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How To Create an eLearning Website in 4 Simple Steps (& Templates)

Are you an educator or a business owner who wants to build an elearning website?

If yes, you have come to the right place.

The brand new LearnWorlds Site Builder can help you build a powerful elearning website within minutes. As the most advanced page builder in the online course industry, it comes with an amazing set of features, while its customization capabilities and functionality will truly amaze you.

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Are you ready? Let’s get started.

When it comes to online education, there are many online learning platforms and Learning Management Systems (LMS) that can help you build your own website through which you can create and sell online courses.

However, only a few elearning platforms like LearnWorlds, can help you build a website from scratch without the need of WordPress plugins, a web development team or any coding experience.

While you still may need an authoring tool for the actual course creation, the successful presentation of your elearning services is entirely up to tools like our very own user-friendly Site Builder:

Using the LearnWorlds Site Builder, you can go through the following steps to build your elearning site:

Step #1: Choose Your eLearning Website Template

Our Site Builder comes with a set of beautifully customizable templates to make the web design process easier for you.

Unlike eLearning marketplaces such as Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, or edX, where the UX design and learning environment are pre-defined, LearnWorlds, as a truly white label LMS, allows you to build your course pages exactly as you like, so that they match your brand.
Overall, there are four types of education website templates that are specifically tailored for full websites, full web pages, specific design zones or other custom areas of your site.

The Site Flavors (Full website templates)

The Site Flavors feature allows you to completely redesign your entire school in just a few clicks. You can clone your current site, edit the theme, customize the design on your own page, and instantly switch and update the entire website with a brand new design!

Site flavors in your LearnWorlds school

You can create as many designs as you need, for any occasion or just for refreshing your site. You can even make short-term changes to your school’s site without compromising the site’s original design. Learners will view your learning website’s new design only when you activate it.

For example, you can create a Black Friday version of your website, keep it on for 24 hours, and instantly return to your original website theme.

You can choose from 8 professionally designed responsive educational web templates suitable for your whole site, and up to 15 different color schemes. Color schemes are combinations of colors (up to four colors) you can use to match and represent your brand.

The professionally designed responsive educational web template categories you can choose from are the following:

Select a theme that describes your business or industry the best and is closest to the style of website you want to create in order to attract your target audience.

Make sure it uses a responsive layout that adds positively to the user experience.

Remember: a responsive website is equally important as a good-looking website.

Once you have chosen a template, give it a name and click on ‘Create site flavor’. Start making your changes, and click ‘Save’. At any point, you can go back and edit it.

To access the Site Flavors, log in to your LearnWorlds school, click on the Site Builder, and select ‘Site Flavors.’

The Page Templates (Full page templates)

Apart from the full website templates, there are also some ready-made templates for specific pages you want to add to your website like your homepage, landing page, your About page, Thank You page, Contact page, Courses page, After login page, Payment page, and many more.

Access the list of page templates from the Site Flavors page. Pick one and hover over it clicking on ‘Edit in Site Builder.’

Inside the site builder, click on the ‘+New page’ button on the top menu.

Page templates in your LearnWorlds school

Each template has a different layout, structure of zones and design elements. You actually get to choose those that suit your preferences.

Design Zones

What’s great about the Site Builder is that it allows you to further customize each content block- section of your landing page; with no coding, no frontend or backend software development or any web development whatsoever!

Each type of page (Landing, 1 Click Sales Funnel, Courses, About Us, and so on) has its own variety of design zones allowing you to make unique and limitless combinations of layouts.

For example, you can choose the design for your Hero section (aka website header) by going through a set of ready-made designs that present the elements of text, image and video content in different ways.

Hero section (website header) layout options

The same goes for your products section, your FAQs, your offers, pricing tables, email grabbers and contact forms, student info and even your CTAs sections amongst others.

Then again, if you prefer to get creative on your own, you can easily build your own layout with just a few clicks.
You can access the design zones by clicking on the ‘Add Section’ button on the page you are currently editing.

Adding widgets

While working on the design of the sections, you can add your own widgets.

Inside a widget you can embed code, add any type of image you want or insert a video from YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia.

Hero section (website header) layout options

Click on ‘Add a Widget’ or the + sign to open a collection of ready-to-use headings, icons, GIFs, vector graphics, animations, counters, event calendars, tabs, accordion, typing effects, buttons, social media buttons, video placeholders, and so much more to create your content.


There is now a way for you to offer a more personalized, inclusive, and high quality learning experience to your users.

With our unique tagging system you can add tags for your students. This way you segment your customer base and then create zones on your landing page that are visible only to specific individuals or a group of students.

Apart from the ability to personalize the design of the page for a specific user (from Page Templates > Student Info), you can also customize the sign up fields through your ‘Site Settings’ with the addition of user specific questions in their registration process.

This is an important functionality to try out, especially if you have different target audiences and you are running distinct marketing campaigns for them. It also helps to distribute content or any other course-related information relevant to their needs.

From now on, each student will have their own UTMs too, which will allow you to track where they came from using Google Analytics, and better monitor what they are doing inside your platform.

Step #2: Customize Your Elearning Website

The Theme Explorer is basically the command center of your website when it comes to customizing your school. The changes you make here are applied to your entire website in general. It is built to help you keep things consistent. For example, if you choose a color scheme or a font combination, those will be applied across your site, not only on your course’s landing page.

