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Can't decide which platform is best for your online course business? Check the following article and find out whether LearnWorlds or Podia suit your needs better.
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What does LearnWorlds do?

LearnWorlds enables you to build and scale your online course business with state-of-the-art technology and limitless customization capabilities.
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What does Podia do?

Podia bills itself as an 'all-in-one' platform that offers a wide range of tools for beginners in online courses to start and run their business efficiently.

Create Interactive Courses

Both LearnWorlds and Podia offer an intuitive course builder that helps you turn your content into digital products easily, offer course bundles and use drip feeds. Creating a course with Podia is as easy as it gets and you can use multiple types of content like video, audio and text files.
With LearnWorlds, course creation does not stop with simply uploading your content and adding a description. You can edit and customize your content on the platform, add interactive elements and save tons of time from post-production.
If video is at the heart of your preferences, then you'll be surprised by the features you'll find in LearnWorlds for delivering video learning. For example, you can add interactive elements like quizzes, image overlays, pointers to your videos, create transcripts with a few clicks and monitor how your learners engage with your videos. These make it easy for you to grow as a course creator because you can constantly improve the learning experience for your audience.
Course creation
LearnWorldsLearn Worlds
Unlimited Courses & Pages
Live Classes with Zoom
Interactive Videos & Ebooks
Automatic Video Transcription
Private Courses
Copyright Protection

Key takeaway:

LearnWorlds offers a wealth of features that empower you to build engaging courses by using interactive and content-rich elements. Podia allows you to create courses with basic elements that just get the job done, making it a good solution for individuals that are just starting with online course creation.

Build professional websites

Building a website to host and promote your content is a time-consuming task for most course creators. LearnWorlds gets some weight off your shoulders by offering 400+ customizable templates to help you create a fully-blown website that makes your brand stand out. On the other hand, Podia doesn't offer website templates to help you get started quickly and you can build your website from scratch by adding sections like text, images, products, logos.

LearnWorldsLearn Worlds
Page templates
WordPress SSO Plugin
Student segments
Editable HTML
Site Flavors
Allows you to create an alternative version of your school's site in just a few clicks.
Interactive Community
Testimonials & Quotes
Calendars & Countdown timers

Key takeaway:

If you need to build a professional website that communicates effectively your brand and highlights your products, LearnWorlds is the right option to go. Just like with courses, Podia lacks customisation elements that would make your school look more seasoned and trustworthy.

Measure Success & Optimize

Identifying how students interact with your content is key when it comes to scaling your online course business. Like in every successful business, monitoring how your customers use your products allows you to identify blind spots, improve your offering and keep your audience satisfied. With advanced built-in analytics tools, LearnWorlds empowers you to keep your learners engaged and sell more courses with complete user progress reports and deep course insights, right on your dashboard. Podia, on the other hand, gives you no option when you need to assess your school's performance, so improving and scaling your online school will be based on guesswork.
The LearnWorlds Reports Center includes User Progress, Course Insights, Video Analytics and Assessment reports so you are enabled to:
  • Monitor user engagement with your school
  • Improve the performance of your courses
  • Manage exams and assessments
  • Track your sales and revenue
"The data we can pull from our courses is above and beyond. Learnworlds has given us everything we need to create innovative, engaging online courses that people LOVE taking."
Alicia S.

Key takeaway:

Getting deep insights on how your learners interact with your courses is fundamental for scaling your online business. LearnWorlds Analytics provides you with reports and data on your learner’s behavior so you can keep evolving and growing your business. Podia does not offer analytics at all, so this makes them a fit for individuals that are not concerned with performance data.

Build a Mobile App

With the rise of mobile, learning on-the-go has become a huge trend that enables online course creators to engage with their audience anytime and anywhere. Building a mobile app for your online school sounds to require a huge amount of time and technical expertise, but what if you could launch a mobile app with zero development effort? LearnWorlds offers a Mobile App Builder right in your school so you can create your own mobile app for iOS and Android in minutes.
  • Create 100% white-label and customizable mobile apps
  • Automatically synchronize your course content
  • Send push notifications to your learners
  • Increase revenue with in-app purchases
  • Manage your app easily and code-free

Key takeaway:

If you believe in the power of mobile learning to engage your users and drive growth for your school, then LearnWorlds is the ultimate solution for you. Podia does not offer any functionality related to mobile learning and this fact puts limits on how you reach your audience.

