The 25 Top High-Paying Affiliate Programs and Networks

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The 24 Top High-Paying Affiliate Programs and Networks

What if you could make some extra money on the side while building trust and credibility with your audience? And what if you could do this with minimum effort and risk? If that sounds good, then affiliate marketing might be just what your online business might be missing.

Affiliate marketing works pretty simply: you endorse your preferred product or service and share a unique link with your audience. When someone signs up, you get a share of the sale or the monthly revenue generated.

To find success as an affiliate partner, you usually need to have your own “online space” (think about a blog, podcast, online academy, or website) to promote a product and an engaged audience that would be interested in buying the product or service you’re promoting.

If you are an online course creator teaching videography, for example, it will make sense to promote a video editing tool. In comparison, endorsing a CRM is a long shot as it’s not a product directly relevant to your audience.

You can become an affiliate for any product relevant to your niche and audience, but the most profitable deals are with Software as a Service (SaaS) brands.

SaaS products and services are subscription based, and some offer recurring commissions for as long as your referral remains a paying customer. This means you can secure yourself a passive recurring income stream for the months or years to come.

On top of that, you can sign up for more than one affiliate program – most brands are okay with you promoting competitive products and don’t demand exclusivity.

For organizations, an affiliate program is a powerful growth tool that requires minimal budget, effort, and time. As the affiliate program expands, brands enjoy a good return on investment (ROI) combined with more brand exposure to relevant audiences.

No matter if you are a business or running a one-man show, affiliate marketing should be one of your marketing strategies because:

✅ It costs nothing or very little to sign up for a program
✅ It can be easily integrated into your existing content marketing strategy
✅ It can increase your credibility and enhance your brand, provided you promote products you know for sure to be of high quality and value to your audience.

In 2023, affiliate marketing has a market value of over $17 billion and is expected to reach $36.9 billion by 2030. In other words, affiliate marketing is popular and lucrative, so now is the best time to join in!

In this post, we have compiled a list of the 24 highest-paying affiliate programs that you can register for right now and start earning commissions.

Without further ado, here are the top affiliate programs in 2023 and beyond.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

There are many products and services offering affiliate programs, so we decided to do the heavy lifting for you. Whether you’re a beginner in your niche or an established business, these are the very best deals you can get:


LearnWorlds Partners Club

Commission: 30% lifetime recurring commission
Top feature: Lifetime commission
Payment method: PayPal, Stripe
Cookie duration: 90 days
Best for: Content creators, online educators, EduTech reviewers, coaches

LearnWorlds is one of the best all-in-one online course platforms with a built-in website builder that enables you to create, market, and sell online courses, digital products, and coaching. If your audience is genuinely interested in providing interactive and life-changing learning experiences or coaching, then our platform is a product you can vouch for without hesitation – and they’ll thank you for it.

Our affiliate marketing program, LearnWorlds Partners Club, offers a generous 30% recurring commission. That means while the customer remains subscribed, you’ll get paid 30% of their monthly bill. If they upgrade, you will also receive an increased commission. Simply referring one customer can add an average of $1,076 per year to your bottom line. What if you referred one, two, or three customers every month?

Even if your customer doesn’t sign up on their first visit, our 90-day tracking cookies mean you have three months to make the sale, which is more than enough time for a customer to make a purchase.

You will receive payouts to your PayPal and Stripe accounts every month. We offer a reliable referral tracking system and detailed performance data you can view on your Affiliate Dashboard so you can identify the channels and materials that work best and double down your efforts.

New to affiliate programs? No worries. LearnWorlds offers free training to help you get started and a dedicated manager you can turn to with questions and special requests. You’ll also gain access to ready-made banners, email swipe files, and other resources to launch your link fast and easily.

We also offer different sales funnels with impressive conversion rates, regular coupons, and promos to help encourage your customers to hit the ‘Buy’ button. If you boast a big audience, expect personalized benefits and perks.

The LearnWorlds Partners Club is free to join, and sign up takes less than a minute!


