LearnWorlds VS WooCommerce

Choosing the right platform to build and grow your business in the creator economy is not an easy task to perform on your own. In the following article, we’re comparing two popular course creation platforms – LearnWorlds and WooCommerce – to help you choose the right one for you.
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LearnWorlds VS WooCommerce
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What does LearnWorlds do?

LearnWorlds is an integrated online training platform that enables you to create engaging courses, custom websites, and mobile apps, and scale your school with built-in tools for marketing and selling your content.
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What does WooCommerce do?

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plug-in for websites built with Wordpress, that allows you to sell both physical and digital products, including courses that you have created with an online course platform.

Key takeaways

An online training platform like LearnWorlds is the right choice if you want to:
  • Manage your online school end to end from a single platform, avoiding dozens of plug-ins.
  • Have full control over your content, audience, and payments.
  • Skip the costs of hiring developers to take care of your website.
  • Customize your website easily on your own instead of hiring a designer.
A WordPress eCommerce plug-in like WooCommerce would be a good fit for you only if:
  • You already have a website, an authoring tool, and an LMS for your courses.
  • You can afford the extra costs of your online school's maintenance.
  • You can bear the constant Wordpress updates and how they affect your school.
  • You are mostly interested in the broader eCommerce capabilities of WooCommerce, that have nothing to do with online course development.

Create and Deliver Courses

WooCommerce, being an eCommerce plug-in for WordPress, doesn't offer authoring tools to create your courses or any other digital products. WooCommerce will help you sell courses that you have previously designed with another tool or plug-in that is compatible with WordPress. For example, assuming that you already own a WordPress website, you’ll need to purchase an LMS plug-in, connect it to your website, create your courses, and then merchandise them through WooCommerce.
With LearnWorlds, the process of creating and delivering a course is completely different. As soon as you join LearnWorlds, you reap the benefits of a built-in authoring tool and a Learning Management System that allows you to easily create and manage courses, memberships, and subscriptions. You can create multiple learning activities, like videos, quizzes, and eBooks, and edit them within the platform, as you would normally do with a content editor. This saves you tons of time from post-production, and you can refurbish your content anytime.
On the other hand, with WooCommerce you can sell courses and digital products that you've created with other tools. There are many options for course creation plug-ins that play well with WordPress and WooCommerce, but this comes with additional costs.

Course creation

LearnWorldsLearn Worlds
WooCommerceWoo Commerce
Online courses
Live Classes with Zoom
Unlimited video hosting
Built-in Content Editor


Text / File Assignments

Key takeaways:

While WooCommerce allows you to sell ready-made courses from a single page, LearnWorlds offers you the most advanced authoring tools, so you can create engaging courses right on the platform.This means that if you want to offer a new course to your users, you won’t have to look for another tool for course production, as you’ll have everything you need – and even more – in one place.

Build Your Website

LearnWorlds comes packed with a website builder that allows you to create multiple pages, like a homepage, blog, sales and checkout pages. You can choose to start building your website with a template and then customize it the way you want. As soon as your website is complete, you can continue with adding knowledge products and get the show on the road.
On the other hand, selling online courses with WooCommerce requires a bunch of tools that have to be connected with each other. First of all, you need a WordPress website, a Learning Management System, and the WooCommerce plug-in. All these add up to the total cost of building an online academy, and you’ll also have to take into account the cost of maintenance.
LearnWorlds is a straightforward solution where you can both sell and deliver online courses from a single point. In other words, LearnWorlds is a website hosting provider, a Learning Management System, and an eCommerce platform all in one. Obviously, having everything you need under one roof increases the level of control you have over your online business, while helping you better manage your expenses.
"All in one configurable solution, no coding required. I like the various options for learning activities, website construction, and zoom integration. Before selecting Learnworlds I looked at some of the competition and decided that Learnworlds had the best functionality for the cost."
Lindsay H.

LearnWorldsLearn Worlds
WooCommerceWoo Commerce
Page templates & widgets
Advanced Device Authoring
Adjust how your school looks based on user's device
Student Profiles
Allows your students to see core metrics about their interaction with your school
Custom code editor
Site Flavors
Create an alternative version of your school's site in just a few clicks
Testimonials & Quotes

Key takeaway:

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plug-in that was built to play well with WordPress websites. LearnWorlds is an end-to-end solution for building an online academy with a drag-and-drop, delivering courses as you would do with an LMS, and selling knowledge products like with any eCommerce platform.

Measure Success & Optimize

With advanced built-in reporting and analytics, LearnWorlds provides you with data that is powerful enough for an analyst, but accessible enough for the rest of us. Your dashboard is equipped with complete user progress reports and deep course insights, so you can constantly evolve your business, leaving guesswork out.
As an example, you can see your most engaging courses, the performance of your learning activities, and key metrics about student interactions with your school. All these pieces of information are presented in a structured manner and can be easily exported, so you can share them with your team or use them in your own systems.
WooCommerce does not have a built-in analytics tool to track learner engagement, though you can monitor sales and other eCommerce metrics.

