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The 20 Best Corporate Learning Management Systems in 2024

Androniki Koumadoraki Content Writer LearnWorlds
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The need to deliver corporate training is growing as fast as the workplace is changing. The 2023 Workplace Learning Report by LinkedIn shows that “skills sets for jobs have changed by around 25% since 2015. By 2027, this number is expected to double.”

Companies deploy training for various reasons beyond upskilling employees. These include boosting employee satisfaction and retention rates, enhancing workplace agility, and improving customer experiences. This improvement can occur directly through customer education programs or indirectly through better products and services resulting from increased employee performance.

And what better way to deploy training than a corporate Learning Management System (LMS)? An LMS provides a centralized repository of training material that is available 24/7 from any device and, in many cases, even without an internet connection.

We have created this extensive list of the best 20 Learning Management Systems, specifically designed to cover the diverse training needs of an organization: employee onboarding, technical and soft skills training, customer education, compliance, and extended enterprise.

Before we see the list, let’s see how we picked these Learning Management Systems.

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6 Must-Have Features of a Corporate LMS

Bearing in mind the desired use cases of an LMS that range from optional soft skills courses to mandatory health & safety compliance, we have picked LMSs whose features enable them to carry the weight proudly and do you justice! Let’s see what these features are:

Scalability & Flexibility

Scalability and flexibility refer to the LMS’s ability to support your training needs as they grow and cover wide and diverse audiences, possibly in different locations and with different needs and preferences. Some features that translate into scalability are:

Ease of Use

Learning Management Systems can be rather complex due to multiple features and functionalities. And this is often the case for learners and administrators alike. What you need, though, is an LMS that enables you or your team to get a hold of the LMS fast and build your courses in a few hours. Complex implementation and cumbersome administration equal less flexibility and agility.

Similarly, learners should be able to enjoy the learning experience and be able to focus on learning instead of figuring out where’s what. If you want them to stick to the learning path you’ve built for them, they should have a clear learning path ahead, and intuitive navigation is a big part of it.

Reporting & Analytics

Corporate training is usually deployed on a large scale. It’s a continuous effort that involves repeat and diverse training programs, with quite a financial investment. Therefore, you must ensure that it fulfills its purpose and has an impact on employee performance.

While performance metrics take some time to change, you can still measure what employees have learned and how they interacted with your program by pulling out reports from your LMS. LMS reports, in tandem with robust assessments, can give you a pretty accurate first impression of how effective your training program has been.

Social Learning

It’s not a secret that when learning online and at your own pace, motivation wanes. Social learning is an essential component of a corporate LMS to make learning more enjoyable and also more effective. Through collaborative activities, employees can also build essential soft skills.

Social and collaborative learning can be supported through live sessions, group assignments, discussion forums and groups, and also gamification, which sparks healthy competition among learners.

Artificial Intelligence & Automations

Artificial Intelligence can help you build content faster and, in some cases, take care of admin tasks like content tagging. At the same time, learners enjoy personalized recommendations and custom learning paths that adjust as they learn and build new skills.

Automations, which may or may not be powered by AI, take care of administrative tasks and communications. It’s a sought-after feature as it significantly reduces the amount you spend on repetitive tasks and improves efficiency.

SCORM Compliance

Just because you invested in an LMS, it doesn’t mean you have made a lifetime commitment. SCORM compliance is a must-have feature, ensuring your LMS “communicates” with other LMSs. Therefore, you’ll be able to migrate content from one system to another.

The Top 20 Corporate Learning Management Systems

Based on the above criteria, we have selected the best Learning Management Systems that have all or most of these features and are also top-rated by users.


LearnWorlds – Our Choice!

image of LearnWorlds landing page showing a man and a woman working with laptop

LearnWorlds is the best LMS for all use cases, from employee onboarding & upskilling to extended enterprise and customer training. Being a lightweight LMS, LearnWorlds is very easy to set up and have your course up and running in just a few hours.

Our platform is powered by Artificial Intelligence to help you build content faster. It supports diverse content formats and delivery methods, like instructor-led training, cohort-based learning, webinars, interactive video, and SCORM activities. You can build flexible learning paths with drip-fed content and course completion rules and leverage our built-in community for a social learning experience.

With our in-depth metrics, you will always remain on top of your training initiatives and compliance: monitor learner behavior, course performance, and even sales – because LearnWorlds is also fully eCommerce-ready if you want to monetize your courses.

