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12 Best Docebo Alternatives Reviewed

Androniki Koumadoraki Content Writer LearnWorlds
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Docebo Alternatives Reviewed2

Docebo is an AI-enhanced LMS addressed to large enterprises. Being a scalable and feature-rich platform, it can cover diverse training needs that vary from employee onboarding to upskilling and extended enterprise.

That said, since it’s a suite of tools rather than an all-in-one tool, Docebo is not easy to implement and start using without some external help. Its complexity, in tandem with the high price of the platform, means it might not be a great fit for smaller companies or for companies implementing employee training for the first time and are just testing the waters.

In this post, we’re reviewing 12 alternatives to Docebo. Since Docebo is oriented towards corporate training, we have chosen platforms that have similar functionalities and serve the same purpose.

Before we move on to our list, allow us to present to you LearnWorlds as the top Docebo alternative.

Compared to Docebo, LearnWorlds is a hassle-free and versatile LMS – it’s an all-in-one platform that you can set up yourself and customize with 4000+ available integrations and API.

Try LearnWorlds today with a 30-day free trial to see how it compares to the tool you’re already using.

Docebo Pros & Cons

Docebo is a feature-rich LMS designed to deliver training on a large scale to different audiences. While this grants the system distinct advantages for achieving its purpose, it also creates certain disadvantages.

Let’s see them in more detail:

Docebo Pros 👍

Docebo boasts high scalability and configuration to meet your corporate learning expectations. It offers numerous free extensions and integrates with more than 400 tools, like eCommerce, audit trail, and custom domains, to allow you to shape it to your exact needs.

AI is another plus, helping both admins and learners with functionalities like virtual coaching, auto-tagging, and content suggestions.

Docebo Skills, which comes with a catalog of thousands of ready-to-go skills & roles, enables learners to update their skills status themselves and tweak their learning path accordingly.

Another point of pride for Docebo is social learning. With discussion forums, leaderboards, and rich collaboration tools, learners can share knowledge.

Docebo can be a great choice for extended enterprise training, be it partner or customer training. It supports multiple domains with customizable and branded pages and menus, SSO, and privacy controls for admins and learners. With Docebo, you can also launch your own white-label mobile app.

Docebo Cons 👎

Primarily attending to large-scale training needs, Docebo can prove to be unnecessarily complex and expensive for a small or medium-sized business. User reviews also mention that customer support is often slow to reply to their queries.

Pricing plans

Docebo offers customized pricing plans based on the number of active users.

The pricing plans are not disclosed on its website, but user reviews repeatedly mention the pricing is rather high.

12 Best Docebo Alternatives

We have compiled a list of 12 alternatives to Docebo, all of which are tried and tested in corporate settings.

1. LearnWorlds – Our Top Choice

an image of LearnWorlds' landing page showing a man and a woman working on laptop

LearnWorlds is a cloud-based lightweight LMS ideal for SMEs and enterprises alike. LearnWorlds covers all types of training needs – new hire onboarding, employee upskilling, partner training, customer education, etc.

The LearnWorlds learning platform supports more than 4000 integrations, API, and Webhooks for ultimate customization. With LearnWorlds, you can build different academies for different audiences, with branded learning environments and different access permissions, and even launch your own mobile app.

A white-label LMS, LearnWorlds is the top choice if you want to extend training beyond the borders of your organization and monetize your courses.

Unlike most Learning Management Systems, LearnWorlds is truly eCommerce-ready with integrations with marketing tools, shopping cart, payment gateways, support for affiliate marketing, options to sell memberships and course bundles, create discounts and offers, and offer flexible payment plans.

LearnWorlds’ built-in AI functionality is specifically designed to enhance every aspect of content creation. It streamlines the entire process, from outlining the course to generating content segments and assessments, and even generating feedback.

