Teaching Music to adults in a novel way

Nikolas Nuñez tells us about the path to his extremely successful online piano school for adults, what differentiates his courses from the competition as well as how to use YouTube and free classes to grow exponentially.
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Who is Nikolas Nuñez?

Nikolas, the “CEO of Everything” for ImprovPianoTips, started his music school in 2007 when he was still in high school. His aim was to teach adults to improvise on the piano in an unconventional way so he developed a method to help piano players build the ability and technique to interpret any type of music they like on the piano.
You can learn proper theory without sheet music as long as you have someone guiding you. I am that guide.

In 2011 Nikolas launched his YouTube channel, which now has 217,000+ subscribers and 16+ million views

“The way I think of it is this: I give people the “cow” for free on YouTube and if they like how I teach and the results they get using my methods, they can buy the “farm” for a one-time payment lifetime access deal.”
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Why LearnWorlds?

See why Nikolas went with and is still using LearnWorlds
In 2007 he hired a developer to build a custom course selling website as an experiment to see if what his one-on-one students achieved could also be achieved and shared online. When this was a success, he then researched for 6 months for the perfect platform, looking especially for landing pages that converted while being very price conscious. LearnWorlds 🎓 was the winner in that race.
“I chose Learnworlds because Panos & George, its founders, come from a background of education and built the platform around their experiences.”
“You have to be doing something no one else is doing. Find a way to be unique in solving problems for people. Give them quicker results at a cheaper price.”

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