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You Ask. We Deliver — Improvements for Q4 2022

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At LearnWorlds, we strive to give you, our customers, exactly what you need. We constantly try to deliver the best online course platform for you by developing new features inspired by your feedback. Our goal is not only to be part of the future of education, but to help shape it as well. This can only be achieved by collaborating with our incredible customers!

That’s why we’re launching the You Ask. We Deliver. product updates — a recurring series of posts highlighting customer-requested features and improvements. We want to demonstrate how much we appreciate user feedback — and what better way to do that than showing exactly how your suggestions are shaping the future of the platform?

Here are some great new features and improvements we’ve implemented in Q4 2022 based on your feedback. We hope you enjoy them!

Improvements for Q4 2022

This quarter, we’re excited to deliver 32 new improvements across the platform. These include features like New export options for Question Banks, Assessments and Forms, a new filtering option using date ranges in Sales reporting, new functionality to Enroll new users in multiple courses simultaneously, and many more!

What’s new in Course Authoring tools

Our Course Authoring tools allow you to design and implement all types of Learning Activities for your learners. The following are some of the updates and improvements we’ve made to the Course Authoring tools based on your feedback:

1. Course Player navigation buttons position is now configurable

Course Player navigation buttons can now be placed on either the top or the bottom of the screen.

Delivered with ♥ for Margaret K.

2. Course content count can now start from 00 instead of 01.

The section numbering of Courses can now be set as starting from 00 instead of 01.

Delivered with ♥ for Moly N.

3. Backward navigation can now be blocked in plain Card-Based Assessments

If you want to restrict your users from navigating to previous cards during plain (not Submit as you go) Card-based navigation, you can now disable the setting in the Navigation Design settings of your Card-based assessments.

Delivered with ♥ for Dawn M.

5. New video playback speed for Learning Activities

The video player in Learning Activities now supports an additional x0.75 factor for playback speed.

Delivered with ♥ for Twa H.

6. New export options for Question Banks and printing for Assessments and Forms

You can now export your Question Banks in CSV or XLS format, as well as download and print a PDF copy of your Assessments and Forms.

Delivered with ♥ for Digita S.

What’s new in Website Builder

Our Website Builder provides you with a variety of easy-to-use tools that allow you to create stunning websites without any coding experience. Using point & click or drag & drop, you can create a website that is tailored for your business use-case. In response to your feedback, we have made the following updates and improvements to our Website Builder tools:

7. Divider settings in Site Builder are no longer getting reset when you choose a different style

Previously, when you customized a specific Divider style (Fill color, Staking Order, and Horizontal Flip) and then switched to a different one, your custom settings returned to default values. This is no longer the case and custom settings will remain unaffected when switching styles.

Delivered with ♥ for Delf S.

8. New On click action for buttons to “Continue where you left off”

Choosing the “Continue where you left off” option from the drop-down “On click” Go to menu, gives your students the ability to use this button in order to instantly navigate to the exact Learning Activity location they last visited.

Delivered with ♥ for Alexey G.

9. Payment plans of Bundles are now displayed in the enrollment details of courses

The drop-down details section of the “Enroll” menu on Course pages now includes Payment plans for Bundles when this payment option is available.

Delivered with ♥ for Oliver M.

10. Single-view only option in accordion widgets

It’s now possible to configure the accordion widget settings to force a single-view behavior for the student. When the student expands an accordion part, the previously expanded part is automatically collapsed.

Delivered with ♥ for Delf S.

11. Hide the number of courses included in the Product Details of Payment sections

You can now hide the number of courses included in the Product Details of a Payment section

Delivered with ♥ for Nancy S.

What’s new in Admin tools

The Admin tools provide you with a birds-eye view of your academy and allows you to manage all aspects of its day-to-day operations. Listed below are some of the changes and improvements made to the Admin Tools as a result of your feedback:

12. New “Delete all responses” button in Exams Learning Activity

You can now delete all responses from an Exam Learning Activity by clicking the “Delete all responses” button on the Responses tab.

Delivered with ♥ for Alok Y.

13. Video stats are now visible to all instructors

When you visit the Video library of a Course, you can now view the video stats of every video regardless of whether you were the original uploader of that video or not.

Delivered with ♥ for Mark L.

14. New list view and additional actions for Courses

Inside the Course manager screen for Courses, there is now a list view to better accommodate the display and management for a large number of courses. You can now also Copy the Course URL or ID using the respective command in the actions menu.

Delivered with ♥ for David B.

15. Enroll new users in multiple courses simultaneously

While adding a new user, you can choose to enroll them in multiple courses simultaneously while you’re still inside the Add user screen.