LearnWorlds is highly customizable, scalable, and 100% white-label. You can build multiple branded academies with an unlimited number of courses and users and launch your own white-label mobile app.

You can also set different user roles with different levels of access and create multiple automations and bulk actions, like communications and user enrollment. Our platform also supports 4000+ integrations, API, and Webhooks, so you can shape your training programs as you need and streamline training with the employee workflow.



Pricing plans

LearnWorlds offers 4 pricing plans (with a 20% discount when billed annually) and a 30-day free trial.



image of Docebo landing page in blue font describing the platform's key features

Docebo is one of the top LMSs in the market – from employee onboarding to partner training, this robust platform won’t fail you. Docebo is an AI-powered LMS that offers personalized content recommendations. The Docebo Skills feature enables learners to update their skills and gaps anytime and readjusts their learning path accordingly.

Mostly addressed to large organizations, Docebo is highly scalable and supports more than 40 languages. It has some decent eCommerce capabilities, supports white labeling, and even enables you to launch your own branded mobile app. You can also assign user roles with permissions.

Docebo comes with rich social learning and gamification features and integrates with more than 400 tools for further customization. The reporting feature is a bit limited, though it does offer predictive analytics.



Pricing plans

Docebo doesn’t mention its pricing on the website.

💁‍♀️ Best Docebo Alternatives



an image of TalentLMS landing page showing a smiling young woman with laptop

TalentLMS is an intuitive platform that improves the learning process and employee engagement through gamification and social learning. It supports multiple content types while it also features a large collection of off-the-shelf content with animated characters.

TalentLMS is scalable and supports a large number of integrations with workplace and communication tools. It enables you to organize users into groups and create user roles with different levels of permissions.

You can also build a branded learning environment and have access to custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript for further finetuning. As for automations, it’s got plenty, from auto-enrollment to course removal and user deactivation.



Pricing plans

TalentLMS has a limited free plan for up to 10 courses and 5 users. It also offers two pricing tiers, Standard and Active.

Standard plans (without the TalentLibrary):

Active plans (without the TalentLibrary):



an image of 360Learning landing page showing a woman holding a laptop

360Learning leverages the power of collaborative learning and AI to help upskill your workforce. The platform integrates with several work tools and supports custom integrations through its API to streamline your workflows and facilitate data syncing.

360Learning offers off-the-shelf content that you can additionally customize, and a content authoring tool with ready-made course templates based on proven pedagogy methods, so you can build effective courses fast.

The system automates user management and has user roles and permission controls. It enables automated enrollment based on preset criteria, reminder notifications, and expiration alerts. It also generates customizable reports that include attendance for ILT sessions and mobile learning stats. Another standout feature is the one-click feedback mechanism.



Pricing plans

360Learning offers a Team plan for up to 100 users at $8/month for every registered user, including a 30-day free trial. For more than 100 monthly users, it offers a Business Plan with custom pricing.


Absorb LMS

an image of Absorb LMS landing page showing the platform's home page

Absorb LMS is an AI-powered learning management software that covers diverse training needs for growing SaaS companies (and not only). It supports multi-tenancy and enables you to build several training portals. The Observation Checklist helps ensure that individual skills gaps are identified and closed.

AbsorbLMS supports many types of content but also features top-rated content libraries with thousands of pieces of ready-made content. Its AI integration enables learners to receive personalized recommendations and “to-do” lists, view trending courses, and get the most relevant search results.

The platform supports social learning and gamification through social profiles, discussion forums, leaderboards, and more. It features sharable and customizable reports, including a Search Analytics Report that helps you spot trends in content demand. Absorb LMS relieves you from some mundane administrative tasks with automations, integrations, and an AI assistant.



Pricing plans

Absorb LMS offers custom pricing that isn’t mentioned on the website.



an image of Litmos landing page showing a woman smiling and holding a tablet

Litmos is a cloud-based LMS system that optimizes corporate learning with built-in content authoring, off-the-self training content (over 2000 courses, including compliance), and rapid implementation.
The system is pretty scalable, supporting 50+ integrations and APIs for further customization. It has built-in integrations with workflow tools to integrate learning into the workflow naturally and offers native mobile apps for learning on the go.

Litmos offers gamification features, video assessments, and customized learning paths for an engaging experience. It enables you to automate certain admin tasks. Overall, the platform stands out for its ease of use, both for administrators and learners.



