Making The Switch To Train And Certify With Ease: LearnWorlds Outshines 3 Other Providers For Lactation Experts

Courses Created

The challenge:

The owner of Paperless Lactation - Annie Frisbie, faced great challenges finding the right eLearning platform for her business needs. Squarespace and Zoom didn't suffice as she quickly outgrew their limitations. Podia helped her sell digital products, but issuing continuing ed certificates became time-consuming for learners. Seeking a quicker and simpler solution, Annie tried Thinkific and Teachable but they fell short.

The solution:

Annie wanted to use an online course platform with a more robust feature set for online learning, including certificate-issuing and video editing, prioritizing users' learning experience, and offering instructors the tools they need. LearnWorlds was the best choice for her because it fully met all of the requirements and allowed Annie to provide the service, support, and learning experiences she intended to offer her learners from the start.

The results:

After switching to LearnWorlds, Annie experienced a remarkable improvement in her academy, receiving positive feedback from her learners on the platform's ease of navigation. Choosing LearnWorlds was driven by Annie's desire to prioritize user experience. Features like certificates and video editing were critical for Paperless Lactation's success. Annie describes the platform as sophisticated, making it ideal for empowering learners and enhancing online courses.

Paperless Lactation

Paperless Lactation

Paperless Lactation is an online business dedicated to helping people become successful lactation care providers and opening up their private practice. Starting this project as a hobby, the owner of Paperless Lactation and Lactation Consultant - Annie Frisibe MA, IBCLC, managed to do this for herself, and since 2011 she has been helping other people achieve the same.
INDUSTRY: Family & Parenting
HQ: New York City, United States
The challenge:

Seeking the Right Match for Paperless Lactation

The challenge:

Seeking the Right Match for Paperless Lactation

Delivering the Utmost Best to Learners

An attempt to ensure that Paperless Lactation offers learners everything they need encouraged Annie to start looking for a platform that could provide that—and much more. While figuring out what worked for the academy and what didn't, she realized that all the platforms she had used previously didn't meet her standards; instead, they only made students' lives much more complex than necessary.

Looking for a Feature-Rich and Simple eLearning Platform

Annie knew that a quicker, more intuitive, and easier-to-use elearning platform would solve the problem. So she started researching other platforms, looking for those features that could help her build the online academy of her dreams: the certificate request process, video editing, live sessions, and community-building capabilities.
"I have gotten feedback from learners that the new platform is much easier to navigate than the previous platform. LearnWorlds is a learning platform with a lot of sophisticated options."
"I have gotten feedback from learners that the new platform is much easier to navigate than the previous platform. LearnWorlds is a learning platform with a lot of sophisticated options."

Annie Frisbie

Annie Frisbie, MA - Founder and Owner of Paperless Lactation, is also the owner of a hub of tools and training for private practice lactation consultants. Annie uses LearnWorlds to develop all the tools, training material, and multi-speaking conferences for the Paperless Lactation Academy.
The solution & results:

Transformative Education at Scale

The solution & results:

Transformative Education at Scale

Nurturing a Thriving Learning Community, Expanding Reach

After implementing online education courses, Voltage Control has significantly broadened its scope and attracted a diverse range of learners. This expansion included beginners, experienced facilitators, field leaders, and CEOs eager to drive transformative change within their organizations. By prioritizing the development of a vibrant learning community, Voltage Control is well on its path to achieving exponential growth, consistently doubling its learner base each month.

Douglas’ advice for other course creators

Always remember to put your teachings into practice. When you truly live the values you put into the world, your message, methods, and teachings become standard practices rather than falling victim to the half-life of learning.

Key takeaways

Throughout its journey, Voltage Control has managed to build a vibrant community that played a pivotal role in enhancing the learning experience of learners and amplifying the online university’s success.
Inspired by Voltage Contol’s exceptional growth, here are a few things to consider:
Be human-centered and offer your learners what they can’t find anywhere else
  • Build your mobile app and allow learners to access your content 24/7
  • Nurture an online learning community and contribute meaningfully to it regularly
Focusing on the learner is the key to unlocking your team's potential, and creating a dynamic atmosphere where trust, safety, and continuous encouragement thrive while nurturing a positive and collaborative learning environment.

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