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50+ Ways To Kick-Off Your Academy in Style

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Introducing the new school website templates, perfect for any industry and style!

You don’t have to be a designer to create a professional, stunning elearning website that communicates your academy’s mission to your audience. If you’re looking for a beautiful website template for your academy, look no further! We have everything you need to get started!

Website templates are a great way to level up your academy’s website faster & effortlessly without a line of code. Since they’re created by expert web designers and developed by the LearnWorlds team, you only need to focus on creating your content and making tweaks that fit your brand.

Over 50 professionally designed templates to create the training world you want online

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Are you ready for the exciting part? We have just rolled out a collection of more than fifty (50) professionally designed and industry-leading website templates that will kick off your website in style!

Each template is fully customizable, so you can express yourself like a professional designer and build the website you always imagined! Surely you will discover inspiration among these stunning website designs. See what is possible and create the ultimate website with LearnWorlds powerful Site Builder.

From Art & Design to Coaching and Customer education, we don’t stop here: more than 50 beautiful, ready-to-go fresh designs are waiting for you to level up your academy.

Let’s explore our templates together to find out which design you like the most!

Art & Design Templates


This collection of stylish and creative web templates addresses businesses and individuals in the Design Industry. Are you an artist, a musician, a dancer or choreographer, a graphic designer, or just someone who loves creativity? Bring out the essence of your art school in a colorful way with this professional and colorful site template blend.

What makes this collection stand out?

Every design has a great story to tell. Your academy’s design is your chance to share yours!
Mairy Christaki, Junior Web Designer at LearnWorlds

Coaching Templates


Well, whether you’re a life coach, a career coach, or a personal trainer, bring your academy to life using this modern theme with colorful and versatile illustrations. We designed a stunning, industry-leading collection to meet your business’s needs to help you convey a powerful message with vibrant, inspirational colors, quotes, and testimonials.

What makes this collection stand out?

Customer Education Templates


Is customer education your thing? We got you covered!

Take advantage of your academy’s design to build trust with your audience and establish yourself as an expert in your field. LearnWorlds is here to help you no matter what your needs are: scaling your business, training your employees, informing clients, or educating industry partners. Simply choose the template that best suits your needs, add your content, and you’re ready to go!

What makes this collection stand out?

Our mission: Empower you to create your online school effortlessly & beautifully, to meet your business needs.
Sofia Lampridou, Junior Web Designer at LearnWorlds

NGOs & Non-Profit Organizations Templates


Are you leading a non-profit or NGO? Align members, donors, and volunteers with your mission and make the change you want to happen with our cherry-picked, professionally designed templates for your industry.

What makes this collection stand out?

Design is communication.
A powerful way to communicate our messages and emotions, without saying a word.

Tina Biniari, Junior Web Designer at LearnWorlds

Medical & Nutrition Templates


An impactful online presence is essential for academies specializing in medical and nutrition industries. To your benefit, LearnWorlds offers a vast collection of professionally designed website templates, tailored to your industry needs for your academy. These templates are a great way to create your own website, and they can be easily customized to suit your specific needs, after all…“well begun is half done!”.

What makes this collection stand out?

Health & Fitness Templates


Do you want to get your fitness training academy in shape? Or perhaps you’d like to revamp the style of your healthcare educational program? Whether you are a seasoned personal trainer or starting up your own healthcare academy, we’ve got you covered.

You can launch your academy in style with stunning health and fitness website templates that will let you express yourself like a professional designer. All you need to do is select a site template tailored to your industry needs, and make it your own with just a click!

What makes this collection stand out?

…and many more professional styles!


Having a professionally designed website is key to creating a first great impression with potential learners to show them what your academy has to offer. By choosing a template specific to your profession, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort while still ensuring that your academy has a professional and appealing online presence.

What makes this collection stand out?

Make it just perfect for your niche

Truly Customizable & Fully Responsive

Name your niche. We’ve got a perfect match for it! We’ve included a wide range of styles and options, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your academy.

You can express yourself like a designer by creating whatever you imagine. Simply drag and drop your content into place to fully customize your website without touching a line of code. Add new blocks by using our collection with more than +400 pre-built page sections, widgets, or whatever you like with our easy-to-use yet powerful Site Builder.

Want to see it in action? Here’s a short video to take you through 👇

Or, let me delve a bit deeper into Site Builder’s magic:

Site Flavors

You can choose:

Give your website a new flavor by:

You can make as many designs as you want, for any occasion or to just refresh your academy. Your learners will only see your new learning website’s design when you activate it.

Is it Flash Sales? Create a version of your website and make it available for this short promo period. When it’s finished, instantly return to your original website theme.

Design Zones

Want to further customize each content block on your academy’s website? No problem! You can make limitless combinations of layouts by combining the design zones on each page of your website.
For example, you can select a different design for your Hero section (aka your website header) by browsing ready-made designs that display text, image, and video content in a different way than the template you’ve chosen.

Adding Widgets


While working on the design of the sections, you can add your own widgets. Choose from over +400 pre-made headings, icons, GIFs, vector graphics, animations, counters, event calendars, tabs, accordions, typing effects, buttons, social media buttons, video placeholders, and so many more elements to build the content you need.

Making it Personal

What’s the point of a tailored learning experience for your users if you can’t make it more effective? With our unique tagging system, you can add tags for your students. So you can segment your customers and create zones on your landing page that are only visible to specific individuals or a group of students.

…And don’t forget responsive design

Our templates are responsive and optimized for all devices, so your website will look great on any screen. So why wait? Check out our new school website templates today! How? Let’s find out!

Get a head start and build your academy’s site with LearnWorlds

Are you ready to get started? Here’s how you can access the new templates:

📌 If you are on a Starter and any other higher plan, navigate to the ‘Site Builder’ section → then “Site Flavors” of your school to get started.

Select any of the templates listed, type in a name, and click the ‘Create site flavor’ button to start making it your own!

Want to dive in even deeper? Access our support articles.

Not with LearnWorlds yet? Get a trial and start creating the ultimate website for your academy to bring your ideas to life quickly and beautifully.

Your professional looking Academy in a few clicks

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