Pricing plans

Litmos offers a 14-day free trial and three pricing plans – Foundation, Premier, and Platinum Suite – but the exact pricing is not mentioned on the website.


Adobe Learning Manager

an image of Adobe Learning Manager landing page with a snapshot of a course catalog

Adobe Learning Manager (formerly Adobe Captivate Prime) is suitable for different types of corporate training, like compliance training, employee upskilling, and extended enterprise. You can build training programs with customized and ready-made content (choosing among 86,000 courses), AI-powered recommendations, and personalized Dashboards.

Adobe has in-depth reporting to measure learner progress and a gamified reward system. The Adobe “headless LMS” seamlessly delivers content with a simple SSO via third-party tools you’re using, like MS Teams or Salesforce, so that training fits naturally into employee workflow. With the calendar widget, employees can keep track of upcoming training sessions and other learning activities.

Abobe supports social learning with discussion boards, user-generated content, easy web content sharing through a browser extension, and personalized feeds that include trending courses. AI automatically moderates content to ensure every post is on-topic and high quality.



Pricing plans

Adobe offers a 30-day free trial and two custom pricing packages depending on the number of registered users and the number of monthly active users.


iSpring Learn

an image of iSpring Learn landing page showing a woman with her back turned working on a laptop

iSpring Learn stands out for its easy content creation and automated tasks, such as reports, notifications, and enrollments. With iSpring Suite, you can quickly develop courses, quizzes, interactions, and dialogue simulations from PowerPoint presentations. You can mix-and-match courses and learning materials to create learning tracks with specific duration and completion rules.

iSpring Learn enables you to connect your organizational structure with learning programs and quickly assign courses to specific departments etc. Similarly, you can use the preset user roles to manage permissions and create groups. It has robust social learning features with personalized newsfeeds, chat, and gamification. Learners also have access to their personal user portal, where they can view their learning journey.

iSpring Learn is highly scalable and customizable. It supports multitenancy, enabling you to build different branded training portals and your own mobile app, integrates with a large number of tools, and supports API.



Pricing plans

iSpring Learn offers a 30-day free trial and custom pricing for its Business plan. It also offer a Start plan with more basic features that start from $2.99 per user/mo for up to 50 users, billed annually.


Cornerstone Learning

an image of Cornerstone Learning landing page showing a woman holding a cup

Cornerstone is an LMS platform hyperfocused on bridging skills gaps in your organization. It enables you to build skills profiles and reports by choosing among 53K skills available in the Cornerstone Skills Graph and build personalized training paths with AI-powered recommendations and skills detection.

Cornerstone comes with built-in integrations with popular video conferencing tools and supports diverse learning content types, including eBooks and podcasts. It features templates for development plans and goal-setting, observation checklists, and many more to streamline work performance with L&D.

Cornerstone Content Anytime offers subscription-based access to a series of specialized courses based on our needs and also offers Cornerstone Originals, their in-house-produced courses. Cornerstone uses predictive AI for HR and offers over 100 pre-configured reports with data across the employee lifecycle.



Pricing plans

Cornerstone Learning doesn’t mention its pricing on the website.



an image of LearnUpon landing page showing stats and a smiling woman holding a laptop

LearnUpon is a corporate LMS that prioritizes learners and helps you create enjoyable learning experiences with the assistance of its team of experts. The system supports multi-tenancy and enables you to build customized, branded learning environments for your different audiences and easily share content among them. It also allows for user segmentation and custom permissions.

With LearnUpon, you can build customized learning paths with timeframes, knowledge checks, drip-fed course content, completion criteria, and specific course sequences. You can additionally create a resource center that serves as a centralized repository of training materials and course catalogs.

Learners can self-enroll in the courses they like and access their personalized Dashboard with their learning history, certificates earned, and more. Or, you can automate user creation and enrollment by integrating LearnUpon with your HRIS or CRM systems. It features out-of-the-box and customizable reports that can be scheduled and also connected to display on other systems.



Pricing plans

LearnUpon offers three plans, with each one offering an increasing number of features.



image of eFront landing page showing a male profile in grey

eFront is an enterprise LMS for employee training that supports multi-tenancy and offers advanced customization options, including a plugin editor to create your own plugins, a wealth of integrations, and classification options into user roles and audiences. The platform also supports automated notifications and mass actions and stands out for its advanced security features.

eFront has a robust assessment and survey engine, built-in skills gaps tests, and extensive real-time reporting capabilities. It facilitates course creation by enabling you to reuse content and clone units, including SCORM/xAPI content.

