The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Right Healthcare LMS with Course Examples

Build your ideal medical training program with confidence knowing you’ve chosen the best LMS for your healthcare service. Access expert guidance for key features and course examples that you need for exceptional patient care.

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Take a quick look at all of the insights and specialist knowledge that this eBook has to offer. You'll become a savvy LMS buyer in no time!

Ebook Contents

This eBook is aimed at healthcare providers looking to enrich their knowledge, build on their skills, and improve their practice to help those who need it. It will provide the expert knowledge and tools needed to choose the right LMS for your specific healthcare needs.
  • Chapter 1

    Key Features

    In this chapter, you’ll find 17+ key features that a quality LMS should have to support your specific training needs. These features range from Assessments, to SEO, to Email marketing Integrations and more! You’ll learn which features to look for and why they may be vital to your healthcare training program to get the best results possible from your learners.
  • Chapter 2


    In this chapter, you’ll visit 5 super examples of successful courses and academies built by healthcare professionals like you. You’ll see key features in play as we explore how they’re used and why. Get inspired by awesome Course Examples and learn to replicate them in your own academy.

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Kyriaki Raouna

Kyriaki Raouna

Kyriaki is a Content Creator for the LearnWorlds team with over 7 years of experience in digital marketing. Graduated from the University of Huddersfield with a Guidance degree she has equipped herself with hands-on experience in education management and career guidance.