a page that contains all the courses they need to attend and also has their company’s logo.

🏆 The Customer Training LearnWorlds Champ

A customer training academy is using tags to classify its audience between customers and leads. For their customers, they want their after-login page to include their course catalog and a form to contact support.

As regards their leads, they want to highlight offers and have a qualification form that collects information about the lead’s interests. That way they can both personalize the user’s journey and also hit their lead conversion goals with minimal effort.

🏆 The Internal Training LearnWorlds Champ

A corporate training academy is building courses to train its employees. They’re using tags to segment their employees based on their department, and they have created custom pages for each segment.

Recently, they decided to sell some of their courses to external partners and audiences, so providing this audience with a different after-login page was an essential part of their new business strategy.

🏆 The Non-Profit LearnWorlds Champ

An NGO that offers free training to nurses specializing in a particular disease has decided to also provide patients with access to these courses. As soon as a user signs up, they’re asked to choose whether they are joining as a nurse or as a patient. Based on their answer, they’re redirected to a different after-login page.

🏆 The B2C LearnWorlds Champ

Another online school in the fitness industry is using qualification forms in order to classify their users based on their intention to purchase. Users that are looking to earn a paid certificate are redirected to the certification course catalog, while users that are looking to consume free content are landed in the freebie section.

How to Use Tags to Customize Your User’s After Login Page

You’re all set! From now on, every user that logs into your academy will see a different page based on their tag. If you want to learn more about customizing your after log-in pages using tags, please check our support article here.

Getting Personalization Right, Early On!

No matter how sleek your courses look, creating a personalized welcome experience both brings context to the user’s journey and allows you to put the spotlight on what matters most to your business. If you manage to win your users ‘at hello’ then you’ve already done half of the job to improve your conversions and skyrocket engagement.

After all, sometimes it’s not personal, but other times it can get too personal. Small tweaks can make a difference. Here at LearnWorlds, we’re proud to offer you more flexibility than anyone else in the market, so you can grow the way you decide.

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Evan Katsiouras product marketing manager LearnWorlds
Evan Katsiouras
Product Marketing Manager at LearnWorlds

Evan is a seasoned marketing professional with an experience in EdTech and SaaS start-up ventures. He's vision is to inspire and motivate knowledge entrepreneurs to scale their business by embedding state-of-the-art technology in their workflow.