LearnWorlds VS ThriveCart

Choosing the right platform to build and grow your business in the creator economy is not an easy task to perform on your own. In the following article, we’re comparing two popular platforms for course creators - LearnWorlds and ThriveCart - to help you choose the right platform for you.
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LearnWorlds VS Thrivecart
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What does LearnWorlds do?

LearnWorlds is an integrated online training platform that enables you to create engaging courses, custom websites and mobile apps, and scale your school with built-in tools for marketing and selling your content.
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What does ThriveCart do?

ThriveCart is a shopping cart solution that helps eCommerce professionals create high-converting checkout forms and sales pages, and increase revenue with up-sells and order bumps.

Create Engaging Courses

Creating a course with LearnWorlds starts with a simple wizard that helps you configure the basic elements of your course, like title, description and course type. Then you can add your learning activities, like multimedia, live sessions, questionnaires, certificates or embed external links. Pretty straightforward and similar to most training platforms, right?
What makes LearnWorlds stand out though, is the customization capabilities that you can use within the platform to make your courses engaging. For example, you can upload a video or eBook to your course and then add interactive elements like text, images, questions, quizzes and transcripts.
In other words, with LearnWorlds you can transform a plain recording or a document into an interactive module within your course, providing a stellar learning experience to your users. All these functionalities are offered right in your dashboard, so you can save tons of time and cost from post-production.
On the other hand, creating a course with ThriveCart allows you to name your course, add a description, and upload your content. This means that ThriveCart will get the job done, only if the content of your course is ready to be consumed. Applying even tiny changes to your content requires you to use an external tool and re-upload your refurbished videos, eBooks or audio files.
Another downside is that ThriveCart does not host your videos, so you will need to firstly upload them to Youtube, Wistia or Vimeo, and then embed them into your ThriveCart courses. To get some weight off your shoulders, LearnWorlds allows you to create, customize, refurbish and keep all your content in your account, so you can constantly enhance it and offer to your users the value they are looking for.
Course creation
LearnWorldsLearn Worlds
Unlimited Courses
Unlimited Sites & Pages
Live Classes with Zoom
Interactive Videos & eBooks
Automatic Video Transcription
Private Courses
Copyright Protection
Text / File Assignments

Key takeaway:

While ThriveCart allows you to sell ready-made courses from a single page, LearnWorlds offers you the most advanced authoring tools so you can create engaging courses right on the platform.This means that if you want to offer a new course to your users, you won't have to look for another tool for course production, as you'll have everything you need - and even more - in one place.

Build your online academy

LearnWorlds comes with a complete website builder and you can create multiple pages like a homepage, blog, sales and checkout pages with ready-made templates. Your website can have a custom domain, your own branding and you can add interactive elements and widgets with drag and drop, like a professional developer would do - without the extra cost and the coding skills.
With ThriveCart, you can only create registration and login pages, where your users can access their course after they purchase. The differences between having a page versus owning a complete website for your courses are clear-cut.
From a marketing perspective, a website enables you to better engage with your audience, grow your brand and optimize your sales. LearnWorlds offers built-in tools, like forms and pop-ups, to help you capture your visitors’ attention, get their email address or promote an offer. As for the learning experience, with LearnWorlds you can add a community to your website, in order to encourage your users to interact with each other and create some buzz about your courses.

LearnWorldsLearn Worlds
Page templates & widgets
Advanced Device Authoring
Adjust how your school looks based on user's device
Student Profiless
Allows your students to see core metrics about their interaction with your school
User Roles
Custom code editor
Site Flavors
Create an alternative version of your school's site in just a few clicks.
Testimonials & Quotes

Key takeaway:

ThriveCart allows you to simply create checkout pages where you can highlight and sell your course. LearnWorlds, on the other hand, comes packed with a drag-and-drop website builder which enables you to build an entire online academy with zero coding skills, and customize it according to your needs.

Measure Success & Optimize

Growing an online training academy requires quick answers to one-off questions:
  • Which are the most engaging courses?
  • Which users are on track with their progress within your course?
  • What's your school's growth overall?
With advanced built-in reporting and analytics, LearnWorlds provides you with data that is powerful enough for an analyst, but accessible and clear enough for the average user as well.
Your dashboard is equipped with complete user progress reports and deep course insights so you can constantly evolve your business, leaving guesswork out.
As an example, you can see your most engaging courses, the performance of your learning activities and key metrics about your students' interaction with your school. All these pieces of information are presented in a structured manner and can be easily exported, so you can share them with your team or use them in your own systems.
ThriveCart does not have a built-in analytics tool, though you can cover some of your reporting needs by integrating your pages with Google Analytics.

