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Grow Your Knowledge Business, Tax Pain Not Included

Evan Katsiouras product marketing manager LearnWorlds
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With our latest updates, we enable passionate creators like you to automate tax management and customize their billing process, so you’ll save tons of time to invest in creating best-selling courses and grow your brand globally:

Get an Automatic Sales Tax Compliance System in Your LearnWorlds School.

Stuck with taxes? Quaderno integrates seamlessly with your LearnWorlds school, so you can perform the following series of transactional and business procedures to scale your online school.

1Answer the most critical question: do I have to pay taxes or not?

Launch your products in new markets without worrying about tax implications. Quaderno will automatically generate sales reports and calculate tax thresholds, so you will know when your sales become liable across thousands of jurisdictions.

2Optimize your B2B sales

You can choose whether the prices on your website are exclusive of tax when selling to another business, according to local tax laws.

3Customize your invoices

The files you share are part of the experience you provide to your customers. Sending localized and branded invoices with your logos, colors, and tone of voice is an easy way to engage with your customers after they purchase your online course.

If you don’t already have a LearnWorlds Account, create a free trial from here.

Now let’s go to the details!

👉 Automate Tax Management with Quaderno Integration

As a creator and entrepreneur, we know that you want to focus on building courses and making revenue out of your expertise- not monitoring tax laws and jotting down tax amounts in Excel. But with great success comes great responsibility, so since no one can afford to ignore taxes, our new integration with Quaderno will take some weight off your shoulders and enable you to invest more time in growing your business.

As eLearning is booming globally, tax policies for eLearning products are changing fast. Monitoring all these changes is complex, and as a creator, you should focus on crafting and selling courses, not jotting down tax amounts in Excel!

Instead of advising a tax advisor for tedious tasks related to tax compliance, LearnWorlds and Quaderno enable you to have an automatic system that manages your sales taxes right in your school.

When set up, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your tax obligations relating to LearnWorlds course sales will be handled by Quaderno professionally and securely. This saves you tons of time and effort from manual calculations so you can focus on the things that matter to your business.

What does LearnWorlds’ new integration with Quaderno make possible?

Producing great content is a back-breaking job in itself. On top of that, selling your work and growing your business comes with lots of effort and challenges. That being said, shouldn’t you automate the drudgery, so you can focus on the things that matter most?

With our newest integration, Quaderno will take care of all your tax-related tasks on LearnWorlds, so that you’re fully compliant with tax legislation across the globe. Activating the integration with Quaderno enables you to automatically:

Quaderno is the go-to solution for many online course creators when it comes to sales tax management. All you need to do to connect your Learnworlds school with Quaderno (and wave goodbye to tons of manual work) is a subscription to one of Quaderno’s plans and your billing account in Learnworlds.

Already using Quaderno with Stripe?

If you’ve been using Quaderno as your sales tax management solution for your Learnworlds school before launching the new integration, chances are that you have experienced some limitations. This functionality was offered only for users that have their Stripe account integrated with Quaderno, so they could not reap the full benefits of their Quaderno subscription.

With the built-in Learnworlds and Quaderno integration, you can:

For detailed steps on activating the Quaderno integration, read this article.

👉Add your Custom Billing Fields to Your Checkout Pages

As a general rule, if you get your customers to your checkout page, then chances are you are really close to adding some bucks to your bank account. Leaving aside the benefits of generating revenue, you should be able to collect, store and process the pieces of information that your customers provide during checkout, so you can issue proper invoices and comply with your country’s eCommerce legislation.

Learnworlds makes billing and invoicing more flexible by enabling you to add as many custom billing fields as you need on your checkout page. Beyond the default, you can ask your customers to fill in the data you need for your invoicing according to your business needs and country laws. Below are some examples of how you can use Custom Billing Fields on your checkout pages:

💡 Meet your country’s tax compliance standards

Collecting and processing the billing data that you’re required to provide to your local tax authorities will streamline your workflow. For example, for B2B sales in the EU, you must ask for the VAT number of the customer and include it on your invoices.

💡 Collect additional information about your customers

From phone numbers to student IDs, you can ask your customers to provide you with additional contact details that are important to your business.

💡 What about a bit of extra? Surprise your customers on their birthday!

Looking for ways to engage with your customers? Simply ask for the Date of Birth on the checkout page and send them a gift or a special promo on their birthday!

Adding your custom billing fields in your checkout page is as easy as it sounds. All you need to do is:

All your new custom fields are added to your checkout page and invoices.

*Note that the default billing fields are not editable. They are mandatory for syncing with the payment gateways like Stripe and Paypal or the tax management software you use, like Quaderno.

For more information on how to add Custom Billing Fields, please read this article.

Tax Compliance Is Not a DIY Project

Growing an online business can get too complicated. You will need to take on many different roles that may take the focus away from your courses as a creator. Managing payments and taxes can be a real headache, so here at Learnworlds, we want to empower you to scale your business without stressing out about tasks that can be automated.

Stay tuned as we are on the works for many more amazing features in your Learnworlds school for the year ahead and beyond!

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Evan Katsiouras product marketing manager LearnWorlds
Evan Katsiouras
Product Marketing Manager at LearnWorlds

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