A University professor unveils his Three Secrets to Success

Dr. Ampel tells us about preparing the next generation of teachers, how it is a work of passion instead of a business and reveals the three secrets to his school success!
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Presenting Dr. Jason Ampel

Dr. Ampel is a professor at the University of Florida and he created The Learning Liaisons to help both college students and classroom teachers prepare for the mandatory State Certification exams in Florida and get their professional certificate in teaching. Besides his online school he also travels around the state of Florida throughout the school year to provide face-to-face sessions at universities and school districts.
The Learning Liaisons started off as a WordPress website but the limited functionality there led Dr. Ampel to decide that it was not enough to support a professional online school, he needed a professional, fast and modern eLearning platform. And he joined LearnWorlds.
If you are thinking about creating courses, you have to have a passion to help others. If your #1 goal is making money, find something else to do.

Dr. Ampel’s three secrets for a great online school

Dr. Ampel is truly passionate about teaching, he never stops improving the very successful school that he built with LearnWorlds. He pays extra attention to course functionality, which, according to him, leads to more sales and a steadily increasing income.
Running an outstanding school for a long time while also being a teacher comes with extra benefits, such as distilling the essence of what makes a great online school. The answer, according to Dr. Ampel, is Caring, Video, and Bundles.
Do you want to know how Dr. Ampel’s three secrets work?

Why LearnWorlds?

Dr. Ampel selected LearnWorlds based on the following criteria:
Jason singles out course functionality as the most important feature in an online school, which leads to more sales. He praises LearnWorlds 🎓 as being really easy to use and helping him spend less time on tech issues. As he switched from a different platform, the smooth transition and responsiveness of the LearnWorlds’ team made the shift totally worthwhile.
LearnWorlds is much easier to utilize. The look and feel is top-notch. It takes less work and time to make something 10x’s more professional.
The templates were a BIG time-saver and helped me organize my content in the best and most time-efficient way. Besides, why not use a setup that has proven successful?

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