Delivered with ♥ for Jake M.

16. New filtering option of date ranges in Sales reporting

Sales reports in the Reports Center (such as Orders, Products revenues, Instructors revenues and Canceled Sales) can now be filtered by specifying From and To date ranges using Custom dates.

Delivered with ♥ for Frank G and more.

17. New User Roles permissions for Exams

There are new permissions for Exams reports in the Reports Center for viewing gradebooks, certifications and the review center. These new permissions are also available for enablement on the Seat Manager users’ permissions.

Delivered with ♥ for Ashley W.

18. Users with Reporting roles are now landing on the After Login page

A user with a Reporting role was previously landing on the school’s Dashboard page after logging in. This is no longer the case; users with Reporting roles are now landing on the After Login page of a school.

Delivered with ♥ for Jory H.

What’s new in Integrations

Integrations allow you to easily connect all the different aspects of your online business so you can focus on what you do best, automate tasks and improve your workflow. Check out the latest improvements in Integrations based on your feedback:

19. Verify our Webhook requests with a unique signature

In order to improve authentication and security, we have included a unique signature per school to our Webhook requests, so you can optionally verify every Webhook integrity.

Delivered with ♥ for Patrick R.

20. Titles of the Learning Activities are now included in our API responses

The Get contents of a course API endpoint now has the Title of every Learning Activity in a Course, which can be found in the payload of every API response.

Delivered with ♥ for Lary S. and more.

21. Suspended learners can now be included in our API responses

The Get all users API endpoint now has the ability to include Suspended learners using the include_suspended query parameter.

Delivered with ♥ for Faraz R.

22. Responses of Assessments now include the URLs of uploaded files in our API payloads

The Get assessment responses API endpoint now includes a URL of a student’s uploaded file as a part of the answerData, downloads object inside the payload.

Delivered with ♥ for Andres C.

23. Tax Name attribute is enabled on our Quaderno integration

Schools with the Quaderno integration are now able to issue invoices with localized Tax Names since we now send the relevant attribute to Quaderno as part of the tax attributes for invoice generation.

Delivered with ♥ for Katharina T.

24. Payment methods are now included in the Payment Gateway column of Sales reports

The Payment Gateway column of Sales reports in the Reports Center now includes the specific payment method on sales that used Stripe as a payment gateway.

Delivered with ♥ for Kard D.

25. Promotion coupons are protected from arbitrary Discount values input

You can no longer input and save erroneous values on the Discount percentage field of Promotion coupons, like 020 or -20.

Delivered with ♥ for Lucy M.

What’s new in Mobile

With the Mobile App Builder, you can easily and quickly create a Mobile app that is customized to your school’s branding and colors. Now is the perfect time to build your branded mobile app with ultimate flexibility and zero coding. Based on your requests, we have made some notable changes to Mobile:

26. My Courses is now the default screen for enrolled students

When a student is enrolled in 1 or more courses, the default screen of the mobile app is set to the My Courses page when the student is launching the app.

Delivered with ♥ for Sandy M.

27. Show the Password input on the Email Login screen

Users can now show their password input on the Email Login screen as they type it.

Delivered with ♥ for Anfernee T.

28. Course tiles are now tappable to navigate into Course details.

The whole course tile — not only the Resume button — can now be tapped on the My Courses screen and navigate the student into Course details.

Delivered with ♥ for Akhila U.

29. Terms and Conditions link is now available for students

Mobile app students can now see the app’s Terms & Conditions by following a link at the end of the More screen.

Delivered with ♥ for Ria B.

29. The last sent Push notification is shown when launching the app

When a Push notification is sent to a student but gets dismissed, the app will show the relevant announcement upon launching, the next time.

Delivered with ♥ for Terry S.

30. UI Loading is now smoother

The UI Loading animation of the app is now smoother, using a Shimmering effect.

Delivered with ♥ for Haleema G.

31. Email and password fields are now recognized by AutoFill

The fields for Email and Password on Sign up and Sign in screens are now recognized and can be easily managed by the AutoFill Password functionality.

Delivered with ♥ for Saif R.

32. Students are able to create a Delete profile request

Following the App Store guideline 5.1.1 for “Data Collection and Storage”, every school app now provides a link to send a Delete profile request. When a student initiates the request, an email for account deletion is delivered to the school admin.

Delivered with ♥ for Phil S.

We want to hear your ideas!

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our platform or what new features you would like to see, feel free to send us an email at hello[at] We read every submission and appreciate all of your feedback. Thank you for helping us make LearnWorlds the best it can be!

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