Accelerate growth

First you create, then you sell and finally you are making revenue out of your online course business. For any creator, marketing and selling are top priority tasks but the real headache starts with accelerating your business growth. Expanding to global markets is a foolproof strategy that will bring more revenue to your business, though going from local to global demands a tool that can support that shift. Both LearnWorlds and Podia have tools that can help you market and sell courses. But LearnWorlds makes it easier for you to scale from a 10-user online school to a 10,000-user business.
LearnWorlds gives you multiple payment gateway options, supports flexible invoicing and is fully GDPR compliant, so you can sell anywhere. Also, if you have a team to help you manage your academy, LearnWorlds has the most flexible User Role system so you can easily assign roles to your team members.
For professionals and enterprises that choose higher plans, LearnWorlds offers 24/7 Premium Support, onboarding and a dedicated Customer Success Manager that will alleviate any concerns you may have as you grow.
Podia offers a good base for customer support with 7-days-a-week live chat and email support for all plans, and dedicated customer support agent and onboarding call only for their highest plan. However, having a dedicated Customer Success Manager that will guide you strategically on growing your online business instead of a support agent that simply solves requests gives an edge to LearnWorlds.
"I am in love with this platform and I would never change them for another. I feel cared for by the amazing support team that know my name, my work, my problems and needs. They offered me attention and personalized tips. All that gave a big boost to my online school. If anything could be better than this wonderful software, it's their customer service. Their customer service is the best I ever had in my life."
Teya B.

Integrate with powerful tools

'We are an all-in-one solution so you won't have to pay for extra tools to run your business.'
This is a common statement from the so-called 'all-in-one solution' platforms that any course creator that simply wants to run their business can relate. But when it comes to scaling your business, can ‘all-in-one’ tools support your growth? This is a major issue for ‘all-in-one solution’ platforms like Podia as their offering is broad, but the functionalities are limited. For example, built-in email marketing tools work for starters in online selling, but there’s no way you can drive expansion with simple email automations. For that reason, to help you scale and reach large audiences LearnWorlds supports integrations with 30+ powerful tools like MailChimp, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Zapier, Quaderno, Zendesk. That way you are empowered to build an ecosystem of advanced tools that have been designed to support business growth and sit back and relax knowing that your sales email reaches the right people at the right time.

Key takeaway:

If the basic tools of 'all-in-one' solutions does not work for you anymore, Learnworlds allows you to integrate your online business with the most powerful software in the market, so that you can grow risk-free without limitations and bugs.

Market and sell courses

As soon as your online school is ready, you'll need to start spreading the word out and getting revenue. Both platforms offer tools to help you market and sell your courses, but LearnWorlds has a clear edge over Podia. All your website pages on LearnWorlds are SEO-friendly, which means that when you publish a page on your website, it gets automatically indexed on SEPs. This enables you to boost organic traffic to your website and sell more courses without spending money on ads.
Another powerful marketing tool that LearnWorlds offers is the 1-click Sales Funnel, that allows you to remove friction from your checkout process so that you'll never lose a customer again. What LearnWorlds is not offering but you will find at a basic level in Podia is email marketing. However, as your school grows you will definitely need an additional integration with an email marketing tool to support your automation needs that are not fulfilled by any 'all-in-one' tool.

LearnWorldsLearn Worlds
Offers and discounts
Only with coupons
SEO-friendly pages
1-click Sales Funnel
Forms & Surveys
Global Payment Gateways Stripe
Local Payment Gateways iDeal (Netherlands)
Bancontact (Belgium)
Giropay (Germany)
Przelewy24 (Poland)
Sofort (6 EU countries)
Memberships & bundles
Sales Analytics

Key takeaway:

While it may seem that the comparison on Sales and Marketing is quite balanced, LearnWorlds takes you a step further with tools that you’ll not find in other platforms. Boosting organic traffic with SEO-friendly pages, increasing conversions with 1-click Sales Funnel and customizing your payments with global and local payment gateways allow you to speed up your growth.

