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LearnWorlds vs. Τeachable: A Side-by-Side Comparison

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LearnWorlds vs Teachable course platforms. Which one is the best?

Wondering which is the best course platform to create, host, and sell your online courses between LearnWorlds and Teachable?

You have come to the right place.!

While at first glance, these two platforms seem to be similar, there are some obvious differences that can’t easily be seen with the naked eye and are worth looking more into.

Both platforms are great and offer a ton of features, but the answer to which is the best is found in the details.

If you are wondering which platform to choose between LearnWorlds and Teachable, we have written a detailed review and comparison of both to help you out.

Disclaimer: The information in this comparison is based on publicly available information on Teachable pricing and support pages, as well as our individual research and review of their software.

We are also comparing both platforms in terms of their top-tier plans, where they can be compared in full with all features and capabilities enabled.

This comparison was updated in May 2020. If you find any discrepancies, do let us know.

LearnWorlds is the top learning platform for creating, managing, and selling your online courses. It beats Teachable in almost every aspect of online learning and offers a higher degree of branding and customization to represent your brand.

LearnWorlds is the choice of top course creators, picky educators, and serious corporate trainers who care about their learners.


*When comparing the differences between the two platforms, we use a ✔️ to identify where a feature exists and a ❌ where it does not. A slightly darker background indicates where a platform has a better or more advanced version of the feature. Both cells are dark where features are slightly different but equivalent.


Deciding on any elearning platform is not a straightforward decision because it all depends on what you are after. In this respect, it doesn’t always come down to capabilities but what you expect the platform will do for you.

Then, LearnWorlds is the best choice for you!

Do you want some unique features that Teachable does not have?

As a general note, Teachable is a good option if you are looking to promote and sell an online course because it has powerful marketing features. On the other hand, it lacks any real elearning, user experience, branding, and customization compared to LearnWorlds.

Now let’s see each platform in more detail.

It’s clear from independent reviews that users prefer LearnWorlds over Teachable. All reviews point to LearnWorlds as being the best platform to create, manage and sell online courses.

A better all-around platform to host your business and responsive customer care that values all our customers has earned high and respectable remarks across all major review sites.

Are you ready to compare? You can get a 30-day free trial on LearnWorlds and then continue to read the most detailed comparison of LearnWorlds vs. Teachable side-by-side.

Get your fully social, engaging and interactive online school.

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With both course platforms, it is easy to create an online course. They both offer basic learning features, and unlimited hosting for videos, PDFs, and text.

However, they differ greatly regarding the details of running an online school/academy or training business.

Teachable offers an easier way to build a course due to lacking features and educational capabilities. LearnWorlds often seems more complex as it has more advanced capabilities and educational features.

Here is a quick break-down of the common features in both course platforms:

Going one step beyond simple course creation, LearnWorlds really shines above Teachable by offering more advanced teaching and learning tools.

Here are the main differences between LearnWorlds and Teachable in relation to course creation:

As you can see, LearnWorlds is the clear winner in educational features and learning experience.

With these additional capabilities, LearnWorlds has a more interactive video-based learning ability and a more customizable option for creating course content. Such features provide the teacher with the ability to create online courses with more flexibility.

Another noteworthy feature is the social learning abilities powered by LearnWorlds:

Unlike Teachable, LearnWorlds comes with a robust built-in social and community-building feature that allows you to create a community of learners and communicate with them directly, either 1:1 through community inbox or group discussions.

The best part is that you can choose who can create and have access to these groups giving you more control over it.

Learning is rarely an activity that happens in a vacuum, it is foremost a social activity. Students must interact with a teacher, their classmates, and the broader community.

When choosing a course platform, another important part of your research should include the website building capabilities and design. Especially if you are looking for a white-labeled platform, you want to be able to customize the look and feel to suit your brand.

Both LearnWorlds and Teachable offer an easy-to-use system to build, customize, and white-label your elearning website. For example, both offer the capabilities to:

However, there are some clear differences when you dig into the details of what is actually offered by each platform:

When building a website to host your online course business, you can see some differences between the two platforms. Teachable has only one theme you can use, while LearnWorlds’ website design offers a wider variety of templates giving additional flexibility for on-site customization.

Teachable offers the Power Editor that allows you to change the basic template with more advanced customization on lectures, courses, pages, blogs, author bios, and page layouts. However, to do that, you need an in-house developer to help you out.

Teachable has recently moved its Power Editor on its Pro plan and up, but there is minimal control over the design of these pages unless you know how to code.