LearnWorlds dedicated team of product engineers has skillfully incorporated well-tested prompts and guidance across the course creation modules, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

And there is more in the pipeline: LearnWorlds also has a robust assessment engine and certifications, in-depth reporting, and a built-in community to support social learning.

Despite these rich functionalities, there’s no implementation or waiting time involved – you can create your first training program in just a few hours.


  • AI-powered
  • Intuitive UI
  • Quick setup
  • White-label mobile app
  • Highly scalable & customizable
  • Fully eCommerce-ready
  • In-depth analytics
  • Social learning
  • Multi-tenancy and custom user roles
  • Amazing customer support & extended training resources


  • Initial learning curve
  • No content marketplace
  • Limited gamification


LearnWorlds offers a 30-day free trial and 4 pricing plans:

2. TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a user-friendly LMS that boasts an intuitive UI and quick set-up, as well as customization capabilities with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. With rich gamification features and support for interactive content, online learning with TalentLMS never gets boring. The TalentLibrary additionally offers a rich selection of ready-made courses at an extra cost.

TalentLMS is white-label and allows you to build separate training environments as well as customizable learning paths with completion rules. It automates repetitive tasks like email communications, course removal, course sequencing, and more.

The platform offers detailed reporting with dynamic dashboards, training infographics, and exportable Excel sheets. Apart from using the TalentLMS mobile app to offer training, you can also launch your own white-label mobile app.


  • White-label mobile app
  • Content library
  • Intuitive and customizable
  • Rich gamification
  • Good customer support


  • Limited eCommerce
  • Built-in course authoring tool is limited
  • Homepage lacks customization
  • No AI


TalentLMS has a limited free plan for up to 10 courses and 5 users. It also offers two pricing tiers, Standard and Active.

Standard plans (without the TalentLibrary):

Standard plans (without the TalentLibrary):

3. LearnUpon

LearnUpon is an intuitive SaaS LMS that enables you to build as many unique training portals for your different audiences as you need, all fully customizable and white-labeled. The content between portals can be easily copied and shared. The platform also supports SCORM and xAPI.

With rich gamification features, LearnUpon makes learning fun and engaging, while features like multimedia banners, reminders & notifications, and discussion forums keep learners further engaged in the learning process.

LearnUpon also offers a suite of AI features that assist with course creation and assessments, act as a learning coach, and personalize the learning experience with machine-powered recommendations.


  • Customizable training environments & learning paths
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Great customer support
  • Advanced security features
  • AI-powered


  • Occasional bugs & glitches
  • News more bulk actions
  • Linear learning paths


LearnUpon offers three plans based on the number of users but doesn’t disclose the pricing on its website.

4. Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is an AI-powered platform with social learning and gamification features, like social profiles and leaderboards. Its customization options extend beyond colors and fonts, with 1500 unique terms and messaging templates and the capability to build different learning environments for your different audiences and personalized to-do lists.

The File Manager securely stores your creative assets in one place for easy course creation, though the platform also features ready-made courses from trusted providers. The Absorb LMS mobile app is also available for learning on the go.

The AI-powered Intelligent Assist helps with your administrative requests. Advanced AI processes learner data and behavior to predict the content they like, offer well-targeted recommendations, and highlight popular courses. Intelligent Ranking enhances the search experience and brings out the most popular results based on previous learner choices.


  • AI-powered
  • Content libraries
  • eCommerce capabilities
  • Built-in authoring tools
  • Mobile app


  • Limited & complicated reporting
  • Needs more automations
  • Needs more robust functions
  • Slow customer support


Absorb LMS offers customized pricing that is not mentioned on its website.

5. Tovuti LMS

Tovuti LMS is a next-generation cloud-based LMS that enables you to create highly engaging and social learning experiences, fast and easy. With the platform’s built-in authoring tool, you can develop unlimited courses, including over 40 types of interactive bite-sized content to add to your videos. You can easily import existing content too, since Tovuti LMS supports AICC, SCORM, and xAPI (Tin Can) Packages, PPT and PDF presentations.