Shopify affiliate marketing

Commission: 20% of the merchant’s monthly subscription fee
Top feature: Popular platform
Payment method: PayPal, bank account
Cookie duration: 30 days
Best for: Content creators, course educators, influencers, review sites

Shopify, the world’s leading e-commerce platform for online stores, has a comprehensive rewards system for affiliate marketers. To join the Shopify Affiliate program, you need to have an established audience, run your own website, and be a content creator producing original content, like online courses or podcasts.

The commission rate is 20%, and there’s no maximum referral limit. Payouts arrive via PayPal. The 30-day tracking cookie is a little tight, but Shopify primes even newbies for success with a suite of tools and brand assets to help you get started.

You also have access to educational content and lead magnets to help you develop content and optimize your performance. Track your results in a dedicated dashboard designed to highlight growth opportunities.


Moosend affiliate marketing

Commission: 30-40% per paying account
Top feature: Tiered commissions (recurring)
Payment method: PayPal, Stripe & Wire Transfer
Cookie duration: 90 days
Best for: Bloggers, content creators

Moosend is a versatile Email Marketing, Automation, and Lead Generation Platform. It offers a range of campaign options, including regular, A/B split tests, HTML, RSS, and automation campaigns. Users can access a library of customizable email templates and use an easy-to-use email editor. Automation features with pre-made recipes simplify setting up automated email sequences.

Moosend also supports the creation of landing pages and forms for lead capture. Effective email list management, segmentation, and reporting tools are available.

The platform offers a tempting affiliate program with tiered recurring commissions from 30 to 40%.

More specifically:

The more paid accounts you bring in, the higher the commission rate becomes. Once you sign up, you’ll get a unique affiliate link tied to a reliable tracking system with real-time statistics. Moosend’s is not just a CPA (Cost per Action) program, but also offers EPC (Earnings Per Click) of more than $5.

Moosend provides you with free promotional resources, including banners and comparison pages, to give your link the wow factor. You can also seek support from their dedicated support team. With a 90-day cookie lifespan, you’ve got 3 months to get a customer to sign up for a free trial, and you’ll receive a commission even for that.


Visme affiliate marketing

Commission: 25% lifetime recurring commission
Top feature: Lifetime commission
Payment method: PayPal
Cookie duration: 60 days
Best for: Marketers, content creators, bloggers, product reviewers, freelancers

Visme’s Partner Program is open to anyone, but the most successful affiliates have a highly engaged audience that needs a visual content creation tool. Once approved, Visme affiliates receive access to a private dashboard, Visme’s marketing kit, and an affiliate link. Using their custom link, affiliates can share Visme with their audience on their website, blog, or social media channels.

Visme’s affiliate program offers a steady revenue stream of 25% lifetime commissions, recurring monthly as long as a customer remains with the company, and interactive resources with beautiful visual content, as well as free marketing assets, such as banners, videos, and sales copy. To attribute new leads and customers to affiliate IDs, Visme uses one of the leading referral tracking systems.


GetResponse affiliate marketing

Commission: 33% monthly/$100 per sale
Top feature: Flexible plans
Payment method: PayPal account, USD check, ACH, Eurotransfer (more payment methods are available upon agreement)
Cookie duration: 120 days
Best for: Marketing experts, content creators, bloggers, reviewers, freelancers

GetResponse is a well-trusted email marketing platform with an interesting affiliate marketing program. You can choose among the Recurring Program, which offers a 33% monthly commission for as long as the referrals remain paying customers, or the Bounty Program, which pays $100 per sale.

There’s no limit to how much money you can make. To help you succeed, GetResponse offers selling materials & guides and real-time reporting. If you can’t decide which program you want to join, you are allowed to join both to see what works best for you.