LearnWorldsLearn Worlds
User Engagement
Course Insights
Video Analytics
User Progress
Assessments & Grades
Sales & Affiliates Reports
Automated School Reports
"The data we can pull from our courses is above and beyond. Learnworlds has given us everything we need to create innovative, engaging online courses that people LOVE taking."
Alicia S.

Key takeaway:

LearnWorlds Analytics provides you with reports on your learner's behavior and school performance right on your dashboard, so you can keep growing your business and providing educational excellence to your audience. ThriveCart doesn’t include a built-in analytics tool, so getting insights about your users requires a third-party app.

Build a Mobile App

Instead of creating a school that is simply responsive to mobile devices like with most platforms out there, LearnWorlds enables you to skyrocket your school's success with a native mobile app. This will help you offer the additional value that your learners are seeking, and also add another powerful channel to your marketing toolbox.
With the LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder you can create your own white-labeled app for both iOS and Android, at an extra fee, and take your business mobile.
Setting up your app is quite easy, as you can leverage the click-and-edit visual builder functionality to bring your brand to life, without a line of code needed. Also, you can keep your course curriculum consistent without feeling overwhelmed. Your school's content is automatically synchronized for your school's web and mobile versions at once.
The Mobile App Builder comes packed with awesome features to boost your business and enhance your students' engagement. You can harness the power of push notifications to keep your users engaged and prompt them to take action. But also, you can provide learners with a quick and easy way to purchase your online courses via in-app purchases and supercharge your school's growth. ThriveCart does not offer a mobile app but their courses are mobile responsive, so anyone can access them on a mobile device. Keep in mind that a native mobile app is quite different from a mobile-responsive course, so if you want to invest in mobile learning, then LearnWorlds is the best solution for you.

LearnWorldsLearn Worlds
White-labeled app
Push notifications
In-app purchases

Key takeaway:

LearnWorlds enables you to own a fully-branded native mobile app and have full control over it without any coding skills. With ThriveCart all your courses are simply mobile responsive, but you won't offer a 'learning-on-the-go' experience to your users.

Market & Sell your expertise

With LearnWorlds, you get way more than don't only get an academy to deliver your learning activities. You can run your own, exclusive marketplace where you can earn revenue from courses, memberships, and subscriptions.
LearnWorlds offers built-in marketing tools that every modern marketer includes in their daily routine, though you won't need a degree to craft your perfect marketing strategy. You can easily create landing pages and blogs to highlight your courses, use pop-ups to promote offers, build powerful forms to capture email addresses or gather feedback and send email notifications to your customers.
ThriveCart is popular amongst eCommerce professionals that look for a shopping cart option. As soon as you have a landing page for your course, you can create funnels and trigger upsells from your visitors. If you already have a complete website and need an add-on to help you optimize your conversions, then you might want to consider ThriveCart as an add-on.
As for payment flexibility, LearnWords supports Stripe, Paypal, Shopify, and more than 6 local payment gateways that are popular in large markets across the world. For example, PagSeguro is widely used in South America and Giropay, iDeal and Sofort are favored in European countries. If the above are included in your target markets, then you’re definitely getting an edge over your competitors. ThriveCart supports only Stripe and Paypal, which are the major payment processors in the world.

LearnWorldsLearn Worlds
SEO-ready pages
Offers & Coupons
Memberships & bundles
Pop-up Messages
Sales Funnels
Global Payment Gateways Stripe
Local Payment Gateways iDeal (Netherlands)
Bancontact (Belgium)
Giropay (Germany)
Przelewy24 (Poland)
Sofort (6 EU countries)
Email Notifications
All notification types
Only transactional emails

Key takeaway:

When it comes to marketing and selling your courses, ThriveCart helps you to optimize your conversions with up-sells, offers, and cart abandonment campaigns. On the other hand, LearnWorlds offers you a bunch of advanced built-in tools that are integrated with your online training academy, so you can build up your brand and expand your audience.

