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12 Best Online Course Landing Page Examples You Need to Copy

High converting landing pages are the secret recipe to marketing success.

It’s a secret recipe because even though as a marketer or entrepreneur, you know landing pages are essential for your marketing campaigns, getting leads, and boosting your sales, it is often difficult to make them work or get the results you expect.

This depends heavily on the way you see landing pages.

Do you perceive landing pages as your ultimate conversion tool or merely a website that features your product?

Statistics show that 68 percent of B2B businesses use landing pages to drive leads and conversions, and the more they create the better are the chances of hitting this target.

Even as the least popular type of sign-up form, landing pages have the highest conversion rate at 24 percent, which is a number that is worth looking more into.

Why Use a Landing Page?

You could spend hours debating whether a landing page is essential for your business marketing efforts, but there are already many advantages attached to them apart from getting conversions.

These are some of the benefits of landing pages:

All of these can help your course business – and your revenue – grow.

So, if you want to create a landing page that stands out, let’s get right to it.

In this article, we will go over some online course landing page examples created by successful course creators that are already doing wonders.

1Lewis Howes

A screenshot showing Lewis Howe's website.

Lewis Howes, the person behind The School of Greatness, is a New York Times bestselling author, lifestyle entrepreneur, and high-performance business coach. His story and the obstacles he met along the way of building his own business are what make him unique but also give him the ability to help other people achieve greater things in life.

With a single browse on Lewis’s website, you can tell he is the person you need to become better at any aspect of life. Whether it is business, relationship, family or health advice, or inspiration you need, he has got it.

A screenshot showing Lewis Howe's website.

Lewis manages to make this clear by welcoming you to his page and using hashtags as menu options to tell you how he can help you out. These topics are Lewis’s podcast topic clusters and are used to show his expertise. Meanwhile, the images he uses are drawn from real life and have a way of giving authenticity, honesty, and trust.

Apart from that, the header on top of the page shows just how approachable and easy-to-reach Lewis is. Giving out his mobile number, Lewis prompts website visitors to text him using a red call-to-action button that is hard to miss.

Navigation is user-friendly too. To read more about Lewis training programs you simply go to the big menu sign on the top right and click on ‘Programs’.

2Mari Smith

A screenshot showing Mari Smith's website.

Mari Smith, who is often referred to as the ‘Queen of Facebook’ knows everything there is about Facebook marketing and offers her expertise to small businesses, brands, and direct sales organizations. As a social media thought leader, Mari, provides consulting and training on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger marketing best practices.

Through her landing page, Mari manages to do many interesting things. First off, she gives out a value proposition through her copy in the hero section that focuses on her unique selling point while introducing herself to potential customers.

This way Mari tells them what she can do for them right away while focusing on the benefits, which works as a great hook. Targeting the customers’ pain points and offering an immediate solution is an effective strategy because it makes it all about the customers – what they can expect to get from her.

A screenshot showing Mari Smith public mentions on major sites.

Mari then lists all of the ways in which she can help her audience, gives a list of testimonials and social proof. She also includes a list of popular sites like Forbes, Fast Company, The New York Times, which she was featured in or worked with. This boosts her credibility status massively, giving her more authority as a marketing expert.

3Gary Vaynerchuk

A screenshot showing Gary Vaynerchuk's website.

Founder and CEO of VaynerMedia, Gary Vaynerchuk is more than an entrepreneur. As a social media guru, internet personality, and a born-to-be businessman owning more businesses than we can count, Gary has built a powerful coaching skill set. His extensive knowledge of business and business marketing has made him a huge success and celebrity.

On his website, he makes sure to tell people who he is and what he does and prompts them to sign up for his weekly newsletter. Apart from that, he lists all of the events he plans to appear at and includes a ‘Get in touch’ form for those who want to reach out.

Also, Gary gives much of his focus on social media and connecting with his audience.

A screenshot showing Gary Vaynerchuk's social channels.

This is obvious from the attention it draws on his own social media channels from his landing page where he dedicates an entire section telling people what they can find on his social profiles.

As a way of getting to know him, Gary’s strong online social presence allows him to do what many others can’t. Being consistent with posting content helps Gary communicate with his audience in a profound way. This allows him to guide people to attend his events, join his training course, and many more.

