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What’s new in January: Multiple after login pages, Sign-up approval and more!

Evan Katsiouras product marketing manager LearnWorlds
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Customization and flexibility: these two words matter most when choosing an online learning platform. It is easy to identify the “why.” Your business needs, your training program, and the environment in which you operate are all subject to change as you grow and as learners evolve.

For that reason, we’re consistently delivering new features that give you the flexibility to build up your academy in your own way.

Kicking off 2023 strong, you’re now enabled to make the learner experience even more personalized and engaging while saving time and effort from admin work with four new amazing features landed in your LearnWorlds academy:

📃 Multiple after-login pages
Create multiple versions of your after-login page based on a user’s tag.

🔓 Sign-up approval
Get more control over admissions by creating, managing, and maintaining a waitlist.

📺 Enhanced Live Activities Toolkit
Secure attendance, minimize administrative work and improve your learners’ experience even more.

Manual Mark as Complete
Easily update a user’s progress within a course by marking learning activities as complete.

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Multiple After-login Pages based on tags

Using tags to segment your audience has been a long-time favorite of LearnWorlds. With smart tagging, you have countless opportunities to deliver a custom user experience to your segments – and your after-login page couldn’t be a better place to take advantage of tags and make the right first impression.

Our latest building block allows you to customize your after-login page based on a user’s tag. Are they a customer? Show them a new course. Are they a lead? Promote a can’t-miss offer. Simple as ABC, precious as gold.

💁 Learn more or see it in action:

Restrict access to your school with Sign-up Approval

Signup Approval can replace your existing access control workflows of manually adding users or using external form applications for admissions. Using this powerful feature, you can now manage and maintain a waitlist for admissions.

It’s the ideal solution for schools that need to review specific eligibility criteria before accepting any signup or schools that require an additional screening process before allowing any kind of access to their educational content.

It is designed with convenience and flexibility in mind, allowing Admins to evaluate admission requests efficiently with minimal effort on their part.

Here’s how it works👇 or check our blog post to find out more!

Enhanced Live Activities Toolkit

Managing live sessions can be challenging; many struggle between setting things up and creating value. With this in mind, we have launched a ‘Recurring’ feature inside the Zoom meeting learning activity that enables you to easily set recurring live sessions inside the LearnWorlds platform without having to revisit Zoom.

As a bonus, your clients can now add your live sessions to their calendars while booking or registering, so they’ll get reminded when the event day and time is approaching.

To get the maximum out of your live event’s content, repurpose it using the Auto-Record & Reply feature, making the recording automatically available at the end of your Zoom meeting or webinar.

On top of all, you are now more empowered with the data – track user engagement by checking their live event attendance time in the enhanced User Progress Report.

💁 Visit our blog to learn more.

Manually mark user progress as completed

Now you’re enabled to mark a course or a specific learning activity as complete, both for a single user and multiple users. This helps you save time while importing users for your previous platform and get full control over user progress in your academy while handling specific cases.

For example, users who have completed a learning activity offline won’t have to take the same activities online to complete your courses. Also, you can help learners struggling with a specific learning activity move forward simply by manually marking this activity as complete.

💁 See how it works 👇 or check our article to find out more!

👋 Here’s to seeing you next month!

We’re continually rolling out new features at LearnWorlds at lightning speed. If you’ve been with LearnWorlds for a while, it’s one of the first things that spring to your mind, and we know it!

⚡ Stay tuned as more exciting news is coming up next month!

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Evan Katsiouras product marketing manager LearnWorlds
Evan Katsiouras
Product Marketing Manager at LearnWorlds

Evan is a seasoned marketing professional with an experience in EdTech and SaaS start-up ventures. He's vision is to inspire and motivate knowledge entrepreneurs to scale their business by embedding state-of-the-art technology in their workflow.