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Add Value to a Course with a Certificate

| February 21, 2019 | 3 min read

Certificates in education are essential, whether it’s a certificate earned to mark a childhood milestone or the one you are handed when you graduate from university.

The same goes for online courses: Certification can add value to any program, from company training to art studios. In this instance, you can charge courses you have already created higher and also market your course more effectively.

For example, you can charge a course without certification at $99, adding a certification adds value and you can easily sell it at a higher price, let’s say $199.

Are certificates that valuable? Should I include one in my course?

The answer is yes.

Certificates offer many advantages for training providers:

Improve Student Engagement

Certificates have been shown to improve student engagement and course completion rates. Why? Students like receiving diplomas and documents as proof of acquiring further knowledge.

This is why setting the goal of downloading one more certificate for their portfolio gives your students an additional incentive for completing the course. Hence, this is a nice trick to reduce drop-outs significantly.

Note that students can share the course certificates they earn in your school in their LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter profiles directly from LearnWorlds (more about it here) with just one click! Your course will become viral and attract more and more eyeballs and sales.

Provide Verifiable Training Services

The credibility of your course increases when you provide certificates. Use certificates to document professional development credits or hours. Companies are more likely to choose you instead of other schools for corporate training.

If you hold a company, you can create your own school and require a certain number of people certified or have a 30-hour training. Or, perhaps you can set a certain amount of training courses before employees can advance. This way you will be reassured your employees hold the right qualification.

Generally, it’s a good idea to reach out to professional awarding-bodies to make sure that you provide a high-quality training service. For example, you can offer CPE training with LearnWorlds, (continuous professional education). Make sure that you research your local government’s requirements or professional associations before you are ready to offer the CPE certification and to whom.

Job-searching Tool

Students may prefer your course over other courses if you provide a certification because it is an important career building block. Employers regularly use certifications as selection criteria for hiring and promotion and are willing to pay certified professionals more for them. The credentials define a clear career ladder from beginner to expert, validating qualifications at each career stage.

How to Create a Course Certificate in LearnWorlds

Creating a certificate using an attractive, high-quality template will help your completion program look professional. LearnWorlds uses PDF templates with fields corresponding to data (e.g., username, course title, etc.).

To determine those fields, you can use any PDF editor. PDFescape is a good option for this job! The set-up is super easy, and you can read more about it here.

how to create a certificate on LearnWorlds

When a student completes the course, they are directly taken to their certificate of completion. Additionally, an email is sent to the student with a link to their certificate.

Another important thing you will love is that certificates of completion can be accessed not only at your online school and the mobile site but also through its mobile apps so students can access their certification from anywhere!

Certificate Types

With LearnWorlds you can choose between two types of certificates: Certificates of Knowledge which are based on an Exam to ensure that students have successfully mastered core concepts upon completion of your course. The users will be able to take this final Exam, and you choose a passing grade. If they pass this exam, they will be able to download their Certificate.

On the other hand, Certificates of Completion require that each curriculum item or each of your Questionnaires must be marked as complete (you choose). It is common to the Certificates of knowledge; however, it doesn’t include an Exam.

You can read more about Certificates of Knowledge vs. Certificates of Completion.

Certificates as Event Triggers

With Zapier, you can set an automated action to follow-up a certificate. You might want to send the student an email, a gift, a discount code or another action.

You can also automatically send an email to congratulate your students once they have mastered the certificate or document their data in an excel file.

Or, you can also automate access to specific material, another course or part two of the same course only after they have completed the first course (like a learning path sequence).

This is the best time to reach out and sell another course. Use the certificate of completion as an event trigger and send your students an email or sms with a discount code!

At LearnWorlds, we believe that certificates are the best way to multiply your course’s value and boost completion rates. Students will love it if you include an attractive certificate to your course.

Why don’t you try it out?

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