4Pat Flynn

A screenshot showing Pat Flynn's website.

Pat Flynn is the founder of Smart Passive Income, an organization that helps people – especially online entrepreneurs – realize their dreams while building purpose-driven and profitable businesses. Over the years, what started as a small blog for Pat, grew out to be a successful company with a vibrant community of people willing to help others.

By looking at SPI’s website, you can tell there is a great balance of elements, and this becomes evident early on through the hero section. The landing page is very clean and follows a definite structure that makes it super easy to navigate and get the information you need right away.

The careful selection of the colors – green, white, and light blue-green shadows, also makes all the difference effectively highlighting the copy, images, and brand.

Even though it is a long page, Pat manages to divide it into small sections featuring articles, podcasts, courses, free guides, workshops, and testimonials among others.

A screenshot showing Pat Flynn's online courses catalog.

What’s great about Pat’s landing page is the way he chooses to list all of his courses while providing a small description of each. Clearly, he spent some time thinking about the course descriptions and that is definitely a plus since it is important to give out a brief summary of the course and what it comes with.

This ensures that only good-quality leads and customers who are serious about taking the course will click on the ‘Learn More’ CTA, to get more information and eventually join in.

5Russell Brunson

A screenshot showing Russell Brunson's website.

Russel Brunson – co-founder of ClickFunnels is an expert on building sales funnels. Through his work, he has and is still helping entrepreneurs get their message out to the marketplace quickly. As an online marketer, he managed to sell more than 400,000 copies of his marketing books. By 2020, Russell’s training, teaching, and software have helped thousands of millionaires who are now members of his exclusive club – the Two Comma Club.

Russell knows that adding videos to landing pages improves conventions and this is definitely working in his favor. Russell makes great use of the video on his website. The video that explains who is Russell Brunson, is the first thing that website visitors get to see once they land on his page.

Since it is more direct and engaging than any other type of media, video has the potential to capture leads and encourage them to stay more time on the page. And, the more time people stay on the page, the higher the possibility of converting.

A screenshot showing Russell Brunson's online community groups.

Apart from taking the time to introduce himself, Russell encourages website visitors to join his community.

Until now he has done an excellent job at attracting and retaining his target audience and from there he intends to keep nurturing them with more exclusive content, member discounts, and many more that will prompt them to invest in his expertise.

6Marie Forleo

A screenshot showing Marie Forleo's website.

Entrepreneur, writer, and philanthropist Marie Forleo is a true inspiration for anyone that has checked out her work. Equipped with unbreakable confidence, persistence, and the passion to help you become the person you want to be, Marie makes sure to tell you what she is here for right away.

Marie doesn’t need more than one sentence to explain who she is and gets right to the point when it comes to telling you how she can help you out. She knows that first impressions never lie and she focuses on making big entrances even ιn her online presence.

The hero section on her landing page is super powerful as it shows a short clip of her coming on the ‘stage’. The subtle use of black and white colors allows people to focus on Marie as a person, who appears to be friendly, inviting, with a smile that manages to bring out only positive emotions.

This encourages website visitors to keep scrolling through to learn more.

A screenshot showing Marie Forleo's value proposition.

The effective use of white space makes the landing page look like a summary of a bullet point list that says everything that needs to be said. No more but no less either.

Finally, Marie uses quotes and real-life images as social proof, and she isn’t afraid to get down to specifics. By crafting a unique value proposition she shows how she can help her customers succeed in their journey while removing additional pressure.

7Neil Patel

A screenshot showing Neil Patel's website.

Neil Patel is the most highly recognized marketing expert and top influencer on the web and both The Wall Street Journal and Forbes magazine can confirm. Neil knows ‘all things marketing’ and through his business, he has helped thousands of marketers and entrepreneurs improve their digital marketing strategies for the better.

You can tell just how knowledgeable he is by looking at his homepage.

It is super clean and makes effective use of white space. This is literally the definition of ‘no clutter’ when it comes to web design. When it comes to website optimization, and making the copy more user-friendly and personalized, Neil uses location-generated algorithms that welcome the website visitor on the page.

A screenshot showing Neil Patel's steps to learning more about marketing.