Elementor affiliate marketing

Commission: Up to 50% per sale
Top feature: Generous commission rate
Payment method: PayPal (more payment methods are available upon agreement)
Cookie duration: 30 days
Best for: WordPress developers, content creators, web educators, digital entrepreneurs, marketers & agencies

Elementor is a popular WordPress plugin that provides a drag-and-drop page builder interface for creating and designing websites without any coding knowledge. Its affiliate program offers up to 50% commission on every new sale and custom rates for high-volume affiliates. There’s no limit to how much money you can make, with some affiliates making more than $10,000 per month.

Elementor supplies its affiliates with an expansive list of creatives, content, and other material to help them sell the product, which is already popular, powering 8% of all the world’s websites. It also offers performance tracking tools and a dedicated Affiliate Manager and tutorials to help you get started.

7Liquid Web

Liquid Web affiliate marketing

Commission: 150% of the monthly hosting cost ($150 minimum)
Top feature: Generous commission rates
Payment method: PayPal, wire transfer, ACH transfers, and more
Cookie duration: 90 days
Best for: Web developers, digital marketers, tech influencers

Liquid Web is a web hosting company that specializes in providing managed hosting solutions for businesses and professionals. Liquid Web offers $150+ per sale minimum, even if the sale’s value is lower than that!

Plus, you’ll earn 150% of the monthly hosting cost and a 50% bonus for pre-paid plans. It offers adequate support with an affiliate manager, custom content & landing pages, links, and advanced notice of exclusive sales & promotions. It pays monthly


bluehost affiliate marketing

Commission: $65 per signup
Top feature: Unlimited earning
Payment method: PayPal, bank transfer
Cookie duration: 90 days
Best for: Digital marketers, web developers, tech reviewers

Bluehost is a web hosting company that provides hosting services and domain registration. A reliable web hosting services platform with one of the best affiliate programs, Bluehost is free to join with instant access and a generous 90-day cookie period. Tap into helpful resources and a dedicated support team to propel your online marketing endeavors and earn $65 per signup.

Plus, if you join Constant Contact, Bluehost’s sister email marketing company, you can earn commissions at $105 per person and $5 per lead that signs up for a trial. There’s no cap on earnings or referrals, so the sky’s the limit on what you could bank.


GanttPRO affiliate marketing

Commission: 50% per sale
Top feature: Unlimited cookie duration
Payment method: PayPal, Visa, and 68 other methods
Cookie duration: Unlimited
Best for: Bloggers, business coaches & consultants, tech reviewers

GanttPRO offers project management and team collaboration software. The affiliate commission structure starts with a 50% commission. The unlimited cookie lifetime is another impressive benefit and an incentive to sign up.

GanttPRO provides you with great support, including product training tutorials and an experienced affiliate manager. You’ll also receive exclusive marketing materials, from video demos to pre-written emails and GIFS, to promote GanttPro.You can even create your own affiliate offers and discounts to attract signups.


fiverr affiliate marketing

Commission: Varies depending on the product
Top feature: Lifetime attribution
Payment method: PayPal, Payoneer, bank account
Cookie duration: 30 days
Best for: Freelancers, digital marketing bloggers, content creators, social media specialists

As a Fiverr affiliate, you earn by promoting the services offered or the brand’s own products. Fiverr is a well-known platform for freelancers and gig workers operating in 160 countries, so converting won’t be much of a challenge.

There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can earn from, and the program offers lifetime attribution. Affiliates receive professional support, access to a user-friendly dashboard to monitor their campaign’s performance, and creative resources to have better results. It’s free to join.

11Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates affiliate marketing

Commission: Up to 12%
Top feature: Huge variety of brands
Payment method: Direct deposit, check, or Amazon gift certificate
Cookie duration: One day
Best for: Content creators, bloggers, and publishers

From one of the largest retailers in the world comes a high-quality program for content creators, bloggers, and publishers. The big draw with the Amazon Associates program is the range of products and services you can endorse – you’re sure to find something to entice your customers!

Commission rates vary up to a maximum of 12%, depending on the product. It might sound little compared to other rates on this list, but considering the popularity of the platform and the fact that the average order value is $112 (for online orders placed via mobile alone!), it’s a pretty good deal.

