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Introducing One-to-One and Group Live Sessions for Coaches and Beyond

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Professionals who run Coaching courses with LearnWorlds know that with us, training goes far beyond private sessions. Coaching Programs are centered around various learning activities that help to reflect the authoring signature of every coach and allow each coachee to pursue their personal goals. Interactive videos, live webinars, self-assessments, eBooks, and embedded content are all available on the LearnWorlds platform empowering Coaching Programs and making them stand out on the market.

Could we have done anything more for your training programs to shine? Well, believe it or not, we did it!

We are super happy to introduce you One-to-One and Group Sessions. This is a brand new feature that enhances your clients’ experience and opens up new opportunities for your business. From now on, your users can easily schedule 1:1 and Group sessions with you as an admin (or any course instructor of your academy) based on clients’ demand and your availability. But, believe us, it offers you much more than a simple scheduling tool.

If you are out of Coaching Business and have never considered One-to-One and Group Sessions to be relevant, it’s time to reconsider. On-demand live activities add superpowers 🦸 to any academy:

💫 Ability to drive engagement
💫 Power of building a strong rapport with your clients
💫 Upselling mastery

Regardless of your business model or client types, One-to-One and Group Sessions are a MUST-HAVE for your academy.

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First things first, without operational headache

Conducting live sessions with your learners at their convenience encourages learners’ interaction. That’s why we offer scheduling options that are simple and easy to use. By connecting Calendly with your LearnWorlds school, you can create live sessions on-demand and connect them with event types created in your Calendly account.

How? Easy! Under the Live Sessions page, activate Calendly, connect your account and choose whether you wish to enable the Instructors to connect their own Calendly accounts.

NOTE! You can use any of the Calendly available plans (Free, Essentials, Professional); however, the features offered will vary by plan.

When your customers visit the 1:1 or Group session in the Course player, they can select a slot at their preferred date and time, according to your availability as set in your Calendly account.

When the time of the session comes, a Join meeting CTA button will appear, prompting them to join, and this is where the magic begins!

Adding One-to-One and Group Sessions to your training program will not only raise the demand but also overload your business operations. Keep calm, you will manage this success without a problem! We’ve got your back!

All the upcoming and past scheduled events are accessible under the Live Sessions administration page. An intuitive calendar view allows you to view attendees, mark events attended, and keep notes for specific users.

Drive engagement in your courses

You are undoubtedly the expert in defining the pace at which your content has to be consumed by your learners. But do you remember seeing those upsetting numbers of people dropped off in the middle of a program? You can forget it now!

Add 1:1 or Group sessions learning activities at different milestones of your course to engage students in hands-on learning.

It doesn’t matter what format of content you already have in your course – live on-demand sessions will only add up to learners’ outcomes.

One-to-One session is your magic weapon to add a personal touch in your self-paced courses. Let your learners have:

Private sessions with you and your trainers strengthen the practical outcome of your courses. As a result, this also increases the value of your offering which can be fairly reflected in your pricing as well.

Additionally, group sessions complement theoretical or self-paced content in your training programs. For those purposes, you might have used live webinars before, which is certainly a good idea. But group sessions can offer you even more.

You can make your live sessions more engaging by:

This way, participants can choose the most convenient learning path for them, ensuring higher attendance and more effective group dynamics.

So easy as it is, you can choose the live session type (1:1 or group) that serves your business objectives. In the LearnWorlds platform session settings, you will see only those Event Types set up in your Calendly account that are relevant to the chosen session type.

Building a strong, lasting rapport with your clients

Developing a personal relationship with each client is essential to the success of any Coaching Business. But it doesn’t mean that if you run a training program to educate your customers, onboard your new employees, or any other business training goal, you can not embrace best practices from your neighbor-market colleagues.

Building a strong rapport with your clients will pay off in a lot of ways for your business. Starting from securing satisfaction with the learning outcomes and ending with a happy client with referral power or even wanting to join your Affiliate program.

💡 Expert Tip: Schedule on-demand 1:1 or group sessions at the beginning and end of your course or coaching program. This adds a human touch to your product, which is highly appreciated by a generation that values personalization in all aspects of life. Plus, adding a digital download accessible only by attendees can take your session to the next level.

Every step of the way, it is also essential to keep track of your interactions with each client. Make notes after each meeting and review these notes regularly. In this way, you will be able to stay on top of each client’s individual needs and provide them with the best service possible.

You can easily save and keep track of your notes on the Attendee page in the Attendees section of your 1:1 or group session.

Master your upselling power

Have you ever experienced a dilemma of wrapping up the value of your upselling offer? Because we know how challenging it can be, we’ve come up with some tips for you.

If you are looking for ways to upsell, you can offer on-demand live sessions as a standalone product. After your learners have completed their self-paced learning course, you can offer them a private consultation with an expert or a working group session.

The combination of the two products is a beneficial instrument for many reasons. First‌, it’s always easier to drive demand for a private session when your clients are previously nurtured with a “test drive”. They already learned your training style and are convinced of the value your academy can deliver, thus, making it easier for them to invest more in private learning. Furthermore, it creates a funnel of prospects flowing to consider your exclusive private training programs.

For businesses operating based on subscription & membership models, the on-demand One-to-One and Group Sessions pursue the value of higher plans. You can easily justify higher membership plans with live learning activities performed by experts or accredited coaches.

Coaching beyond or beyond coaching?

One-to-One and Group Sessions are the winning recipes for any kind of business.
As a coach, you can build a lasting relationship with your coachees, power up your live sessions with various learning activities and reap the transformational results you expect from your courses.

As a non-coaching business, you can leverage the experience of your colleagues, add a personal touch to your courses or create a new stand-alone product offer that only raises your academy’s value. And, all of that under a single platform!

Are you ready to unlock the next chapter in your academy’s success? Try out our latest features today and start earning more by tomorrow!

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