LearnWorlds unique website builder allows you to create beautiful landing pages from a rich library of ready-made and responsive templates. With it, you can build a fully responsive website and customize it with the look and feel of your brand. For more customization, you can choose to edit the HTML code yourself as well. All that is available on all plans.

With both LearnWorlds and Teachable, you can use your own website or domain to connect your school/academy, and you have different levels of white-labeling your website – removing the platform’s name and showing your branding only.

However, while Teachables offers a basic white-labeling of the footer on their business plan, at the signup, login, and checkout pages, you can still see a myTeachable login option which is limiting and confusing.

All of LearnWorlds white-labeling options come at the Learning Center plan and offer a thorough removal of the LearnWorlds brand mention and logo from the student side of your school.

Teachable comes with ‘myTeachable’, a feature that allows users to manage several schools under one account and enable these accounts for school users. While this is a great feature since it makes it easier to use, it loses value from the white-labeling perspective, and students share the same profile amongst multiple instructors and schools.

On the other hand, LearnWorlds offers a full white label option with social logins and email notifications with the customer’s brand.

When all is set up and ready to go, you will need to start marketing your courses. Here, LearnWorlds and Teachable have the most common features with a few slight differences and different implementations of the features (i.e., small settings or how they are used).

Both platforms tick all the boxes on the features you need to market & sell your online courses like:


  • Multiple payment methods,
  • Memberships / Subscriptions,
  • Coupons, discounts & promotions,
  • Integrations with marketing & analytics tracking tools,
  • SEO optimizations,
  • Course expirations,
  • Affiliate reporting,
  • VAT handling through Stripe & Quaderno Integration.


However, there are a few differences:

Here, Teachable has a slight advantage in the sales and marketing aspects, with the ability to email students with marketing emails or updates.

The biggest difference, however, has to be compared with the white-labeling options. Teachable does not really offer any white labeling, and that is a decision to lean toward a course marketplace option similar to Udemy.

There is an option to opt-in to Teachable’s Discover marketplace and mobile app. This opens up a bigger market opportunity for your courses.

The downside of that is the 20% cut and that it provides additional competition for your courses, compared to the option of having your own school.

LearnWorlds, instead of offering a built-in email marketing functionality, offers integrations with the world’s top email marketing automation tools.

Payment Gateways

Once you start selling online courses, you need also to be able to get paid. A payment gateway is a hugely important tool as it offers payment processing.

Both platforms offer a number of payment gateways. Both offer Stripe & PayPal integrations, but the similarities end there.

LearnWorlds caters to local EU payments through an advanced Stripe integration which allows for iDeal, Bancontact, Giropay, and Sofort to be used for payments.

For countries without access to the major payment gateways, LearnWorlds comes with PagSeguro (Brazil).

Teachable has a solution for individuals that do not want to go for a traditional payment gateway with Teachable Payments, but that is only available in the US, UK, and Canada.

Next up, it’s administration. Whether you are a course creator looking to better understand your students and sales, an HR professional or trainer interested in seeing the progress of your students, or customizing the experience of your users, the administration side is of immense importance.

LearnWorlds and Teachable both offer many options for managing and reporting on your students:

Here at LearnWorlds, we also feel that security is equally important as administration. This is why we are taking some additional precautions, offering more control, customization options, and protection of your and your students’ data:

If you are residing in Europe or have customers there, then the GDPR-compliance features of LearnWorlds are an absolute must for your online school.

Regarding support care, LearnWorlds offers concierge onboarding with one of our experts, 24/7 customer support, and phone assistance, which Teachable seems to be lacking. Also, it has very limited support for free customers, e.g., no onboarding.

Obviously more powerful when it comes to admin roles, LearnWorlds is a clear winner regarding the Administration & Security options of your online school.

Now that most things are covered, you are probably wondering, what about scalability? How does LearnWorlds compare with Teachable when your business is growing?

What about larger audiences and big surges in traffic?

The answer is that both platforms can support huge amounts of traffic and simultaneous users, as well as corporate-level requirements with:

Although, on the premium services, you can see that there are slight differences between the platforms you might want to consider:

Both LearnWorlds and Teachable have accounts that include hundreds of thousands of users and millions of users in total being served by both platforms. In terms of commercial (B2C) scalability, both can support great numbers of users.

LearnWorlds has an advantage in the enterprise and corporate sectors and is more suited to servicing a B2B or B2B2C organization.

Teachable, on the other hand, is not clear on how they handle enterprise-level customers and seem to be leaning towards a B2C marketplace for courses without any care for branding or offering more than basic technical support.

