Training Centre Achieves 15% Increase In Student's Average Scores And Delivers World-Class Learning Experiences To Beauty Experts

Courses Created

The challenge:

With the Covid-19 restrictions, the academy had to shut down, but EIE Training Centre was determined to help students continue their studies using an online learning platform that makes the transition from offline to online smooth. EIE wanted to embrace the hybrid model to offer students more freedom, balance, and flexibility, helping them achieve their aspirations.
Students Onboarded

The solution:

LearnWorlds provided the online solution that the EIE Training Centre needed to continue running its training programs at a time when it was not physically possible. The team chose our platform to onboard their first critical students, as it favored advanced customization, interactive courses, certificate issuing, manual enrollments, in-depth reporting, and mobile learning.
Increase in Students' Scores

The results:

Since the launch of the EIE Training Centre, the online academy has grown to over 1,800 students and saw an impressive 15% increase in its students' average theory scores.

EIE Training Centre

EIE Training Centre

The European Institute of Esthetics (EIE Training Center) is a leading online academy for training estheticians and laser technicians. It is the learning hub for aspiring estheticians who want to begin their careers, equipping themselves with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the competitive job market.
HQ: Canada
The challenge:

Achieving Seamless Education Delivery

The challenge:

Achieving Seamless Education Delivery

Fighting the Covid-19 Pandemic

The academy has operated in-house classes in Canada since 1996 but it had to shut its doors entirely during the pandemic and pivot to an online class model. During the lockdown period, the academy had to create over 70 courses to support theory training and allow their learners to study online.

Helping Learners Move to a New School

Moving from an offline to an online environment was not easy, as the team had to find a way to keep existing students enrolled in their courses. The transition required a lot of trial and error and time invested in creating the new training programs that were initially being used as test pilots for the newly-adopted training model.
"LearnWorlds truly listens to customer feedback. Often, they're miles ahead of features I want for our school as we continue to grow. I am increasingly confident we chose the right partner for education every year."
"LearnWorlds truly listens to customer feedback. Often, they're miles ahead of features I want for our school as we continue to grow. I am increasingly confident we chose the right partner for education every year."

Melissa Colbrone

Melissa Colbrone is the eCommerce Manager at EIE Training Centre. Melissa is responsible for the overall web design and course development, and her role involves building out the academy's course structures online and creating a logical study pattern in the courses and programs for students to learn.

Fostering Greater Engagement & Growth


Fostering Greater Engagement & Growth

Accessibility at its Finest: Going Online & Mobile

After going online, EIE managed to boost its student engagement and course success rates. Creating its own branded mobile app via LearnWorlds Mobile Builder gave its students the opportunity to access the learning content via their mobile devices 24/7. This allowed them to go through the courses whenever and as long as needed, making the transition easier and quicker.

Melissa's advice for other course creators

"Don't be afraid to ask for feedback from your students. Use their answers to improve your courses or create new ones."

Key takeaways

For the EIE Training Center, going from offline to online was both a risk and a challenge, especially during the unpredictable times of Covid-19. However, with the right help, tools, and support, they managed to scale their academy and continue to do so.
EIE's remarkable results are visible not only through their numbers but also through the ground-breaking impact they are making in the lives of their students every day.
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