Compare pricing

Now that you have seen the main differences between LearnWorlds vs. ThriveCart, let's compare the pricing, to give you a better understanding of where it's worth investing your money.
Low Plan
Middle Plan
High Plan
Save up to 20% with annual plans
Pro Trainer
Learning Center
Lifetime account
Pro add-on
Save up to 20% with annual plans
  • Low plan (Starter): $29/mo
  • Middle plan (Pro Trainer): $99/mo
  • High plan (Learning Center): $299/mo
  • Low plan: $1,995 - Lifetime account
  • Middle / High plan: $1,000 - Pro add-on
The main difference between LearnWorlds and ThriveCart is in their pricing model. With LearnWorlds, you have 3 different plans to choose from, according to your needs, and a 30-day free trial, to test the grounds of the platforms. ThriveCart offers a lifetime plan ($ 1,995) and then you can upgrade to their Pro plan with an extra fee ($ 1,000).
If your focus is on building a powerful online academy rather than just checkout pages for your courses, LearnWorlds gives you all the tools that you need in an integrated platform. With state-of-the-art authoring tools and a complete stack that will help you run your marketplace, LearnWorlds has everything in place to enable you to scale your business.
Although ThriveCart offers some functionality for course creators, their platform is mostly focused on conversion rate optimization. Creating shopping carts and triggering upsells is ThriveCart’s core competency, which makes it a well-suited option for digital marketers. If you expect to both own an online academy and sell your expertise from one place, then LearnWorlds is the obvious choice for you.
  • Deliver a stellar learning experience with interactive courses
  • Build branded websites, blogs, and communities
  • Make your videos and eBooks interactive and engaging
  • Increase revenue with built-in marketing and sales tools
  • Own a fully-blown mobile app for your school
  • Enhance collaboration with your team
  • Optimize your school's performance with in-depth insights into your courses and users.
All of the above benefits come with:
  • Premium, top-class support, and customer onboarding
  • Integrations with 40+ premium apps
  • A solid and secure platform that will support your goals on the road to success.

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LearnWorlds is the best course sales software that provide the students with on time courses and manages the issues related to course handling. It has a demo that can make the user to feel easy in working.
- Ayesha Nasee
I took a long time for me to find a great platform for my online schools. LearnWorlds is a robust platform that is very easy to use and setup and it is also affordable for those that are just getting started.
- D’Andrea Bolden Ministries
The TEAM behind LearnWorlds is what makes the difference and the support they offer.
- Ariane G
I am in love with this platform and I would never change them for another. I feel cared for by the amazing support team that know my name, my work, my problems and needs. They offered me the attention and personalized tips. All that gave a big boost to my online school.
- Teya B.
LearnWorlds will soon be recognised as the GLOBAL authority in online teaching... they stand out above the rest and their promises are REAL.
The confidence I’ve gained in my business is priceless. No matter what issue I might have with my platform, the LearnWorlds Support Squad has my answer. When they say “customer service is their #1 goal” they truly mean it. I’ve never been disappointed.
- Missy C.
I have used few others providers and wasn't satisfied until I found LearnWorlds. They have all the tools and easy to use interface to build your online school.
- Jonas K.
I'd like to say that the support that we've been getting from LW since I got to know the platform is, until this moment, without any doubts one of the best customer services that I've experienced.
- Samir A.
Extremely easy to use their in house video hosting platform, so there’s no need to get a platform like vimeo which ultimately saves you money.
- Kenneth John
I can recommend LearnWorlds as a great tool to manage an online course, academy, accelerator or anything similar. The platform works well and has many adjustable features. The support is super fast and always helpful! 5/5
- Alona Belinska
LearnWorlds is likely the most interactive learning system I have encountered. Thanks to greatly integrated video functionalities, gamification and personal notes/library there are immense opportunities to enhance the learning experience by creating engaging content.
- Epp Krusenvald
Before I committed, I decided to contact every elearning platform but honestly, no one beats what they offer. They are always on top of things and all the best features are always being added. The creators are so amazing, I can tell they work so so hard!
- Corine C.
Easy to use, good support from the team (very responsive) and costs less than many course platforms
- Tany Williams
I was looking at maybe 5-7 different platforms before I decided to go with LearnWorlds. It is easy to use (intuitive) and there are the features that you need. I am happy I found it!
- Martin B.
Definitely the best option on the market. I like to compare my options and LW was the clear winner. The amazing, friendly and well trained support team that replies within a few minutes is also extremely impressive.
- Teya Bozhilova
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