The Amazon Affiliate program kits you with tools to launch your link successfully. You’ll get banners, product links, plugins, and other resources to get your marketing off on the right track. You can easily keep an eye on your progress from your account. The only downside is the one-day cookie lifetime. But as a trusted retailer with lower ticket items, impulse purchases are more likely.


Teachable affiliate marketing

Commission: Up to 30%, one-year recurring commission
Top feature: One-year recurring commission
Payment method: PayPal
Cookie duration: 30 days
Best for: Content creators, online educators, tech reviewers

Teachable is an online course platform for content creators and coaches. Teachable offers a one-year, 30% recurring commission for every new subscription, with the average affiliate partner making roughly $450 per month.

The platform also offers robust reporting enabling to monitor which activities perform best, conversion rates, performance during specified time periods, and more. In terms of support, Teachable offers regular updates about product releases, tracking links, and marketing language that has performed well for its affiliates in the past.


ThriveCart afiliate marketing

Commission: Up to 50%
Top feature: Competitive commission rate
Payment method: PayPal, check, bank transfer
Cookie duration: 30 days
Best for: Content creators, coaches, online business owners

ThriveCart is a checkout cart software that offers its affiliates up to 50% commission. If your audience consists of e-commerce business owners or anyone selling products or services online, this could be the program for you.

ThriveCart empowers its affiliates with intel and tools to succeed, including instant product updates and metrics and forecasting to help you strategize. The program also offers incentives and perks, and you can even grow into a VIP affiliate status to earn even more perks, including exclusive events and access to an invite-only community.


Semrush affiliate marketing

Commission: $200 for every new subscription, $10 for every new trial, and $0.01 for a new signup
Top feature: Generous commission
Payment method: Check, direct deposit, or wire transfer
Cookie duration: 120 days
Best for: Content publishers, marketing agencies & all-round marketers, course creators, paid search specialists

Semrush is a tool suite that helps businesses improve their online visibility through SEO. It offers a well-paid affiliate program that rewards several actions: you’ll get $200 for every new subscription and $10 for every trial. The cookie lifespan is a good 120 days.

Provided that Semrush offers 40+ different tools and is used by 1 in 4 Fortune 500 companies, it’s safe to say that you won’t have much trouble converting your audience. To assist you in this, Semrish will provide you with a dedicated account manager for round-the-clock support, as well as access to assets, including banners and landing pages.


ActiveCampaign affiliate marketing

Commission: 20% – 30%
Top feature: High average earnings
Payment method: PayPal
Cookie duration: 30 days
Best for: Digital marketers, tech influencers

ActiveCampaign is an email marketing service provider with an appealing affiliate program. You can sign up and receive your link to get started in seconds. ActiveCampaign offers a portal, assets, and webinars to use in your sales funnel. You will also get an invite to join the ActiveCampaign community to learn from your fellow marketers.

Naturally, a big draw to this partner program is the commission rate. You’ll receive 20% of the subscription price paid every month for as long as your referral remains a paying customer. This rises to 30% for higher numbers of referrals or longer subscription periods. The average affiliate earns $1,350 per referral. The service is available across 15 languages and 170 countries. If you have a big international audience, this could be the scheme for you.

16WP Engine (WordPress)

WordPress affiliate marketing

Commission: Varies depending on monthly sales
Top feature: Cookie life
Payment method: Check, direct deposit, or wire transfer
Cookie duration: 180 days
Best for: Tech bloggers, website designers, WP theme & plugin developers, content creators

The WordPress hosting platform offers a generous and award-winning affiliate program with progressively high payouts. WordPress offers not just competitive commission rates but also an extra bonus if you refer more than 5 clients per month ($1000 commission + $100 bonus for 5 clients). The commission and the bonus increase the more clients you refer.

The cookie lifetime is a spacious 180 days. With custom, optimized funnels, promos, and discounts, this is a fantastic opportunity to boost your earnings. The application process is easy and quick, and you’ll benefit from Affiliate Manager support once you’re on the program. The banner and landing page templates make getting started a dream.