As an expert, there are many areas he can help out in e.g. getting more website traffic, improving SEO, improving content, and so on. To show this, Neil uses the main CTA button that says ‘Yes I want to work with Neil’, but adds more CTAs later on, directing people to a dedicated page that offers the information they need. Also, he shows the step-by-step process of working with him.

Neil’s landing page is short – just three sections, and this gives out the impression that he doesn’t want to reveal everything he knows just yet. On the contrary, he expects his website visitors to navigate themselves through the website and do some digging before they can reach out to him.

This is an effective strategy because it doesn’t come out as pushy and instead sounds like ‘the information and all you need is here, but feel free to contact me’.

For those interested in booking a call, Neil uses a lead capture form that asks for name, email address, company URL, tel number, monthly marketing budget, and revenue, getting as precise as possible.

8Kim Garst

A screenshot showing Kim Garst's website.

Marketing strategist, Keynote Speaker, and Live Video Evagenlist – Kim Garst, knows her craft too well. After publishing several books and being featured by Forbes as a Top 10 Social Media Power influencer, Kim helped and continues to help more than a million entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

On her website, Kim is using a short headline copy that tells what it is all about – it helps you ‘make more money online’. The sub-head goes one step further explaining how you can do that with Kim. The CTA button that prompts users to start is positioned at the top of the page which helps to make more conversions.

The little arrows and icons, and keywords also have significance in guiding website visitors to the CTA. Even the change in fonts in the copy e.g. money online draws bigger attention to it.

The section dividers give a unique flair to the web page. The landing page design is successful with a nice blend of three colors – red, purple, and cyan that seem to match Kim’s style and personality. Kim recognizes the importance of building trust with her audience so she strives to bring that element of authenticity into play.

A screenshot showing Kim Garst's online course.

While Kim has a lot to say on her landing page, she manages to structure the copy in a bite-sized method, so that it doesn’t overwhelm the reader.

Even though she has many products to promote, she chooses to feature her training course – Mini Digital Product. It does so at the very top and end of the page to increase the likelihood of more people checking it out. This CTA leads on the same page as the CTA in the hero section.

9Amy Porterfield

A screenshot showing Amy Porterfield's website

Amy Porterfield is an expert in the field of marketing. Her top-ranked podcast series and best-selling online courses are a major justification. In her early days, Amy launched many campaigns for Harley Davidson and helped out motivational coach Tony Robbins. Once she got into entrepreneurship herself though, Amy was able to help thousands of online entrepreneurs build a life and business they love and does so to this day.

And, that’s the first thing Amy explains on her homepage. Using clear language, she uses her own copywriting skills to describe how she can help out. Her profile along with her image creates a strong and confident persona that makes it easy to trust.

With the use of a brief copy in each section, Amy wants to give as much information out as possible. She invites people to check out her podcast and offers links to helpful resources.

These resources are the main focus because that’s where the top CTA directs the website visitor.

A screenshot showing Amy Porterfield's online resources.

An excellent strategy Amy uses to entice her audience is offering these as free products. For example, her course creation starter kit is free but for people to get it they need to opt-in to her email list and become her subscribers. For most, this is a small price to pay so don’t mind giving their name and email address.

With this move, Amy shows that it is more important for people to become her subscribers before they become her customers.

Overall, this is a great landing page example that shows how consistency in color (black and yellow), typography, and layout can create a balanced website that stands out from the rest.

10Brendon Burchard

A screenshot showing Brendon Burchard's website

High-performance coach, personal development trainer, and 3-time New York Times best-selling author Brendon Burchard, has extensive knowledge of the business and life coaching industry. Starting out as an online instructor, Brendon’s training has gathered over 300 million views while 2 million students have already completed his online courses and video series.

And on his website, he knows how to communicate his biggest successes.

Brendon’s opening video on the hero section works as a great video testimonial. Even though there is no customer talking about his product or services, the video works as a standalone piece of evidence of all the work he has done.

The clip shows Brendon attending and leading live events with hundreds of people, working with them closely and other times speaking to them in person, conducting live webinars, joining Larry King on his shows, and working with Oprah. All of these are great ways of showcasing his work, and Brendon is using the information he has collected in the best way possible.

Brendon’s landing page features his products and resources in just a page. Whether it is magazine publications, webinars, podcasts, books, and course programs, the content is all there for people to check out and get more information about.

