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ChatGPT for Social Media Copywriting: How Can AI Help You?

Androniki Koumadoraki Content Writer LearnWorlds
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ChatGPT for social media copywriting Tips & Prompts

Social media is a powerful tool for your marketing strategy, providing a channel for direct communication and engagement with your audience. Creating valuable and amusing social media posts is a great starting point for a conversation between you and your audience – or among your audience through sharing.

And you can be quite creative about it, too, since social media posts come in different shapes and forms: reels, quotes, infographics, videos, blog posts, announcements, promotional posts, slide decks, open-ended questions, and, of course, memes and other humorous content!

By creating compelling social media posts, you can manage to increase brand awareness and bring traffic to your website, establish the desired brand image, and build stronger relationships with your customers. Because social media platforms encourage interaction, you can use them as a way to gain accurate insights into the preferences and demographics of your customers.

Like with every relationship, consistently showing up is crucial to nurture customer engagement and reap all the benefits of social media.

Your posts need to be compelling, but they also need to come at frequent intervals. There’s a way to make this easier for you – Artificial Intelligence.

ChatGPT needs no special introductions anymore. The AI language model developed by OpenAI has shaken the internet with its advanced content creation capabilities that go as far as building entire marketing strategies for you.

ChatGPT can transform the way you work and take some serious workload off your shoulders, enabling you to get more work done – faster and better.

So if you were looking for a way to create more social media posts or just some inspiration to spice things up a bit, we have some cool ideas for you.

Let’s explore what ChatGPT can do for you and the best practices for using it to create social media posts!

7 Key Elements of Compelling Social Media Posts

You don’t have to be a pro copywriter to create compelling social media posts. You just need to know some basic components.



Before you even start thinking of what to write next, think about who you’re writing it for. Create customer personas that will enable you to engage meaningfully with your customers.

Apart from key demographics, be very clear about their goals, desires, and pain points – this is what will help you speak to their hearts and elicit a reaction.


Captivating headlines

Nothing is more attention-grabbing than a well-written headline. Keep it short, to the point, and don’t try to play it too smart. A smart pan will capture your audience’s attention, but a riddle will just make them scroll down to the funny meme below.



A compelling post will ask the audience a question or invite them to share their thoughts in the comments – to which you will reply, of course. Besides, this is what social media is for, interaction and communication!


Emotional appeal

Emotions are memorable. Make your post stay with your audience or evoke a reaction from them by making them laugh, move, or doubt their beliefs. Anything that will “shake” your audience is a win.


Visuals and multimedia

Killer copy goes well with killer visuals. Increase engagement with your post by adding images, videos, graphics, or slideshows. Visuals and colors, in specific, are very effective in evoking emotions, so use them wisely, making sure they support your branding efforts and align with your image.


Clear call-to-action (CTA)

Maybe your post has a purpose other than casually engaging with your audience. If you need to drive a specific action, create a strong CTA that clearly guides your audience towards subscribing to a newsletter, purchasing a product, or anything else you need them to do.

Use action-oriented and power words, like subscribe or “grab this offer,” and use urgency to drive immediate action.


Hashtags and keywords

Hashtags and keywords help improve your post’s discoverability and reach the right audience. Make sure they’re relevant to your industry and the content you’re posting.

How Can ChatGPT Turn Your Social Media Posts From Ordinary to Extraordinary

ChatGPT can do a lot. It can literally set up an entire social media strategy for you – but that’s a topic for another time. For now, let’s focus specifically on social media copywriting:

Generate creative ideas

ChatGPT can help you with different parts of the creation process. While you may primarily use it for content development, it can also make media suggestions.

For example, you can ask what image would go well with a post discussing the X topic or what type of media you should add to make it more engaging.

Write attention-grabbing posts

Ask ChatGPT to write an image caption, a poll, a quote, announcements, a product description – just about anything that can be written or described with words.

Give it a few details about your topic and the desired word count and tone of voice, and you’ll have your next post in the making in seconds!