ConvertKit affiliate marketing

Commission: 30% for signups (for 2 years)
Top feature: 2-year payout
Payment method: PayPal
Cookie duration: 90 days
Best for: Bloggers, content creators

ConvertKit is an email marketing tool for automation with a great affiliate program hosted on LinkMink’s platform. For every paying customer you sign up, you’ll receive a 30% recurring commission for the next two years.

Anyone can join the scheme and get free access to a training course, graphics, videos, webinars to use as a magnet, tutorials, and a purpose-built dashboard to track earnings. ConvertKit offers a 90-day cookie, which further increases your chances of success.


HubSpot affiliate marketing

Commission: 30% recurring commission for up to one year
Top feature: Tiered payouts
Payment method: PayPal, direct deposit
Cookie duration: 180 days
Best for: SaaS reviewers, content creators, online educators, digital solution providers that integrate with HubSpot

One of the best CRM software also has one of the best affiliate programs, offering a 30% recurring commission for one year, with the possibility to earn even more as you bring in more referrals. HubSpot’s affiliate program is tiered (Hubspot Affiliate, Super Affiliate, and Elite Affiliate).

Once your application is approved, HubSpot will equip you with 400+ promotional assets (including copy bank, banner images, and demo videos). You’ll also have access to customizable reports and unique tracking parameters to monitor your campaign’s performance. If you make it to the top two tiers, you’ll also have guest blogging opportunities.


Brand24 affiliate marketing

Commission: 20% recurring commission
Top feature: Recurring commission
Payment method: PayPal, Stripe
Cookie duration: 90 days
Best for: Content creators, publishers, bloggers, website owners, influencers

Brand24 is a tool designed for social listening and analytics, allowing users to monitor their online presence and track mentions of their brand on social media and the internet. This tool is particularly beneficial for marketers, PR teams, and small businesses who are seeking valuable insights backed by data, as well as competitive analysis. The affiliate program provided by Brand24 presents an opportunity for individuals to earn 20% commissions every time a client reviews their subscription.

One notable aspect of the program is its user-friendly nature. Affiliates can immediately start promoting Brand24 without the need to create marketing assets from scratch. The program provides a range of readily available marketing materials, such as banners and swipe copy, making it convenient for affiliates to begin their promotional efforts.

To facilitate effective performance tracking, affiliates are granted a Partner Panel. Additionally, a dedicated partner manager is available to offer support throughout the process. Brand24 further enhances the affiliate experience by offering a monthly newsletter that provides partners with updates on product releases and improvements.


PromoRepublic affiliate marketing

Commission: 20-35% per sale
Top feature: Cookie duration
Payment method: PayPal
Cookie duration: 120 days
Best for: Digital marketers & social media specialists, bloggers & reviewers, marketing agencies

PromoRepublic is a popular social media management platform that should be an easy sell for your customers, translating into a 20% to 35% commission for you, which you’ll receive via PayPal. The average commission for top performers can reach as high as $1.5K – $3K per month, plus bonuses.

PromoRepublic’s generous 120-day cookie lifetime is another incentive. The all-in-one dashboard will enable you to keep an eye on your earnings. PromoRepublic also offers onboarding, resources to share and convert your audience, and a dedicated affiliate manager.


Jotform's affiliate marketing

Commission: One-year 30% commission per subscription
Top feature: Generous commission rate, easy to promote
Payment method: PayPal
Cookie duration: 60 days
Best for: Influencers, bloggers, content creators

Jotform is a feature-packed form builder that allows users to automate their data collection workflows. The tool offers advanced features such as conditional logic and form calculations, enabling unique forms, quizzes, or surveys for everyone. Users can collect leads, e-signatures, HIPAA-sensitive data and even payments, and manage their data all in one place with an analytics tool and auto-generated reports.

