Academy with 2,000 Localization Professionals Helps Lokalise Solidify Industry Leadership

Certification Courses

The challenge:

The lack of free resources on localization education encouraged Lokalise to gather more information and create educational material for entrepreneurs and industry professionals interested in it, so they wanted to build an online learning space for them.
Courses Created

The solution:

Lokalise chose LearnWorlds to make Lokalise Academy the go-to online learning community for everything related to localization, internationalization, and growth. The platform’s user-friendly interface, ease of use in creating course content, and rich community-building capabilities were the key elements that attracted the attention of the Lokalise team.
Active Learners

The results:

Building an online academy brought an immense visibility boost for Lokalise. This resulted in an increase in their learners, attracting translators, localization managers, C-Suite, and more executive-level decision-makers across different industries. By expanding to new markets, Lokalise successfully established itself as an industry leader.



Lokalise is a localization platform and translation management system aiming to eliminate the hassle of localization. The platform offers a holistic solution for growth-minded businesses with the tools they need to seamlessly integrate, automate and manage translations. Lokalise Academy is the learning hub for localization education.
INDUSTRY: Localization Training
HQ: Latvia
The challenge:

Housing Lokalise's Online Academy

The challenge:

Housing Lokalise's Online Academy

Limited Resources on Localization Education

The lack of free localization education resources on the web was the main driving force behind Lokalise's decision to build an online academy. For industry professionals and entrepreneurs interested in localization, finding the educational material they needed for such a niche area of study was a struggle. Still, Lokalise was determined to find a way to offer it to them.

Building a Vibrant Community of Learners

Lokalise wanted to create a dedicated online space that would allow these experts and professionals to network, learn more about localization, and, even more so, get certified in the field. Committed to providing constant support and feedback, the Lokalise team was looking for solid community-building and course-creation features that would help them build certification programs and short-form micro-learning courses that were easy to digest.
"LearnWorlds is feature-rich, reliable, and cost-effective. And, we saw that we could create really nice-looking course content relatively easily."
"LearnWorlds is feature-rich, reliable, and cost-effective. And, we saw that we could create really nice-looking course content relatively easily."

Matt Smith - Educational Lead at Lokalise

Matt Smith is always looking for ways to help people broaden their skills and perspectives and learn and apply new ideas they haven't thought of before while getting relevant educational content in front of them using the right tools. As the Educational lead for the academy, he oversees all content development, SME management, content distribution, and management of the platform.

Investing in Value-Driven Growth


Investing in Value-Driven Growth

Enhancing Success Using the Right LMS

Since its launch, Lokalise's online academy has increased the number of its learners, gained immense exposure, and become an expert training provider in the localization space. All that by having a clear vision of what their academy would be, adopting a growth mindset, and using the eLearning platform that met their ultimate feature requirements.

Matt's advice for other course creators

Measure all platforms and services against your budget. I have worked with many platforms that have a much higher price tag, and the result is the same.
Be creative with implementing your learning technology along with reporting and engagement.

Key takeaways

Launching an online academy allows businesses to step up and grow in their industry. Companies like Lokalise know that there are greater chances of success when walking the extra mile and investing in people.
By choosing a top-notch platform like LearnWorlds to work with, Lokalise ensures that they are always doing the best for their learners. Through their educational initiatives, they can also position themselves as experts in their field.
So, here's what you need to remember:
Make sure you have a clear vision and goal for your academy
  • Try out multiple products until you find the one that suits you best
  • Build a value-packed community your learners are proud to be part of
Educating learners through online courses is cost-effective, quick, and easily accessible.
With the proper set of tools in your inventory, it also becomes powerfully measurable.

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