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Courses Created

The challenge:

When PTC launched its first online course, it opted for a WordPress website and relied on a few plugins, including WP Courseware, to deliver eLearning. While this setup seemed sufficient initially, the team realized their sole reliance on third-party plugins for running their business smoothly. That was when they started searching for an online course platform to bring all the essential components together in a single, centralized location.

The solution:

After months of analyzing online learning platforms such as Kajabi, Teachable, and Thinkific, PTC went with LearnWorlds. The platform enabled PTC to gather all its operations in one place. The key features to the team were LearnWorlds' Site Builder, which helped them build their website effortlessly, the Analytics and Report capabilities that efficiently tracked their student progress, and the integrations, which allowed the team to use the apps they were already using.

The results:

With LearnWorlds, PTC solved all its issues, achieving faster and simpler solutions. The academy also gained access to an extensive pool of data, empowering them to provide more efficient support to students and make well-informed business decisions. PTC also experienced seamless scalability while transitioning to eLearning, eliminating concerns about software breakdowns. Last, the team effectively capitalized on the platforms' marketing integrations that resulted in running more successful ad campaigns.

PT Collective

PT Collective

Personal Trainer Collective (PTC) is an education company that strives to produce the best Personal Trainers in the fitness industry. It was founded by its CEO, Luke Johnson, and is run on a day-to-day basis by Laura Moran, Head of Operations. Luke and Laura work together to ensure that the students have the best experience possible and that everything is delivered seamlessly.
INDUSTRY: Fitness Coaching
HQ: London, United Kingdom
The challenge:

Experimentation Leads to Success

The challenge:

Experimentation Leads to Success

Improving Admin & Operational Arrangements

PTC was facing the challenge of maintaining two separate websites: a front-facing one on WordPress and a learner's portal on Silverstripe. This arrangement was highly inefficient as it required separate systems for handling payments and granting students access. To address this issue, PTC developed its own software solution and partnered with an individual who would build the software from scratch. While the idea of investing £50,000 in their own software seemed promising in theory, the reality was far from ideal as it was riddled with bugs and caused more problems than it aimed to solve.

Searching for a Platform That Anyone Can Use

Having only one subcontracted software engineer solely responsible for fixing and preventing software crashes would not be a sustainable approach, and PTC recognized this early on. As an education company that was just getting into software - but running a business that is 95% eLearning, they had to find a better viable solution that would enable them to maintain their online academy for the long term.
"They are really fast and knowledgeable, always seeking to understand the issue and give solutions that actually work for us. It feels like we have a whole team behind us now, and even if something is not available, a workaround is always found."
"They are really fast and knowledgeable, always seeking to understand the issue and give solutions that actually work for us. It feels like we have a whole team behind us now, and even if something is not available, a workaround is always found."

Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson - CEO of PT Collective, has over 17 years of experience in the fitness industry. He embarked on his fitness journey as a personal trainer (PT) when PTs were commonly referred to as fitness instructors. Before PT Collective, he operated his academy under the name Shredded by Science (SBS).

Achieving Meteoric Growth


Achieving Meteoric Growth

Facilitating Smooth Learning Experiences

LearnWorlds's powerful features have changed how PT Collective operated from the ground up and allowed the academy to grow immensely. By delivering the e-learning aspect of the business, LearnWorlds enables PTC to educate, track and support learners from all around the world, thus scaling a typically local business globally.

Luke's advice for other course creators

"To run a legit education company, you will need the features that LearnWorlds possesses. Their support is amazing, and they will work with you to get everything up and running."

Key takeaways

Just like for every project you lead, there is no secret or magic pill to success. Big goals require a lot of time, commitment, and micro-failures to achieve macro-wins.
PT Collective has chosen LearnWorlds to get the professional help they needed to create their own software and has not regretted it since.
Want the same results as PT Collective? Here's what you need to do:
Focus on providing the education and let the professionals help you out
  • Experiment with different platforms until you find the one that suits your needs
  • Consider the features you need and actively search for them in your chosen platform

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