How to monetize your audience in an organic way

E & Roe explain how they grew a community on Instagram, how the community asked for more info on their lifestyle and the decision to bring to them what they wanted with online courses!
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Instagram sensations E & Roe

The story behind the creation of The Jar Method is truly inspiring: two kids that work boring, underpaid jobs decide to do the unexpected, move to a different area, live a minimalist lifestyle and find themselves with not only fewer things but also fewer responsibilities. In a way, they freed themselves not only from debt but also from unhappiness.
E & Roe’s online journey started off on Instagram with their Unapologetic Living page where they built a thriving community by documenting their journey towards personal liberation and empowerment. The online courses resulted naturally as it was what the people asked as well as the best way to monetize their content and audience.
The Jar Method happened because our community was demanding it from us and we believed that it was the quickest way to tell them everything we learned to stabilize our income.

An online school as a means of personal expression

The evolution of E & Roe’s Instagram page into an online course was organic, not only because the community demanded it but also because this form of expression felt like the most natural one: the people that admired this young couple’s lifestyle wanted to know more than the results of their brave decisions, they wanted to know how they can copy them.
What is better than a course to break this process into manageable steps and empower their followers to act on them? The Jar Method was created not only to educate people but also to inspire them.
Do you want to see E & Roe’s three-pronged advice for a great school?

Why LearnWorlds?

E & Roe take another common decision: LearnWorlds
LearnWorlds 🎓 enabled E & Roe to market their service in ways they had never thought of, such as pre-selling the courses before they were ready, or knew how to, such as the email and messaging features. Also, the inbuilt community feature helped them nurture a community that trusts them and is listening closely to everything they have to say.
We wanted to do a delayed launch but had no dexterity on how to do that. With LearnWorlds we felt that 1) we can pre-sell, and 2) we know how to do it.
It’s super easy getting started with LearnWorlds. To us, it just seemed to be the most accessible, the most ‘Start Your Course Today’ platform.

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