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Education is the Best Marketing

Every business has benefits that most of the population knows little about. How do we create the need to a person to buy our services? The answer is through education.

The internet helps us transit to a new business model requiring a different set of relationship-oriented activities. Two types of interactive relationships strengthen: Customer to provider and customer to customer.

Here is where educational marketing comes into play. Educational marketing doesn’t just plug a product or service. It provides customers with information that instead relates to what they want to hear. It’s a technique that’s worked for decades, and not only online.

What is educational marketing? It is the use of shared knowledge to create a need and also generate trust from a target audience. What is your initial thought behind your product or service? What is your scientific background? Businesses need to share this knowledge with people out there and don’t keep them to themselves.

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Why educational marketing matters for your brand

Why do you need to provide educational content?

You always remember the person who taught you something you use your whole life. Right?

You also found yourself being at a disadvantage when you learn something new. This is because an illusion of a new need is created in you. You can understand how tricky this is.

With educational messages, you dramatically increase the likelihood of people making a purchase. You also successfully target a much broader audience than they were currently reaching, creating an eager to people for buying your product.

The steady flow of useful content, helps you familiarize consumers with different aspects of your business. With a mix of bright visuals, videos, webinars, and cutting-edge articles, it’s a go-to site for anyone interested in the latest issues about how your company affects people’s lives.

By only reaching people to convert them into customers, you are limiting the scope of their marketing and limiting your potential to generate new customers. So, if you want to change how people perceive your brand, you need to distinguish yourself as the leading educational voice for our industry.

No excuses.

Providing value at every stage

How should educational content look like? Need is created when people understand the peril they may face if they don’t change their lifestyles. In this case, you have to invent;

You then, gradually build expectancy of something that must change their lives. In other words, you create the need for your product, without directly presenting it. All this should be done with no reference to your products.

The selling phase will come after you have provided this upfront value.


You start answering the need you have created. Start to uncover valuable insights and solutions that can be brought with your product.

Core benefits of customer education

Building an online Academy

You may wonder: How can all this education be delivered in a compelling way, that will keep people coming back for more? A Learning Management System (LMS) can help you provide all this content in the form of a community where people learn by themselves and can also communicate with each other- an Academy.

Through an online Academy, you can express your expertise and perceptions about life in a friendly and lively manner-without any obligation for someone to buy. This is the vision that inspired LearnWorlds in the first place.

An LMS provides you with all the educational tools, like e-books, interactive videos, quizzes, communities, learning analytics and much more to communicate your ideas. With the use of an LMS you can create appealing free courses that your audience will love.

Mind that in an online academy you can include every form of education delivery:


Through your academy, you can educate content in your school’s blog. Blog articles are critical because they are public in Google and therefore drive more traffic to your school.

A significant benefit is that you can collect your prospect’s contact information, using CTAs allowing you to stay in contact with people via email and share with them more valuable content.

Downloadable guides

E-books and other downloadable resources in your school make for the perfect next step. Mind that your downloadable resources should provide a complete solution to whatever problem they were designed to solve.


Groups can bring ideas to life through interactive conversations. Virtual communities like the academy’s community or social media groups/pages can increase the stickiness of the website by retaining customers. They can help in forming deep customer relationships thus leading to effective relationship marketing.

These groups also represent the perfect place to gather referrals if you take the time to establish yourself as an industry authority.


One of the most effective ways to get people to buy from you is providing exceptional upfront content that is designed to create specific needs and then deliver value.

The more you share your wisdom, the more customers will trust your brand as the right brand. However, you should always make sure that your educational approach is that of providing pure value and expecting nothing in return.

When you try to sell, you break the trust you have gained so far. Use your knowledge to educate your audience with zero commitment to your business. Even when you’re creating value, you are still marketing in the background.

The best way to deliver this value to the online world is by using a great flexible and lightweight LMS like LearnWorlds that can provide a great learning experience to your audience.

Create a beautiful online school without any technical skills.

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