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The Power of AI in eLearning is Here: Join the 2024 Worlds of Learning Summit

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AI is no longer a futuristic concept; it’s a game-changer in the eLearning industry, transforming how we create, deliver, and scale our educational content. To explore these revolutionary changes, LearnWorlds is excited to announce the Worlds of Learning 2024 virtual summit.

This free, two-day online event, scheduled for July 23-24, 2024, promises to redefine your course creation and boost your earnings with AI.

✨Why AI Matters in eLearning

For Course Creators and Educators 👩‍🏫

With AI, the quality of education has significantly improved. AI tools help create more engaging and personalized learning experiences, which can lead to better learner outcomes.

Streamline your work with AI, and amplify your training programs for partners, individuals, and organizations. Learn to create more engaging and effective courses with AI tools.

For Instructional Designers and L&D Experts 🧩

AI can drastically reduce the time needed to develop learning content. What used to take hundreds of hours can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time, allowing you to focus on delivering quality education.

Boost learner engagement, improve training effectiveness, and demonstrate ROI with AI-powered instructional design strategies.

For Training Organizations 🏢

Organizations who use AI report improvements in learner interaction and engagement. AI helps tailor learning experiences to individual needs, making the training of your workforce more effective and impactful.

Integrate AI into your training solutions to improve efficiency, enhance engagement, and scale your programs effectively.

For Edupreneurs 🚀

Whether you’re a solo educator or leading a small team, this event will provide you with the knowledge and tools to grow your eLearning business with AI.

AI can really revolutionize your content creation and marketing, from operational efficiency to promotional algorithms, segmentation, and personalization. The possibilities are endless!

🌍 Why Attend Worlds of Learning 2024?

Expert-Led Sessions and Workshops 🧑‍🏫

Learn proven frameworks to boost your course business ROI with AI from Google, Meta, Semrush & more! Join top industry experts for a series of insightful sessions and hands-on workshops.

You’ll learn from leaders in AI, instructional design, and digital marketing, who will share their knowledge on leveraging AI to enhance your courses and business operations.

Elevate Your Course Creation and Delivery 🚀

Worlds of Learning 2024 is dedicated to showcasing how AI can streamline your course creation process, making it more efficient and impactful.

Whether you’re an individual course creator, instructional designer, or part of a larger training organization, AI tools and strategies will help you craft engaging and personalized learning experiences.

Accelerate Business Growth 📈

AI has the potential to supercharge your business growth by optimizing your marketing efforts, enhancing learner engagement, and improving ROI.

By integrating AI into your eLearning strategy, you can scale your operations and increase your revenue significantly.

Ethical and Legal Implications of AI ⚖️

Discuss the important considerations around the ethical use of AI in eLearning. Learn about the potential risks, biases, and legal ramifications associated with AI integration.

Gain insights into best practices for ensuring your AI applications are fair, transparent, and compliant with current regulations. This knowledge is crucial for maintaining trust and integrity in your educational offerings.

Networking Opportunities 🌐

Connect with a vibrant community of eLearning professionals, including course creators, instructional designers, L&D experts, and knowledge-business owners.

Share your experiences, learn from others, and build lasting relationships that can support your professional growth.

Certification in AI-Powered Instructional Design 🏅

AI won’t replace us, but those who use it effectively will thrive!

Earn a valuable certification in AI and Instructional Design. This credential will not only enhance your credibility and expertise but also provide practical skills to implement AI-driven strategies in your courses.

Embrace AI to address today’s challenges and stay at the forefront of the learning industry.

2024 Worlds of Learning Summit | Event Highlights

Day 1: Exploring AI in Course Creation, Marketing, and Business Growth

Kick off the event with an opening panel discussion featuring industry experts who will set the stage for how AI is revolutionizing eLearning.

The day will include a welcome session to Worlds of Learning 2024 and a handful of practical sessions on:

Day 2: AI & Instructional Design Workshop and Certification

Day two is all about hands-on learning and practical application. You will have the chance to join an Ask Me Anything session on everything about Course Creation and also participate in an in-depth workshop on AI and instructional design, and work alongside experts to build the curriculum for your next online course.

You’ll leave with ready-to-implement skills and a certification that demonstrates your AI expertise.

Meet Our Speakers

We have lined up top industry experts to share their insights and experiences. Some of our featured speakers include:

…and more esteemed speakers to be introduced soon!

Embrace the Future of eLearning with AI

The future of eLearning is here, and AI is at the forefront of this transformation. The 2024 Worlds of Learning Summit is your gateway to understanding and leveraging AI in your educational endeavors.

Whether you’re looking to improve your course creation process, enhance learner engagement, or scale your business, this summit offers invaluable insights and practical knowledge to help you succeed.

Join us on July 23-24 for an event that promises to reshape the way you think about eLearning. Register today and take the first step towards a brighter, AI-powered future in education!

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