Tovuti LMS prioritizes user experience and offers a modern UI, white-label branding and customized environments for each audience, mobile responsive design, collaborative learning tools, social learning features, and personalized learner portals. The platform supports more than 2,000 integrations for further customization.


  • Built-in authoring tool
  • Social & collaborative learning
  • Advanced security
  • Excellent customer support
  • White-labeling


  • No AI
  • Expensive
  • Learning curve for admins


Tovuti LMS charges a setup fee of $2500. For its Pro plans, the pricing is calculated based on the number of users in tandem with the length of the contract. Tovuti Lite plans, which are a good option for small businesses, are shown below:

6. Bridge

Bridge is an LMS & Performance Platform that ties performance reviews, career goals, peer feedback, and one-to-one & group agendas to employee learning.

Powered by AI, Bridge helps assess and identify skills gaps and connect skills building to training. It integrates with a large number of tools and offers custom integrations, APIs, LTI, and Webhooks for limitless customization flexibility.

Bridge LMS helps you build custom-tailored learning paths with minimum administrative work, offers learning analytics for easy compliance tracking, a built-in video editor, and a mobile app with offline access for learning on the go.

Bridge also has partnerships with industry-leading content providers, like OpenSesame, and offers specialized DEI, compliance, and leadership training courses created by its sister companies.


  • Intuitive navigation
  • Built-in course authoring
  • Built-in performance management
  • Rich content library


  • No white-label mobile app
  • Needs more branding customization options
  • Occasional glitches
  • Needs more features


Bridge LMS offers three pricing plans, billed annually. They also have a minimum pricing strategy – the Starting Annual Agreement is at $12,500:

7. Continu

an image of Conitnu's landing page showing a woman working on laptop and a desktop screen shown at the background

Continu enables you to create learning content using the platform’s authoring tools or to import content from third-party providers. With Continu, training management becomes easy: distribute content with automated workflows, create custom notifications and assignments, and more.

Besides, the system offers multiple integrations and the Continu API that supercharge its functionality and increase its customization capabilities.

Continu enables you to build learning tracks and courses, offers a sophisticated search tool, and supports diverse material from wikis with embedded media to video coaching assessments.

For your ILT workshops, it supports attendance tracking and waiting lists and has a native integration with Zoom. The smart segmentation feature enables you to deliver personalized learning based on custom variables.

Continu also offers deep reporting with real-time tracking, customization, and the ability to export data to third-party systems.


  • Intuitive & modern UI
  • Regular updates
  • In-lesson quizzing
  • Good customer support


  • Limited gamification
  • No mobile app
  • Limited reporting
  • Search functionality could be more intuitive


Continu offers three pricing plans, although the exact price is not mentioned:

8. Cornerstone

Cornerstone is an AI-powered LMS and one of the top training solutions focusing on skills development. With advanced features like the Skills Graph and skills detection, goal-setting templates, and observation checklists, this LMS enables you to build learner profiles and develop custom learning paths that will address each employee’s skills gaps.

Cornerstone offers a subscription to its content library and courses produced in-house on a wide range of topics. To support compliance training, it offers role-based assignments, audit trail records, and powerful analytics. AI enhances the system’s performance and capabilities across multiple aspects, from learning personalization to smart insights and predictive analytics.


  • AI-powered
  • In-depth reports
  • Skills-focused
  • Highly customizable
  • Subscription to content library


  • Slow loading times
  • Unresponsive support
  • Expensive
  • Navigation and UI need improvement


Cornerstone offers customized pricing that is not mentioned on its website.

9. Adobe Learning Manager

Adobe Learning Manager is another cloud-based learning platform and versatile LMS that can successfully meet your online training needs, ranging from internal employee training to extended enterprise. With a vast content marketplace to choose from and AI/LXP capabilities that deliver personalized content recommendations, Adobe Learning Manager is an excellent choice for custom-tailored learning.

