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The Best White-Label Online Course Platform for Elearning Businesses

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The Best White-Label Online Course Platform for Elearning Businesses

Did you know that consistent brand presentation can actually increase revenue by up to 20%?

Statistics don’t lie. In today’s fast-paced, ultra-challenging business landscape, you need to do anything in your power to stand out from the competition. In this light, establishing and promoting your online school’s brand should be your number one priority.

Here at LearnWorlds, we firmly believe in facts. We use our expertise in edtech to provide course creators with a prominent white-label eLearning platform that allows them to build successful white-label online courses for their learners.

But what exactly is white-label, or more specifically, what is a white-label learning management system? And how can you, as a course creator, benefit from it? How can this form of online course platform help you create your private label online learning school, promote your own brand and training programs, and set your business apart from the competition?

So many questions looking for an answer!

Look no further because everything you want to know is right here, in this article.

What Does White Label Mean?

As an entrepreneur, your first instinct might be to solve business challenges by yourself. Basically, that’s the point of entrepreneurship, isn’t it? Well, not always.

In many cases, building a custom solution from scratch in an attempt to meet the exact specifications of your business can be a recipe for failure. You could be reinventing the wheel and making mistakes others before you have already mastered.

Alternatively, you could dramatically slow your time to market when you are trying to troubleshoot and learn outside of your core expertise. Not to mention that it is also costly to develop tools and solutions that already exist in other formats.

Here is where a white-label solution comes to the rescue and helps you easily avoid such problems while helping you build your personal branding!

The term “white label” describes a product or service that a company manufactures and sells to another business enabling it to customize it with its own brand. The reseller can personalize the product or service and distribute it with its own brand, logo, and identity, so customers are able to associate that product with that reseller.

Likewise, a white-label online course is created with an e-learning platform that is branded on behalf of another company, i.e., yours.

Therefore, you can drastically alter the look and feel of a standard platform and have it fully portray your own corporate identity, giving your trainees, customers, or employees a seamless learning experience with your course content.

What are the Benefits of White Labeling?

Simply put, not only can you quickly and easily brand a white-label product, such as an online learning school, but you also benefit from a diverse set of built-in features and integrations. You don’t have to worry about spending time and money on research or development. All you need to do is take the software and add your own branding.

A white-label solution keeps your learners happier, as you directly provide them with a prepackaged solution they can instantly use to reach their learning goals.

Using a white-label elearning platform customized with your brand clearly saves you time and money. You would practically need to invest a huge amount of money, time, and human resources to build your own learning solution from scratch. Not to mention the time you would need to test and market the solution. An existing white-label learning management system is much more cost-effective.

Besides, what would you rather do? Focus on building a custom solution or focus on developing your core business?

Why Do I Need a White-Label Online School?

Branding is a powerful concept in marketing and e-commerce businesses. “A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers” (American Marketing Association)

Having a strong brand means you have a number of people, visitors, or customers recognizing the unique characteristics of your company and strongly associating it with certain values, ideas, or a product/service.

A powerful brand can help you sell more courses or price higher while at the same time differentiating from the competition.

So, why should you prefer a white-label course platform for your virtual classrooms, webinars, corporate training, and any other learning experience you want to provide?

Exclusivity – It feels like you have created something from scratch, offering a higher-valued proposition.

Trust – Your customers already trust you, and anything that comes under your brand name, design, and the company will be more reliable. This increases someone’s willingness to make repeat purchases from someone they trust. Just think about the difference this would make when deploying customer education programs!

Consistency – Your students have a seamless experience, staying at your own website instead of visiting an unfamiliar environment – the secure environment you have created for their learning. This goes along with design elements, using your company’s colors, logo, and fonts.

Experience – LearnWorlds offers a unique, social, and interactive experience, but the best part of it is you can customize the learning journey of your customers. Whether this means customizing the landing pages using pre-built templates, the assessment and quizzes, the course player, developing your own branded mobile app, and many parts of the process.

Value & Price – A strong brand is valuable to a company, brings new customers, and attracts investors (or buyers). But it can also allow you to price higher (high-ticket selling). Think of Apple vs Samsung. They might offer a similarly good phone, but Apple always charges more for their products, and their customers happily pay for them.

Employee Satisfaction – Many employees choose to work for companies based on their brand values, exclusivity, and unique perks. A branded corporate academy can instill a sense of pride and satisfaction as it will be perceived as a higher quality internal training for them.

