How Learning Liaisons Made 10x More Professional Courses Without a Line of Code.

Courses Created

The challenge:

The Learning Liaisons started as a WordPress website, but the limited functionality there led Dr. Jason Ampel to decide that it was not enough to support a professional online school. He needed a professional, fast, modern eLearning platform, so he joined LearnWorlds to make it happen.

The solution:

Choosing LearnWorlds has allowed Learning Liaisons to provide a user-friendly and easily accessible learning environment for its students. Previously used platforms frustrated students as they couldn’t figure out how they work. LearnWorlds is easy to navigate and resolves tech headaches so that Jason can focus on more valuable activities for his academy. 
Users Onboarded

The results:

By solving the central issue of poor course functionality after joining LearnWorlds, Jason attracted and gathered more leads for his online school, generating more sales. Jason now generates a steady income that keeps increasing every month without losing time on time-consuming tech issues.

Learning Liaisons

Learning Liaisons

The Learning Liaisons is a school that provides college students and classroom teachers the knowledge, skill, and attitude they deserve to pass their state teacher & leader certification exams. Using interactive video courses and workshops, the school prepares its learners to get their professional diplomas ensuring their successful entry into the workforce.
INDUSTRY: Education
HQ: Florida, United States
The challenge:

Enabling Growth & Transition: Moving Past the Tech Barriers

The challenge:

Enabling Growth & Transition: Moving Past the Tech Barriers

Educating Future Teachers Effectively

The goal of Learning Liaisons was to educate the next generation of teachers helping them pass their mandatory certification exams. To do that, he needed to provide students with smooth and interactive learning experiences that were also easy and quick to create. Jason was looking for a platform with a user-friendly interface and intuitive design that would get positive feedback from students and give him the free time and flexibility to do more. 

Solving Major Usability Issues

Jason knew that more than growing his online business using a WordPress site would be needed to support a professional online school. Initially, he used a WordPress-based website and an integrated WPLMS application, but a few years later, he realized the functionality needed to be expanded and the WP site needed to be faster. That was when he started encountering lots of tech and useability issues and decided to look for a better solution to avoid them. 
"LearnWorlds is much easier to utilize. The look and feel is top-notch. It takes less work and time to make something 10x more professional."
"LearnWorlds is much easier to utilize. The look and feel is top-notch. It takes less work and time to make something 10x more professional."

Jason Ampel

Dr. Jason Ampel is the Founder of The Learning Liaisons and a professor at the University of Florida. Through Learning Liaisons, he helps college students and classroom teachers prepare for the mandatory State Certification exams in Florida and get their professional certificates in teaching. Besides his online school, he travels around Florida throughout the school year to provide face-to-face sessions at universities and school districts.
The solution & results:

Working Smart & Achieving More

The solution & results:

Working Smart & Achieving More

Streamlining Course Creation to Enhance Professionalism

Jason admits that LearnWorlds' ready-made templates were a big time saver, as they helped him organize the educational content in the best and most time-efficient way. This allowed him to be faster in designing courses and building pages while delivering the learning product the students sought. The ease of use, eLearning capabilities, and great design made all of this possible while bringing more significant revenue to the business. 

Jason’s advice for other course creators

If you are thinking about creating courses, passion is key. You have to have a passion to help others. If your #1 goal is making money, find something else to do. The financial rewards will come when you put passion into your work to help others.

Key takeaways

Figuring out how to use an eLearning platform and then substituting it with another isn’t always easy, there are many things you have to learn and do from scratch.
But if you are determined to make the leap to upgrade your current offerings - the same way Jason did, there are a few things you can do.
Here are some ideas:
Take risks, and don’t limit yourself to using what you are already familiar with 
  • Give your students multiple options and make use of videos, sales, and bundles
  • Be passionate about what you do and show your students you care for them
Ready to try these out? Find out what LearnWorlds can do for you.

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