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Introducing Import & Export Site Templates: Step up Your Site Building Game!

Luiza Coimbra - Product Manketing Manager LearnWorlds
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Exciting News! We are thrilled to introduce a game-changing enhancement to LearnWorlds Site Builder – the brand-new Import & Export Site Template feature.

We know creating a professional and engaging website can be a time-consuming and challenging task, especially if you lack technical expertise.

LearnWorlds’ Site Builder is the perfect way to build professional and stunning websites with just a few clicks, and now, with the introduction of the Import & Export Site Template feature, we empower you even more to take control of your website creation process.

This exciting addition unleashes your creativity with unprecedented ease and opens up a world of possibilities for revenue generation – yep, you’ve read it right, stay with me!

No More Spending Hours Building New Site Pages from Scratch

A captivating website representing your school or educational institution is crucial to success. But it’s a long, labor-intensive process to build one from scratch, so why do it again & again?

You can say goodbye to lengthy website development projects with LearnWorlds’ Import & Export Site Templates feature.

Replicate Your Best Templates

Replicating your successful academy design and structure is now a breeze.

Simply export your most effective website templates from one school to another, ensuring brand consistency and professionalism across your entire educational offerings.

Whether launching a new school or reviving a successful special campaign, the Import & Export Site Template feature eliminates the need to start from scratch.

Beautiful design is just the beginning!

Having an attractive website shouldn’t just be about cool colors and fonts when it comes to selling your company’s values. You need to make sure it really tells your story and connects with people.

The LearnWorlds’ Site Builder will help you build functional pages that are structured to sell effectively.

To start creating your template for exportation, choose the mix of pages you wish to include – Bundle, Course, and Subscription pages.

Ensure that you do not lose important elements of your business strategy by including:

Just keep what you use

If you are on trial or taking part in the Starter and Pro plans, avoid reaching the limit of Site Flavors by keeping on your LearnWorlds library just what you need and exporting your other site projects to storage externally.

This way, you’ll have everything in your hands to effortlessly use when needed.

💁 Let’s say you are a big fan of special campaigns – like Black Friday, or that you ideated an amazing site for course launches. If you’re not going to use it all year, save your plan limit and keep it on your personal portfolio.

Save Time and Effort Importing Tested and Functional Templates

In addition to replicating your own templates, you can now discover and import stunning pre-designed website templates from our community of experts.

These high-quality templates are crafted with care and optimized for performance, ensuring your website reflects your brand beautifully while delivering a seamless user experience.

Expanding Creative Opportunities with Template Sharing

The Import & Export Site Template feature fosters a collaborative spirit within the LearnWorlds community, empowering you to share your knowledge and expertise with fellow educators.

Contribute to the community by offering your beautifully designed website templates to other course owners, helping them elevate their websites and enhance their educational offerings.

Moreover, monetize your creativity by providing your unique LearnWorlds templates to the community.

By selling your high-quality templates, you can create an alternative revenue stream for your expertise while helping others improve their online presence.

Elevating Experts’ Service

If you are a LearnWorlds Expert or are thinking about joining the program, get ready to be amazed!

Do you remember that functional and cool website you built for a LearnWorlds School? Now you can export its template and use it in future jobs to save time and get your clients satisfied.

Expand your offerings

How about monetizing your knowledge even more? Export and offer tailor-made LearnWorlds templates as a valuable add-on to your expert services, empowering school owners to create professional and engaging websites without hassle.

By offering these valuable assets as part of your service packages, you can maximize your earnings and establish yourself as a trusted partner in the world of online education.

💡 Here’s a bonus idea: Develop a portfolio of premium LearnWorlds website templates to showcase your expertise and craftsmanship. You can now go to your potential clients and say “Hey, I can design the best website for your school, take a look at my portfolio of LearnWorlds’ templates”.

Unlocking Creative Freedom and Efficiency with LearnWorlds

The Import & Export Site Templates are available to all plans, respecting the limit of site templates that each plan offers. We invite you to explore the limitless possibilities the Import & Export Site Template feature offers.

Still haven’t tested the amazing world of website creation within LearnWorlds? Set up a free trial and explore the infinite possibilities.

Extend your creative reach beyond course creation and transform your website into a powerful tool for attracting students, establishing your brand, and generating revenue.

For more detailed instructions on using the Import & Export Site Template feature, please refer to our Help Article.

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Luiza Coimbra - Product Manketing Manager LearnWorlds
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