Advertising – Brand consistency will also help you while advertising. Using your social media or paid ads, you are using your company name, logos, color, font, etc. Continuing your sales funnel with a consistent tone will increase the likelihood of enrollments and of learners purchasing your courses.

Custom vs White-Label Course Platform

You might have asked yourself, what if I pay a developer to create a platform for me, or put together a few WordPress plugins?

It is the same as asking whether to buy a car or create one on your own. Elon Musk of Tesla managed to do it with a few billion. But here’s why you’re better off with a ready-made course platform.

You’ll be getting a high-end platform built at a very low price and out-of-the-box, created by professionals who know the industry, research, and trends to help you succeed.

You will be getting a combined:

And, you can sell the end result as if it were your own.

Teachable vs Thinkific vs Kajabi vs LearnWorlds White Label

As you may know, not all e-learning platforms are created equally. Each platform serves a specific niche of course creators, entrepreneurs, or businesses.

All course platforms offer the capability to connect a custom domain name; it is almost an industry standard. White-label features begin by removing the mentions of the brand, for example, “Powered by…” or “Created with…” labels on the bottom of each page.

The main things you would be looking at in a white-label course platform sorted by importance would be:

Teachable, Thinkific, Kajabi, and Learnworlds under the lens of white labeling completeness (comparable packages).

While most platforms offer the basic white-labeling, when you get into the details, it is easy to identify a true white-label course platform.

When you don’t consider branding or white-labeling, all platforms offer unique features for an online course business, which makes each platform better for different audiences.

However, Teachable offers the least in terms of a white-label product. While it offers a school login, it prominently displays a myTeachable login option.

teachable branded login

And, during the login process, it redirects students to an unbranded login page bearing the platform’s name. This is a breach of the consistency principle we mentioned earlier.

teachable branded url

This way, any sense of white labeling is lost. You might have paid top dollar to get a branded school – and still, during the first user interaction, the provider brand is exposed.

Another thing we go above and beyond here at LearnWorlds is that we have built a set of unique Social Logins and Single Sign-On to make it easier for your users to log in.

Those logins need to pass from a Social Account, which, by default, is branded. Those are branded under the platform you are using, but we go a step beyond to white-label them.

For example, Thinkific offers white labeling in the sign-in forms until someone clicks on a social login through Facebook or LinkedIn.

thinkific linkedin login non-white-label

This is not only a white-label concern but also a privacy concern for your customers’ data. While they know your branding, they have suddenly jumped on a page mentioning a different company.

Similarly, emails sent by Teachable, Thinkific & Kajabi come from their own domain with a change in the name of the sender, making them not true white-labeled. If you can open an email and check the sender’s email to see,, and, this is not white-labeling.

thinkific email not white labeled
teachable email not white labeled
kajabi email not white labeled

Your students may be confused as to who is the sender, or worse, the emails you worked so hard to craft word by word may not reach their intended recipients. You can’t afford to risk that.

That’s not how we do things here at LearnWorlds. We want to provide you with the best white-label solution your brand can use.

For us, white-label schools mean no logos or links to anyone other than the company or organization itself. A true white-label LMS enables you to remove all vendor references, regardless of where they are located.

Learnworlds is one of the top course platforms and the only one providing an entirely white-label experience, for both desktop and mobile.

The LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder is a premium white-label mobile learning app solution that puts your brand in the spotlight!

With our Mobile App Builder, you can fully customize and release your online school’s mobile app and provide it to your learners directly on Apple iOS or Google Android under your brand. Yes, it’s fully customizable, and it’s entirely yours!

It is up to you to choose the name and the icon of your app, while at the same time, you can customize the colors, text, backgrounds, splash screens, and onboarding screens. You can provide your learners with a seamless mobile experience and boost their engagement on the go.

At LearnWorlds, we put you, the course creator, at the center of our focus. In order to offer the highest quality of service, we did a thorough analysis of our competition, examining several dozen courses delivered on the most prominent platforms to determine if they actually provide white-label courses.

It wasn’t hard to figure out that the courses weren’t really white-labeled after all.

Final Thoughts

Your brand is one of the most valuable assets of your company. If you have an established online business or building one, you should be protecting and nurturing it. If you’re looking for the best white-label platform, then you should be looking for one that really gets the job done.

Ready to build your own online course business, with your rules and your branding? Try LearnWorlds now with a 30-day free trial, no credit card is needed, and no strings attached. Plus, most of our features are available, so you can get the full LearnWorlds experience!

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