Selling Online Courses Through Email Marketing

In this ebook, we are going deep into teaching you how to create and use your email list to sell online courses and we have included 3 email sequences to launch online courses along with 20 ready-to-copy email templates to use them immediately.

What's Inside?

This eBook provides a comprehensive guide to creating great emails and integrating email marketing into your online course launches.
Across the chapters we have highlighted key insights that are factors for a successful email marketing campaign. We also draw on a range of examples of emails that are best to send to your audience.
At the end of this book, you will find 20 email templates that you can immediately copy and paste into your email marketing campaign.

Who is This for?

Online course creators, businesses that create and sell online courses, coaches with online coaching academies who want to know how to start and grow an email list of subscribers, how to use the most important email metrics, how to increase conversions with email segmentation, and how to write engaging emails.


A detailed breakdown of what's inside
  • Chapter 1
    Why Email Marketing Matters in Selling Courses
    In this chapter you will learn email marketing basics and why it matters to choose email marketing over all other marketing strategies. What are the real benefits of using email marketing? What are the success factors of email marketing and which are the top email automation software?
  • Chapter 2
    Grow your email list in practice
    In this chapter we analyze the most surefire ways to capture more leads and grow your email lists. Here we provide solutions you may have never thought of!
  • Chapter 3
    How to use the email list you have created
    In this chapter you will learn how to handle your email list, how to segment your list and how to drip feed your emails. Also, you will learn ways to make your emails fun and engaging.
  • Chapter 4
    What they show and how to use them
    Email metrics give you the unique opportunity to base your actions on real Data. In this chapter you will learn all those metrics and how to use them in every detail.
  • Chapter 5
    Increase your conversion rates with email segmentation
    Brands now are personalizing their emails and make their marketing emails more relevant to consumers' needs. The big lesson of segmentation is that we can’t treat all of our leads the same. Learn how to segment your email list properly.
  • Chapter 6
    Launching your online course: First give value, then sell!
    In order for your email marketing campaign to be successful, you should be aware of all the benefits you will bring to your audience. You then need a specific strategy to drip your campaign. What is the exact email sequence you should follow to have an efficient result?
  • Chapter 7
    Writing Emails: Best practices for subject lines and email content
    In this chapter we will go through different examples that reveal techniques you can use in your course launch in order to increase open rates and click throughs. You will also learn how to avoid being a spammer.
  • Chapter 8
    Ready to use Course Email Templates
    This chapter contains twenty ready-made email templates for the educational and the selling phase you can immediately copy and paste into your campaign!

The authors

The book is brought to you by the LearnWorlds Business Development Team.
Panos Siozos

Panos Siozos, PhD

Panos Siozos is the CEO and Co-Founder of LearnWorlds. He holds a PhD in Educational Technology and has worked extensively as a computer science educator, software engineer, IT manager and researcher in many EU funded research projects.
Anthea Papadopoulou

Anthea Papadopoulou

Anthea is a Course designer and Content Creator for the LearnWorlds team. She holds years of experience in instructional design and teaching. With a Master of Education (M.Ed.) focused in Modern Teaching Methods & ICT (Information & Communications Technology), she tries to bring more scientific research to the E-Learning industry.

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