Because businesses of all sizes as well as individuals can use the product, it should be easy to promote Jotform. The company offers a one-year 30% commission for every qualifying subscription made within 60 days of clicking on an affiliate link. Affiliate partners are equipped with all the necessary tools to reach more prospects such as a training package and brand assets. All efforts can be tracked on a handy affiliate dashboard.

Best Affiliate Networks

Affiliate marketing networks act as intermediaries between brands and affiliates. They’re a digital marketplace where affiliates can find affiliate offers from merchants looking to outsource the marketing of their products or services.

The two parties involved are almost joining hands through this, especially since there are a vast array of options and opportunities available to both sides and, sure enough, both sides can find an ideal solution.

Here’s a selection of the most popular affiliate marketing networks:

22Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten affiliate network

Commission: Around 5% commission per sale
Best feature: Brand matchmaking AI tool
Payment method: Bank transfer, PayPal, or check
Available brands: Financial services, retail, travel

Rakuten, formerly LinkShare, boasts of being the highest-performing global affiliate network with a huge range of brands to choose from and a presence that expands over 25 years. Their Matchmaking AI service makes it easy to pick the brands that suit your audience.

Rakuten Advertising also offers custom curation and deep linking tools, training, and a dedicated support team. You’ll earn anything between 3% and 5% commission on sales, and 5% on goods. And with quick and seamless payments to your Paypal or Alipay account, it’s no wonder they’ve been voted the industry’s #1 Affiliate Marketing Network 10 years in a row.


ClickBank affiliate network

Commission: $150-$180 per sale
Best feature: High commission
Payment method: Check, wire transfer, direct deposit, Payoneer
Available brands: Health & Fitness, E-Business, Self Help, Sports, Home & Garden

ClickBank is a vast, global affiliate network with a wide choice of digital and physical products to explore, connecting more than 100,000 sellers and marketers to reach millions of customers all around the world.

Expect up to $150-$180 commission per sale and weekly or monthly payments that are secured via a solid tracking system. A great choice for newbies, ClickBank gets you ready for success with its educational platform, exclusive events, and personalized account management.


ShareASale affiliate network

Commission: Varies
Best feature: 25.000 brands available
Payment method: Check, direct deposit, ACH, and more
Available brands: Business, clothing, automotive, education, health, financial, and many more

ShareASale (part of the Awin group) is one of the biggest affiliate networks with more than 4,500 merchants in 39 categories such as accessories, business, and education. There are three marketing models to earn money with ShareASale: Pay per lead, Pay per sale, and Pay per click.

To help you find the best program for you, ShareASale has an intuitive search tool. You’ll also get access to educational and training material to help you grow your affiliate program and transparent, real-time reporting to identify top-performing merchants and broken links that could be hurting your efforts.

25CJ Affiliate

CJ affiliate network

Commission: Varies
Best feature: popular brands
Payment method: Direct deposit, check, Payoneer
Available brands: Barnes & Noble, Blue Apron, IHG, Priceline, and more

Commission Junction Affiliate collaborates with more than 500 brands across different industries. Choosing CJ Affiliate means you’ll promote well-known products, which usually already “sell themselves.” On the other hand, their screening and approval methods take quite some time to be completed.

CJ offers onboarding, focused and strategic recommendations, omnichannel tracking, and in-depth analytics on everything that matters, so you have full control of the process and ease of mind!

Choosing the Best Affiliate Marketing Program for You

Affiliate marketing is a time-effective way to make money online as an online business owner. Choose a high-paying affiliate program for a product or service you can market naturally to secure a passive income stream while reinforcing your own brand.

In this post, we’ve seen the best high-paying affiliate programs delivered by reliable, well-known brands. In the end, the best program is the one that works well with your brand and your audience. Before signing up for one, identify the needs of your audience and what product will bring them value before you make it part of your digital marketing strategy.

So, what will it be? Which affiliate program caught your attention?

If you address content creators, online educators, or coaches, our platform won’t disappoint!

Join the LearnWorlds Partners Club today for free!

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