Mobile Apps

A major differentiation between LearnWorlds and Teachable is the offering of a mobile app.

LearnWorlds: White-labeled Mobile Apps

LearnWorlds offers a white-labeled app to each customer at an additional monthly cost. The App is fully branded so that it mirrors the look & feel of the customers’ online school.

So every customer can have his/her own mobile app published in both the Apple and Google app stores!

Teachable: A Mobile App Marketplace

Teachable, on the other hand, offers a single Teachable-branded app where a creator allows their course to be viewed side by side with their competitors. Students can access courses from all Teachable schools they have enrolled in and discover other courses by other trainers.

The app is only available on iOS (Apple) devices, and they do not offer an Android equivalent.

While this may be very useful for students, allowing them to access all their courses from multiple schools in a single app, it’s not ideal for the trainers since, effectively, your audience is shared with that of your competitors, making it harder to compete and stand out.

So the question is, to brand or not to brand?

Both course platforms offer unlimited users and courses with their paid plans and different features at each level.

LearnWorlds’ pricing offers a lower barrier of entry at $29, while Teachable offers a very limited free plan and a more pricey option, to begin with. By January 5th, 2023, Thinkific is increasing its prices and will offer its Basic monthly plan at $59 instead of $39 and the annual plan at $39 per month as opposed to $29 (like it used to be in the past).

The change in pricing affects Teachable’s Pro plan as well, and the monthly plan changes to $159 from $119, whereas the annual one climbs up to $119 from $99.

At LearnWorlds, the middle plan – Pro trainer, is offered at $99/month, which makes our platform a much more cost-efficient solution in comparison to Teachable.

On the higher end, LearnWorlds’ full features come at only $299 per month, whereas the price for the equivalent plan for Teachable is hidden for custom needs. Last, LearnWorlds comes with Enterprise level pricing, which you need a quote for, while Teachable doesn’t.

On the higher end, both LearnWorlds’ and Teachable’s full features come at only $299 per month. Also, LearnWorlds comes with an Enterprise level pricing which you need a quote for, while Teachable doesn’t.

*Pricing information regarding the change in Teachable’s pricing plans was retrieved from Teachable on 22 December 2022.

Overall, LearnWorlds offers more for a better price in all of the plans, and it’s an even more value-for-money option for course creators who want something affordable and scalable.

While Teachable comes with a free plan, this is limited to only ten students and 1 administrator and does not come with the option to get support through the live chat.

When it comes down to using the platforms, our users – LearnWorlds instructors, have some insightful information to share:

Hands down learnworlds is the best online course delivery platform out there. I’ve spent a lot of time with Teachable and Thinkific over the past few weeks and they are so far behind. – Gabe
Learnworlds is great! I’ve tried Teachable and Thinkific and several others and Learnworlds is exactly what I’ve been looking for! It’s really been a blessing from God and I’m excited about all the ways I can use it! I reached out to your support team yesterday and they were very helpful! – Lynn
I really love the Learnworlds format and specifications. I’ve shut my Teachable course and am transferring everything over. – Kat
I just want to also say, having using a WP Plugin LMS, evaluated Thinkific, and Teachable, I am very pleased with what your platform provides. It is by far superior. – Fabien
Customer support is simply outstanding. Many didactically useful functions, not just some marketing like Τeachable – Anonymous from
LearnWorlds are in a league of their own!
I had a terrible experience with Teachable, and so decided to try LearnWorlds instead, best move I made so far.
The interface is so much more advanced and user-friendly, bright atmosphere, and full of functionality that’s been geared towards successful outcomes for all involved. – AAW from TrustPilot

The testimonials and reviews we get prove that LearnWorlds is doing a great job with the platform and the e learning capabilities that come with it. LearnWorlds is getting better every day and strives to meet the needs of the modern educator.

While there are many similarities between the two platforms, LearnWorlds offers the most advanced capabilities for a much better price.

As you can see, LearnWorlds is an easy-to-use learning platform that allows you to offer the best learning experiences to your students, employees, and customers.

It also offers all the tools you will need to create, manage, sell and deliver your online education, but also customize the look and feel of its website to work well with and suit your brand.

If you are looking for the best representation of your brand and to build the best online academy there is, LearnWorlds is the definite choice for you!

Get your fully social, engaging and interactive online school.

Launch your school!

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Nick Malekos is a Senior Digital Marketer in LearnWorlds. He is a results based and well-rounded Digital Marketer with years of experience in the education industry, writer and digital literacy trainer.