There is a plethora of premade color schemes that you can choose from, as well as font combinations, and even content layouts. Selecting or modifying any of these options, you will instantly view how your page will look like, as the site updates right away. Cool, right?

Suppose you’re an educational institution with red and blue colors in your brand. Wouldn’t it make sense that you’d want those colors to reflect on your online educational platform as well? This branding process is made super easy for you with Theme Explorer since you can easily set your primary and accent brand colors and apply them across your entire website. For further customization of your elearning site, you can access the Theme Explorer.

From there, you can adjust the colors you use, the fonts and the page layout and instantly see their effects applied on your page.

Theme Explorer Screenshot inside your LearnWorlds school

Colors: Choose the colors for your brand, background and text. If you can’t find the colors you need from the colors palette, enter the RGBA codes that match your preferences.

Typography: Use the typography settings to choose your font family, headings and text sizes. You can choose three or more fonts from a rich library of font styles.

Buttons & Inputs: Change the display buttons and inputs easily by increasing or decreasing your font sizes, paddings and border radius.

Layout: Decide on the height of your sections on the page and make them as big or small as you wish.

To use the Theme Explorer click on the ‘Design’ tab inside the Site Builder.

As you go deeper into adding the content on your page, you will notice that the right-hand toolbar is there to help you make further customization* on the elements you add in your sections.

From here, you can make individual changes on text sizes, colors, element position/alignments and appearance. Also, you can insert links between your pages or decide which elements should be visible to whom and by which devices (smartphones, tablets, desktops/laptops).

*If you know how to code, there is always the option to add custom CSS code.

Step #3: Create (or Upload) Your Online Course

To launch your elearning site, you need at least a course to get you started.

Creating online courses can be a piece of cake, especially if you already have some pre-written information that you can reuse, for example in the form of blog posts, PowerPoint presentations, videos, podcasts or even infographics.

Everything that adds on the knowledge of the subject you are teaching can go in tour course content.

Just think about which learning materials and activities you want to add in your courses.

Theme Explorer Screenshot inside your LearnWorlds school

Would it be a text, an ebook, an audio, a series of PDFs, a webinar, a YouTube video, an assignment, a quiz, a SCORM/HTML5-type of content or all of them?

Watch the following video to learn how to create – and upload your first elearning course with LearnWorlds:

Once you create your first course you can repeat the process for new courses.

Step #4: Launch Your eLearning Website

Before launching your elearning site and your mobile app, there are a couple of important things to consider.

These are pricing your course, choosing an efficient eCommerce solution -a payment gateway from where you will accept payments- your go-to marketing tools, and connecting your site domain.

Pricing your online course

There are many tactics on how to price your course, but the most effective is to find the optimal price tag for your course, discovering where the best value for money is.
For example, it might be better to sell five courses for $100 than sell 50 for $10.

Ask for the price in which you feel comfortable and calculate the time and the effort you made to build your course.

Also, think of the number of learners you are ready to take in and evaluate the time you need to spend with them. You can offer a full self-paced course at low price, but if you offer coaching, live classes, and feedback, you can’t undervalue your own time.

For more information, check our Ultimate Guide on How to Price Your Course.

Choosing a Payment Gateway

LearnWorlds supports a range of payment options. You can choose one or combine any of the following payment gateways:

Out of these, Stripe is the only payment gateway that supports subscriptions and payment plans. If you want to accept payments for specific European countries, you will need the following local payment gateways:

For more information on how to use the local payment gateways click here.

Investing in marketing tools

Some marketing tools can make your life as an edupreneur a lot easier.

Whether you want to automate mundane tasks, prepare email campaigns, or communicate with your students directly, LearnWorlds integrations are at your disposal.

Theme Explorer Screenshot inside your LearnWorlds school

Visit our integrations page and check which software or app works best for you.

Connecting your domain

If you already own a website or a domain name, then you can easily connect it to your LearnWorlds account.

To do this, you will need to choose whether to use your main domain as your school’s website or a sub-domain.

Let’s say you own, you can connect your school –, to the address.

If you already have a website or blog connected to the domain, you don’t want to lose that. Here comes the subdomain to save the day!

You can create a subdomain like “academy” and connect your school there. In this case it looks like

Other popular subdomains are:

For more information on how to connect your domain name with your LearnWorlds site, click here.

Once you have everything in place, you are ready to launch your course website!

We’re Helping You Start Your eLearning Website

Whatever needs to go into your elearning website development, LearnWorlds has it.

With our unique Site Builder, the website design process is made simple. Any online course creator can rapidly and effortlessly build an entire school, using hundreds of ready-made templates and widgets. It offers an all-in-one solution that replaces many third-party tools and requires zero code skills.

So what are you waiting for?

As the elearning market is growing bigger and working from home becomes the new norm, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, having an online school from which you can offer your own knowledge to the world is considered essential.

You can use your expertise to provide paid courses to people who could benefit from leveling up their skills. You can even provide free courses to train your employees or customers.

You can create MVP courses (minimum viable product) as lead magnets to boost course enrollment and lead generation. Whatever your business model is, whatever course materials you have, whether you are a startup or an established enterprise, you will discover that LearnWorlds is the ideal platform for monetization and business growth.

Start your own free 30-day trial with LearnWorlds today and build the elearning website of your dreams!

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