A screenshot showing Brendon Burchard's lead capture form.

What catches my attention is the lead capture for Brendon’s ‘Four breakthroughs’.

Here Brendon focuses on getting more people signing up to his email list by giving out free access to this work. To maximize the chances, he adds it at the top and bottom of the page where people can see it and click on the ‘Get Access’ CTA.

11Chalene Johnson

A screenshot showing Chalene Johnson's website.

Chalene Johnson is a health, fitness, and lifestyle expert, motivational speaker, and serial podcaster who is on a mission to help you live your best life. Chalene is so active in many industries and you can tell that she has what you need whether that’s help with marketing, fitness, dieting, or business advice. Her Marketing Impact Academy, for example, can help you build your audience, launch and grow your online business in no time.

To access her course page for Marketing Impact Academy you simply visit her website and then click on the ‘Shop’ tab to get more information.

Through her homepage, Chalene makes it super easy to reach out to her. The ‘Submit Your Message’ CTA button, allows you to send a voice message to The Chalene Show. This is a rather unique way to reach out to someone, but it is more direct, convenient, and doesn’t take too much time compared to writing an email or completing a contact form.

A screenshot showing Chalene Johnson's pop-up form.
Landing page – Pop-up example

Having said that Chalene doesn’t neglect the power of the lead magnet and makes use of a pop-up to collect leads. It does so by calling out to her customer’s pain points and an opt-in form that only asks for email.

12James Wedmore

A screenshot showing James Wedmore's website.

James Wedmore is a digital entrepreneur who is helping others like him build and grow their businesses. Over the last 15 years, James has put his knowledge into practice and started working with digital CEOs to help them build and grow their online business through his course and training programs. His passion and drive have allowed him to scale his customers’ businesses into 6 and 7-figure empires.

On his website, James gives the power to the hands of his audience and that’s clear from the very first headline. As a way of inspiring getting people to take action, James calls them out and encourages them to sign up for his mini-course.

What’s great about the subheading here is that it gives as much detailed information as possible regarding the course given the limited space he has there.

James also calls on specifically on CEOs, which shows that he isn’t afraid to go niche.

A screenshot showing James Wedmore's online resources.

To get entrepreneurs to want to work with him, James gives out three ways in which he can help. Apart from the ‘Your First 100 Leads’ course, he also invites them to check out his podcast episodes and join his newest program ‘Activate’ for free.

Giving such options to customers is a winning strategy for those who haven’t yet decided what they want to do or are not yet ready to enroll in a paid course.

Create a beautiful online school without any technical skills.

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All these examples show that there is limitless potential in terms of what you can do with your course landing page.

If you need more help to get you started, you can always check other landing page examples or even use ready-made templates that will make your job a lot easier.

Here are some useful resources:

As a LearnWorlds user, you don’t need any landing page builder in your toolkit. Our powerful website builder allows you to build landing pages and sales pages within minutes.

Simply choose a landing page template, customize it as you see fit adding your own fonts, images, CTA buttons, pop-ups, and many more!

Key Takeaways

The elements you add to your landing page including the fonts, the colours, the copy, the images, the design, the structure, and the layout – all have a major impact on the consumer’s behavior and decision.

This means that details count and they have the power to either build or break your entire marketing campaign if these elements are not balanced out nicely.

The key elements of a successful course landing page are:

This list of landing page elements can work as your checklist to ensure that it has everything it needs to drive customers to the next stage of your sales funnel.

When presenting this information, make it as unique as possible so that it reflects the personality of your brand. Once you find your unique value proposition, your landing page will convert, bringing you some high-quality leads.

Ready to Build an Awesome Course Landing Page?

Landing pages are your digital canvas. They occupy that online space that you claim for yourself and your business and it’s where you get to present yourself and your amazing online courses.

Through a landing page, you have the power to convince your target audience to buy from you and increase your course sales at large. But for that to happen you need to pay attention to all the parameters that may influence the consumer’s decision.

Learning from other course creators who have already been on the same path before you is often the best way to ensure you will get it right when you start building your own course landing page.

With LearnWorlds this is possible in a matter of minutes!

Are you ready to create the best landing page for your online school? Get your free 30-day trial today!

Create a beautiful online school without any technical skills.

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