Additionally, the platform demonstrates flexibility with a rich suite of API integrations and customized connectors that bring together learning and employee workflow and even automate marketing campaigns for customer education. Adobe Learning Manager also has rich gamification and social learning, including a reward system and personalized dashboards.


  • Social learning & gamification
  • AI-powered
  • Flexible & customizable
  • Streamlines learning & workflow
  • Rich content marketplace


  • Mobile apps have occasional glitches
  • Insufficient customer support
  • Cumbersome reporting
  • Limited eCommerce


Adobe offers a 30-day free trial and two custom pricing packages depending on the number of registered users and the number of monthly active users. The exact pricing is not revealed on the website.

10. Moodle

an image of Moodle's landing page showing a laptop and a mobile screen and an image of some women employees working with laptops

Moodle Workplace is Moodle’s learning solution for enterprises. It’s a highly customizable course management platform with hundreds of built-in add-ons and numerous integrations available to launch successful corporate learning programs.

Its User Interface can be customized with your brand colors and logo, and you can even launch your own branded mobile app.

The platform streamlines and speeds up employee training with automated actions based on learners’ interaction with the platform, facilitates recertification and auto-assignment, and more.

It also offers advanced reporting capabilities with insights into employee and team performance. Managers can even schedule a meeting with their employees directly from the LMS.


  • Flexible & customizable
  • White-label mobile app
  • Plenty of automations
  • Gamification


  • No AI
  • Confusing navigation
  • Occasional slow loading times and glitches


Moodle offers customized pricing that is not mentioned on its website.

11. Canvas LMS

an image of Canvas LMS's landing page describing the platform

Canvas LMS is an open-source Learning Management System that supports in-person, online, and blended learning in your organization. With Canvas LMS, employees can access engaging learning materials and quizzes and interact with their peers through group chats, video, and messaging – all from one place.

Canvas LMS is mobile-friendly and additionally offers mobile learning apps for iOS and Android.

The platform has built-in features, such as Calendar, Analytics, and Gradebook, and integrates with tools like Zoom and Adobe for a better learning experience. That said, user reviews repeatedly mention that the system is hard to navigate.


  • Mobile app
  • Rich assessments & rubrics system
  • Built-in gradebook


  • No AI
  • No ready-made content
  • Not intuitive
  • A limited number of automations


Canvas LMS offers customized pricing that is not mentioned on its website.

12. Litmos

SAP Litmos is a scalable LMS with quick deployment, white labeling, and integrations with workflow tools, like CRM, for seamlessly incorporating learning into your employees’ work. The system supports gamification and social learning, with features like leaderboards and real-time notifications on learner activity.

Litmos automates tasks like group enrollment and task assignment and has built-in content authoring. It offers access to a content library with over 2,000 courses. That said, the platform doesn’t have a mobile app or AI yet.


  • Built-in content authoring
  • Rich content library
  • Modern UI
  • Gamification features


  • No AI
  • Cumbersome customization & reporting
  • Limited customer support


Litmos offers a 14-day free trial and three pricing plans: Foundation, Premier, and Platinum Suite. To learn the pricing, you need to schedule an appointment with a training consultant.

Which Docebo Alternative Will You Choose?

All the LMSs we reviewed today offer rich functionalities and are able to support your diverse training needs, scaling with you as your company grows and your needs change. But if you want the most versatile solution that gives you total freedom and ownership of your courses, LearnWorlds is the right option for you.

With LearnWorlds, you can offer interactive learning experiences for desktop and mobile devices under your own branding. You’ll also find all the marketing and eCommerce tools you need to sell your courses to third parties. The best part? LearnWorlds is very easy to set up. Everything you need is under one single platform – no need to mix and match tools to get a functional training platform.

LearnWorlds offers fair and transparent pricing and a 30-day free trial so you can see for yourself if it sucessfully meets you needs. Sign up for your free trial today!

9000+ brands trust LearnWorlds to train their people, partners & customers.

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