Monetizing 200,000 YouTube Subscribers With Online Courses, Music School Edition.

Hours of Content Created

The challenge:

In 2007, Nikolas Nuñez - the owner of ImprovPianoTips, hired a developer to build a custom course-selling website as an experiment to see if what his one-on-one students achieve could also be achieved and shared online. When this was a success, he started looking for the perfect platform to help scale this project thoroughly examining website-building features that allowed him to create landing pages that convert and being very price-conscious.

The solution:

After six months of extensive research, Nikolas discovered the perfect solution for his online music academy—LearnWorlds. The deciding factors behind his choice were the absence of transaction fees and the platform's history, developed by a team of experts with a solid educational background. The founders' profound understanding of the field allowed them to craft LearnWorlds around their own experiences, making it an ideal fit for Nikolas's needs.

The results:

Using LearnWorlds's platform has allowed Nikolas to nurture his existing audience, expand the academy's reach and implement essential suggestions necessary to run his company successfully. As soon as his students started using the platform, he received lots of positive feedback and compliments from students - specifically on the Online Video Player, telling him how clean the platform has become since he switched over.



ImprovPianoTips is an innovative music school that teaches adults worldwide the art of piano improvisation. Its unique approach empowers students to tap into their flow and creativity, enabling them to improvise on the piano effortlessly. Unlike traditional methods that require years of mastering sheet music or notation, the proven step-by-step technique it follows allows students to develop the skill to interpret and play any type of music they like to play in the way they like to play it on the piano.
INDUSTRY: Music Education
HQ: Murrieta, CA, USA
The challenge:

The Move to Online Classes

The challenge:

The Move to Online Classes

Monetizing a Successful YouTube Channel

ImprovPianoTips' target customers are primarily adults wrapping up their successful careers and looking to pick up old hobbies like music, especially the piano. In 2011, Nikolas started his YouTube channel, which currently has 243,000+ subscribers and 19+ million views. The channel's goal is to give people an idea of his unorthodox approach to learning piano and how they can learn piano without sheet music.

Developing a New Musical Training Approach

Nikolas knew he wanted to start an online school even before starting his YouTube channel. When he decided to get a custom-built website for his academy, he wanted to start selling downloadable video lessons where he would educate piano players using his unique piano teaching methods. His vision was selling hundreds of online video lessons.
"I chose LearnWorlds because Panos & George, its founders, came from a background of education and built the platform around their experiences. That spoke to me. Since then, the effort and attention the whole team has shown me has kept me as a customer."
"I chose LearnWorlds because Panos & George, its founders, came from a background of education and built the platform around their experiences. That spoke to me. Since then, the effort and attention the whole team has shown me has kept me as a customer."

Nikolas Nuñez

Nikolas is the “CEO of Everything” for ImprovPianoTips, who started his music school in 2007 while still in high school. His classical training, Church band experience, one-on-one piano teaching career, and YouTube ventures have helped Nikolas understand what adult piano students are after.

Revolutionizing ImproPianoTips Academy


Revolutionizing ImproPianoTips Academy

Unleashing Growth & Success Through Online Learning

Nikolas confirms that switching to LearnWorlds was a worthwhile investment because it allowed him to scale his course-selling efforts and introduce his school to more students. Our Customer Support team, especially, has helped him implement some crucial suggestions essential to the academy's operational processes and growth. He also acknowledges that the team's willingness to help and the quick response from our developers on technical issues have been pivotal for its success.

Nikolas' advice for other course creators

You have to be doing something none else is doing. Find a way to be unique in solving problems for people. Give them quicker results at a lower price. Also, have an online presence (digital footprint) on the social media platform that works for you.

Key takeaways

ImprovPianoTips' success can be attributed to Nikolas' innovative teaching methods, strategic use of YouTube, and careful selection of LearnWorlds as the platform for hosting and delivering his courses.
His story serves as an inspiration for aspiring educators and entrepreneurs in the online learning space. Is this you? Here are some nuggets of wisdom:
  • Choose your go-to social media tool and promote your courses regularly
  • Decide your ideal customers and be specific with your offerings
  • Balance free and premium content to offer students the chance to try your products

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