With eFront, you can create personalized learning paths with course prerequisites and completion rules, a file repository, or choose from its library with ready-made courses. The system is mobile-friendly and enables offline viewing.



Pricing plans

eFront starts at $1200 per month, billed annually, for up to 1000 registered users. For larger audiences, you’ll get a custom quote.


Kallidus Learn

image of Kalllidus Learn showing a young woman smiling and holding a mobile phone to the camera

Kallidus Learn is a corporate training LMS software that encourages self-paced elearning through its ease of use and interactive features. Kallidus Learn emphasizes on compliance through robust reporting, auto-assignment, and reminders for mandatory courses.

Kaliidus also offers off-the-shelf training courses on technical and soft skills in 100 languages, with built-in knowledge tests. The courses are customizable – you add your branding, embed links, and even upload documents to enrich your modules.

It also has a performance management system to ensure each employee’s training path is aligned with organizational goals. The system offers ready-made templates, rating scales, and comment boxes and supports 360 reviews and anonymous feedback.

Kallidus Learn also offers bespoke digital learning solutions with the help of its experts, who will design courses enriched with storytelling, stunning visual design, animations, and even VR.



Pricing plans

Kallidus Learn doesn’t mention the available pricing plans on its website.



an image of Moodle LMS showing a laptop, a mobile phone, and some people working on a laptop

Moodle is one of the most long-standing LMS providers for diverse use cases that expand from K-12 education to corporate training management. Moodle Workplace is a specialized Moodle solution that combines all the standard features of Moodle with advanced tools specifically designed for corporate training. Plus, it offers you the rare benefit of launching your own branded mobile app for personalized learning experiences on the go.

Moodle is a scalable LMS that you can customize and integrate with your HR systems and external software and supports multi-tenancy. It offers multiple ready-to-use add-ons to increase functionality and enable you to build online courses according to your training needs.

The platform offers advanced user management and security permissions, task automation based on departments and positions, automated recertification for compliance, and custom reports that can be scheduled for delivery. It has advanced security and is continuously monitored to catch vulnerabilities on the spot.



Pricing plans

Moodle offers custom pricing depending on your specific requirements.



an image of SkyPrep landing page showing some graphs in blue font

SkyPrep simplifies online training with its intuitive, clutter-free User Interface. It allows for easy user management with bulk actions, user permissions, and role assessments (like course and group managers). It also supports automations like enrollment, reporting, and notifications (based on rules).

SkyPrep offers access to 20,000 premade courses and supports different content types, including checklists. The platform also has good certificate management with expiration reminders. It offers built-in and custom reports with visualized data and offers several integrations with eCommerce, HR, and CRM tools, among others.

Although it has good gamification features, it falls short in terms of engagement since the community feature is limited to content discussions.



Pricing plans

SkyPrep offers a 14-day free trial and three plans, although it doesn’t mention the pricing:



an image of Tovuti LMS landing page showing screenshots from the platform

Tovuti LMS is a next-generation LMS-LXP perfect for training employees, customers, or your external partners. With built-in course authoring tools, it enables the creation of more than 40 different types of interactive, social, and gamified content.

Tovuti LMS has rich collaboration features for your live sessions, such as whiteboards, screen sharing, and session recording, for enjoyable online learning. Your learners will also love learner portals and user transcripts, where they can find a detailed history of their learning journey. They can also build their social profiles and connect with other learners in the built-in community.

Tovuti is a secure LMS that is regularly updated for security and also enables you to create unlimited groups of users with different levels of access. It offers customizable reports on learner behavior and course performance. The Team Lead Dashboard enables managers to not only pull out reports but also message their teams directly.



Pricing plans

Tovuti LMS charges a setup fee of $2500. The pricing is calculated based on the number of users in tandem with the length of the contract.


Thought Industries

Thought Industries is a highly customizable enterprise learning platform. Combined with Cloud Connect, it offers from no-code to code solutions to automate back-office tasks. Ti Plus offers you a toolkit to measure training ROI, an extensive library of research, best practices, and industry insights, and more tools to skyrocket your programs.

Thought Industries integrates with video conferencing tools, Salesforce, BI tools, and more. It supports multitenancy, allowing you to build different branded learning environments, and supports several monetization options, including subscriptions and built-in Stripe integration.