Prepare video scripts

Posts are not just text-based. In fact, in some social media platforms, like Instagram, video-based content works better.

While ChatGPT can’t deliver a video fresh out of the oven, it can create a brief video script to get you started.

Repurpose content

Do you want to turn a blog into a social media post? Well, no need to read and take notes anymore. ChatGPT can summarize the text in your preferred format, like bullet points that you can turn into an infographic.

Suggest hashtags

Yeap, ChatGPT can do that too! Insert your post once you’re done editing it, and ask ChatGPT to find the most popular and relevant hashtags.

Edit & enhance your writing

ChatGPT can proofread and edit your content and also make suggestions to improve your writing style. If you’ve written a post that feels a bit blunt, insert it and ask ChatGPT to rewrite it to make it more interactive, fun, simple to read, etc.

Best Practices for Leveraging ChatGPT in Social Media Copywriting

ChatGPT is perfectly capable of carrying out human-like conversations. Working with it is a breeze once you master the art of prompt engineering, i.e., creating effective prompts ChatGPT can understand and generate exactly what you need.

Give ChatGPT a try by following the tips below, and it will be your assistant in writing social media posts in no time!

Be specific and clear

Unclear instructions and follow-up questions can be a bit annoying – and we’re not just talking about ChatGPT. Unless you have a complex request, there is no need to break it down into multiple prompts.

Just give ChatGPT as much context as necessary, and be clear about what you need so that it can get it right the first time around.

Create a post announcing a 24-hour flash sale of 70% off. Valid for new subscribers for our time-tracking tool. The audience is young freelancers. Keep it under 100 words. Use an excited tone of voice

Train ChatGPT with your brand voice and style

If you have a very specific audience in mind, there’s a way to train ChatGPT to get your brand voice faster without having to explain your entire customer persona’s profile – archetypes.

Archetypes are 7 symbolic characters developed by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung that encompass deep-rooted human desires, motivations, and aspirations – something that clearly reflects on their names: the Hero, The Explorer, The Sage, and so on.

They provide a framework for creating compelling and relatable brand personalities, messaging, and storytelling – and ChatGPT knows them better than it knows your customers.

Embody The X archetype and craft a social media post to announce a 24-hour flash sale of 70% off on our time-tracking tool.

Fine-tune AI-generated suggestions

Are you too busy to double-check the content that ChatGPT generated for you? Then upload your post another day. Don’t ever copy-paste AI-generated content as is because it may contain misinformation or biased content. Most importantly, it is unlikely it will sound like you.

Luckily, there’s a way to reduce the amount of fine-tuning you need to do – teach ChatGPT how to write like you!

Create a prompt asking it to analyze your writing style, inserting a brief sample. Then, ask it to create a generic template you can use as a prompt:

“Turn this into a detailed prompt that I could use to capture this writing style. Ignore all context around the topic.”

Maintain authenticity and human connection

To achieve true engagement and connection with your audience, it’s important to keep it real. And to keep it real, you need to give your audience something special, like a behind-the-scenes story or video and heartfelt “thank you” posts, or share business insights, important achievements, and milestones.

ChatGPT can’t help you tell your story or express your feelings and thoughts the same you’d do. These types of posts need to be 100% authentic. But it’s always here if you need to add a joke or a second eye to proofread your copy.

Use social media analytics tools

Congratulations on creating killer social media posts with ChatGPT! But are your posts really killing it?
Don’t get so comfortable using AI that you forget to check how your social media campaigns are performing.

Use social media analytics tools on a regular basis to see how your audience interacts with your social media posts.

Do people like, share, or comment on your posts? Then, you’re on the path to success!

ChatGPT and Social Media: A Great Match

ChatGPT can boost your social media game with its extraordinary capabilities. Get inspired, work faster, and improve your work with this awesome tool that, even on its free version, does wonders!

Just remember to keep it real and always add your personal touch to your posts. Offer your audience a nice variety of content, be consistent, and engage with them in conversations, to get the maximum benefit of your social media marketing strategy.

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Androniki Koumadoraki Content Writer LearnWorlds
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