Membership & Community Building

What is a Community App? Key Features, Benefits, Trends & More

12 min
What is a Community App? Key Features, Benefits, Trends & More
Product Updates

You Ask. We Deliver — Improvements for Q1 & Q2 2024

At LearnWorlds, our incredible team of experts works tirelessly to enhance your platform experience. However, this is only possible with our amazing customers, who use the platform daily…
LearnWorlds News

The Power of AI in eLearning is Here: Join the 2024 Worlds of Learning Summit

AI is no longer a futuristic concept; it's a game-changer in the eLearning industry, transforming how we create, deliver, and scale our educational content. To explore these revolutionary…
Product Updates

Introducing accessiBe Integration: A Key To Inclusive eLearning

Excited to enhance the educational experience for all learners? We're proud to introduce our latest product update: native integration with accessiBe. This crucial component will ensure eLearning accessibility…
Course Selling & Marketing

How to Promote Online Courses on Social Media [12 strategies]

With a global growth rate of 900%, online learning is the fastest-growing market in the education industry. 98% of American universities and 77% of US companies offer online…
Customer Education

6 Successful Customer Training Examples That Will Inspire You

The effort to meet customer needs never stops. A positive customer experience spans from the moment a customer first hears about your brand to the end of the…
Product Updates

Upgraded Mobile Learning Experience: Community, Multiple SSOs, Email Verification & More!

Starting this year strong, we're thrilled to announce a series of highly requested updates to our mobile app, designed to enhance your students’ learning experience and provide even…
L&D Strategies

What is DEI Training: Benefits, Types, and Examples

75% of companies don't have DEI training in their leadership development programs, according to The Real Story of Diversity and Inclusion report. But if you're reading this, you're…
Customer Education

10 Warning Signs You Need a Customer Education Program ASAP

Most businesses offer some level of employee training, whether it’s formal and well-structured or on-the-job training that happens spontaneously. But did you know that, in many cases, you…
Business Growth

The Best White-Label Online Course Platform for Elearning Businesses

Did you know that consistent brand presentation can actually increase revenue by up to 20%? Statistics don’t lie. In today’s fast-paced, ultra-challenging business landscape, you need to do…
Course Creation & Design

What is SCORM? A Complete Guide on SCORM Files and Packaging

This comprehensive guide will explore everything there is to know about SCORM files and packaging. You'll learn what a SCORM file is, the benefits of creating SCORM content,…
Customer Education

Customer Training Best Practices: 7 Practical Tips for Optimal Results

Customer training benefits not only your customers but also your business..Empowering customers to fully utilize your product significantly boosts their loyalty to your brand, positively impacting your business.…