The platform features a recommendation engine, drip-fed courses, and adaptive learning paths. It supports gamification and facilitates learning with bookmarking, in-course searching, workbooks, and note-taking.



Pricing plans

Thought Industries doesn’t disclose any pricing information on its website.


Auzmor Learn

an image of Auzmor Learn's landing page showing a woman with laptop and headphones in pink background

Auzmor Learn is a corporate LMS that stands out for its ease of use and high user adoption rates. It comes with a built-in authoring tool and content library with 70K+ pieces of micro & macro-learning courses from over 100 publishers.

Auzmor Learn supports social learning via discussion forums, live chats, and mentors and enables you to spice up your content with widgets and activities from flashcards, hotspots, accordions, and tab activities. You can also receive star ratings for your course or set up surveys.

Auzmor Learn automatically generates reports on learner behavior, completion rates, quiz results, and more. The platform supports multi-tenancy through multiple branches and domains, as well as 50+ integrations with HRIS, CRM, Webhooks, Performance Management Systems, and more.



Pricing plans

Auzmor Learn doesn’t disclose pricing information on its website.


CYPHER Learning

an image of CYPHER LEARNING's landing page showing a man smiling and pointing to a screen

CYPHER Learning is a modern Learning Management System that aims to make corporate training an enjoyable, human-centric experience via its intuitive platform. CYPHER Learning enables organizations to build social and gamified learning experiences with games, leaderboards, chat, forums, and more to infuse human connection.

The platform is highly scalable – it offers 1,000+ workflow integrations and API and supports more than 25 automated actions to replace manual work. Plus, it offers the MATRIX LMS mobile apps for iOS and Android for learning on the go and is SCORM compliant. It supports competency-based learning with proactive and personalized recommendations that result from unbiased skills assessments.

CYPHER Learning has a “Copilot” – an AI-powered content creation tool with embedded gamification offered at an extra cost. CYPHER Copilot speeds up the creation process and reduces course creation costs.



Pricing plans

CYPHER Learning doesn’t disclose pricing information on its website.


Learning Pool

an image of Learning Pool's landing page showing three different screenshots of the platform with images and stats

Learning Pool is a scalable Learning Management System that focuses on connecting L&D to employee performance. It features an intuitive design that doesn’t distract learners, personalized recommendations, and deep search functionality. Its AI-powered Skills Builder is updated weekly to create skills profiles and tailored recommendations.

With Learning Pool, you can communicate with learners through multi-channel communications and even schedule messages to specific learners or cohorts. You also have access to an off-the-shelf content library and mobile apps for Android and iOS.

The Learning Pool Learning Record Store (initially launched as an open-source download) brings together business and learning analytics and offers predictive insights and smart reporting that identifies anomalies in your online training program and potential causes.



Pricing plans

Learning Pool doesn’t disclose its pricing on its website.



an image of BrainCert's landing page showing several devices in white background

BrainCert is a feature-rich training platform that supports collaborative learning through gamification and interactivity. Live sessions with BrainCert are enhanced with whiteboards, breakout rooms, group screen sharing, and more.

BrainCert has a robust assessment engine with advanced settings, enhanced with an AI/ML-powered analysis engine that measures the quality of the questions. It also offers advanced customized reports available for admins and users. The platform is fully optimized for mobile, but it doesn’t offer a mobile app.

BrainCert has rich eCommerce capabilities also, including a website builder, multiple payment gateways, built-in email marketing tools, a shopping cart, and support for memberships, discounts, and offers.



Pricing plans

BrainCert offers a 14-day free trial and two pricing tiers.

Unified Training Platform for small teams:

Virtual Classroom API for small, midsize, and large businesses:

For large enterprises with more than 250 users, BrainCert offers customized pricing.

Choosing the Best LMS for Corporate Training

Different industries have different needs. Training needs vary even from company to company, or even from department to department. Therefore, you need a versatile corporate Learning Management System that can easily adapt and support your demands at any given time.

LearnWorlds fits the bill perfectly. Our lightweight LMS is incredibly easy to use and highly customizable. You can trust LearnWorlds to scale your company and establish a learning ecosystem that satisfies diverse needs and preferences.

Take advantage of our 30-day free trial and get one step closer to your training goals!

9000+ brands trust LearnWorlds to train their people, partners & customers.

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