Check pricing differences

Low Plan
Middle Plan
High Plan
Save up to 20% with annual plans
Pro Trainer
Learning Center
Save up to 20% with annual plans
  • Low plan (Starter): $29/mo
  • Middle plan (Pro Trainer): $99/mo
  • High plan (Learning Center): $299/mo
  • Low plan (Mover): $39/mo
  • Middle plan (Shaker): $89/mo
  • High plan (Earthquaker): $199/mo
Does affordable mean better?
While Podia is a cheaper option to LearnWorlds at the middle and higher plans, LearnWorlds gives you all the advanced tools that you'll not get with Podia. From building top-notch branded websites and engaging courses to accessing powerful analytics and earning more revenue with mobile, LearnWorlds provides you with a complete platform to grow your business.
Unlike Podia, LearnWorlds won't give you a bunch of features that you may never use at a basic level. Our goal is to equip you with the most advanced tools in the market, so that you won't need to look for another platform as your school scales and your needs evolve.
Here's what LearnWorlds makes possible for online course creators like you:
  • You can create engaging courses
  • You can build powerful websites and blogs
  • You can strengthen your brand with full white - labeling
  • You can optimize your school's performance with deep insights into your courses and users
  • You can sell more with branded mobile apps
  • You can enhance collaboration with your team
All these come with:
  • Premium, top-class 24/7 support and onboarding
  • Integrations with 40+ premium software platforms
  • 4,000 Zaps on Zapier
  • A stable and secure platform that will support your goals on the road to success

Still confused about which platform is the right one for you?

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LearnWorlds is the best course sales software that provide the students with on time courses and manages the issues related to course handling. It has a demo that can make the user to feel easy in working.
- Ayesha Nasee
I took a long time for me to find a great platform for my online schools. LearnWorlds is a robust platform that is very easy to use and setup and it is also affordable for those that are just getting started.
- D’Andrea Bolden Ministries
The TEAM behind LearnWorlds is what makes the difference and the support they offer.
- Ariane G
I am in love with this platform and I would never change them for another. I feel cared for by the amazing support team that know my name, my work, my problems and needs. They offered me the attention and personalized tips. All that gave a big boost to my online school.
- Teya B.
LearnWorlds will soon be recognised as the GLOBAL authority in online teaching... they stand out above the rest and their promises are REAL.
The confidence I’ve gained in my business is priceless. No matter what issue I might have with my platform, the LearnWorlds Support Squad has my answer. When they say “customer service is their #1 goal” they truly mean it. I’ve never been disappointed.
- Missy C.
I have used few others providers and wasn't satisfied until I found LearnWorlds. They have all the tools and easy to use interface to build your online school.
- Jonas K.
I'd like to say that the support that we've been getting from LW since I got to know the platform is, until this moment, without any doubts one of the best customer services that I've experienced.
- Samir A.
Extremely easy to use their in house video hosting platform, so there’s no need to get a platform like vimeo which ultimately saves you money.
- Kenneth John
I can recommend LearnWorlds as a great tool to manage an online course, academy, accelerator or anything similar. The platform works well and has many adjustable features. The support is super fast and always helpful! 5/5
- Alona Belinska
LearnWorlds is likely the most interactive learning system I have encountered. Thanks to greatly integrated video functionalities, gamification and personal notes/library there are immense opportunities to enhance the learning experience by creating engaging content.
- Epp Krusenvald
Before I committed, I decided to contact every elearning platform but honestly, no one beats what they offer. They are always on top of things and all the best features are always being added. The creators are so amazing, I can tell they work so so hard!
- Corine C.
Easy to use, good support from the team (very responsive) and costs less than many course platforms
- Tany Williams
I was looking at maybe 5-7 different platforms before I decided to go with LearnWorlds. It is easy to use (intuitive) and there are the features that you need. I am happy I found it!
- Martin B.
Definitely the best option on the market. I like to compare my options and LW was the clear winner. The amazing, friendly and well trained support team that replies within a few minutes is also extremely impressive.
- Teya Bozhilova
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