Wagamama saves time and money with online employee training


The challenge:

Wagamama wanted to move its training online to handle and train its workforce on different job roles remotely, especially the younger generation, more efficiently. Considering that millennials are continually attached to their phones, online training programs accessible via their mobile devices could keep them more engaged with the taught material.
Courses Migrated

The solution:

After the platform Wagamama was using had to shut down, the company tried different ones to find the best value for money, ease of use, and the ability to track employees’ knowledge progress via exams and issuing certificates. These were the essential features whose absence was a deal breaker for Wagamama, so they chose LearnWorlds, which offered them the best solution to deliver their training.

The results:

Wagamama migrated to LearnWorlds quickly and successfully transferred around 50 courses to the platform. By doing so, the team could standardize knowledge following the standards set by the UK global headquarters and deliver the same to every employee regardless of their position. Doing so has made the training planning process more accessible and significantly minimized training expenses.



Wagamama's story began in 1992 when the first restaurant opened in London's Bloomsbury. Inspired by fast-paced Japanese ramen bars and based on the kaizen philosophy, one of constant improvement, balance, harmony, and openness, Wagamama was designed to offer a new kind of eating experience - nourishing, fresh, pan-Asian food. Today, the Wagamama spans 26 countries with more than 190 restaurants and continues to expand its footprint globally.
INDUSTRY: Food & Culinary
HQ: London, United Kingdom
The challenge:

Overcoming Big Obstacles

The challenge:

Overcoming Big Obstacles

Lack of Standardization

Wagamama's learners were their team members in all positions and job roles, from the kitchen porter to the delivery driver, from the cooks to the servers, and even the team leaders and managers. For everybody to undergo online training, employees had to complete several obligatory and then refresher courses as per the standards set by the UK global headquarters. However, an effective structure and standardization process for this was missing.

Migrating From Another LMS

When Wagamama started looking for the right platform with the right features, it felt like all solutions were too complicated - requiring a good knowledge of IT and being expensive. Once they committed to an LMS, they eventually had to abandon it because it was shutting down. This meant they had only three months to find a new solution, or else they would risk losing their content.
"My aim for all online courses is to include the entire 360 knowledge needed to be an effective Wagamama employee, be it a waiter, cook, delivery driver, or manager."
"My aim for all online courses is to include the entire 360 knowledge needed to be an effective Wagamama employee, be it a waiter, cook, delivery driver, or manager."

Marzena Moczydlowska

Marzena Moczydlowska is the Operations Executive and former Training Manager at Wagamama Cyprus. She is the person who created the Wagamama Zone to standardize the training of the employees between different physical locations and overcome multiple issues that were occurring, such as the inefficiency of printed training material and the language barrier in a multinational staff.

Employee Training Done Right


Employee Training Done Right

Streamlined Onboarding For a Diverse Workforce

Marzena confirms that since the day Wagamama started using LearnWorlds, the company has reduced costs associated with the number of people they train in a year significantly; now the training cost per employee is minimal. Through its online academy, the company could also provide its employees with top-quality on-the-job training that would fit varied job roles.

Marzena's advice for other course creators

Everybody considering creating an online training course for their employees should sign up for a free trial with LearnWorlds and check it for themselves, but I am confident they won't find a better solution in the market.

Key takeaways

The secret to running a successful online training school for a multinational company like Wagamama is building focused and engaging content that is well structured.
If you want the same for yours, keep in mind the following:
Explore the training needs of your employees every step of the way
  • Develop top-quality course content suited for different job roles
  • Be strict in terms of the features and capabilities you need in your LMS
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