LearnWorldsLearn Worlds
WooCommerceWoo Commerce
User Engagement
Course Insights
Video Analytics
User Progress
Assessments & Grades
Sales & Affiliates Reports
Automated School Reports

Key takeaway:

LearnWorlds Analytics provides you with reports about learner behavior and school performance right on your dashboard, so you can keep growing your business and providing educational excellence to your audience. WooCommerce, on the other hand, has a lot in place to help you track the commercial performance of your website only.

Build a Mobile App

Instead of creating a school that is simply responsive to mobile devices like most platforms are, LearnWorlds enables you to skyrocket your school’s success with a native mobile app. This will help you offer the additional value that your learners are seeking, and also add another powerful channel to your marketing toolbox.
With the LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder you can create your own white-labeled app for both iOS and Android, at an extra fee, and take your business on mobile.
Setting up your app is quite easy, as you can leverage the click-and-edit visual builder functionality to bring your brand to life, without a line of code needed. Also, you can keep your course curriculum consistent without feeling overwhelmed. Your school’s content is automatically synchronized for your school’s web and mobile versions at once.
The Mobile App Builder comes packed with awesome features to boost your business and enhance student engagement. You can harness the power of push notifications to keep your users involved and prompt them to take action. You can also provide learners with a quick and easy way to purchase your online courses via in-app purchases, and supercharge your school’s growth.

LearnWorldsLearn Worlds
WooCommerceWoo Commerce
White-labeled app
Push notifications
In-app purchases

Key takeaway:

LearnWorlds enables you to own a fully branded native mobile app and have full control over it without any coding skills. WooCommerce has their own app, so you can use it to manage your online store.

Market and Sell your Expertise

From capturing leads and qualifying prospects to promoting offers and creating a frictionless checkout flow for your customers, LearnWorlds has everything you need to sell your digital products.
You can easily create landing pages and blogs to highlight your courses, use pop-ups to promote offers, build powerful forms to capture email addresses or gather feedback, and send email notifications to your customers.
As you might expect, WooCommerce has a lot in place to help you sell your digital products, as it has been primarily designed for eCommerce. For anyone that is considering building their website and academy on WordPress, WooCommerce will probably cover the eCommerce functionality end to end.
On the other hand, if you're looking for an integrated platform to host your website, promote your digital products, and make money online, then LearnWorlds is the right option for you.

LearnWorldsLearn Worlds
WooCommerceWoo Commerce
SEO-ready pages
Offers & Coupons
Memberships & bundles
Sales Funnel
Global Payment Gateways Stripe
Local Payment Gateways iDeal (Netherlands)
Bancontact (Belgium)
Giropay (Germany)
Przelewy24 (Poland)
Sofort (6 EU countries)
Email Notifications
All notification types
Only transactional emails

Key takeaway:

When it comes to marketing and selling your courses, WooCommerce helps you optimize your conversions with eCommerce tools. On the other hand, LearnWorlds offers you a bunch of advanced built-in solutions that are integrated with your online training academy, so you can build your brand and expand your audience.

Compare pricing

Now that you have seen the main differences between LearnWorlds vs. WooCommerce, let's compare the pricing to give you a better understanding of where it's worth investing your money in.
Low Plan
Middle Plan
High Plan
Save up to 20% with annual plans
Pro Trainer
Learning Center
LearnWorlds offers three different plans and a 30-day free trial, so you can test the grounds of the platform and see if it fits your needs. WooCommerce is a free plug-in for WordPress, though, as you understand, there are costs related to building and maintaining your online academy.
Save up to 20% with annual plans
  • Low plan (Starter): $29/mo
  • Middle plan (Pro Trainer): $99/mo
  • High plan (Learning Center): $299/mo
How much would it cost to run a WordPress website?
  • Hosting costs: $120 per year (average)
  • Domain registration: $15 (minimum)
  • Themes: $100 per year
  • Payment gateway costs: 2.9% + .30 cents per sale plus a monthly fee of $0 - $30 per month on average
  • Communications: $348 per year
  • SEO: $79 per year
  • Security: $300 per year
  • SSL Certificate: $65 per year
  • Cost of hiring a developer: $15,000
  • Customization: Starts from $1,500
As you see, the costs of running a website on WordPress can blow your budget, depending on the needs of your online academy. Besides the costs of website development and maintenance, you also need to consider the cost of the LMS plug-in you’ll need to deliver your online courses.
On the other hand, the cost of building an online academy with LearnWorlds includes all the extra costs that you would need with WordPress. With LearnWorlds, you have everything in place, so you can rest assured that the budget is under your control.
Here's what LearnWorlds makes possible for online course creators like you:
  • Deliver a stellar learning experience with interactive courses
  • Build branded websites, blogs, and communities
  • Make your videos and eBooks interactive and engaging
  • Increase revenue with built-in marketing and sales tools
  • Own a fully blown mobile app for your school
  • Enhance collaboration with your team
  • Optimize your school’s performance with in-depth insights into your courses and users.
All of the above benefits come with:
  • Premium, top-class support, and customer onboarding
  • Integrations with 40+ premium apps
  • A solid and secure platform that will support your goals on the road to success.

Are you a hands-on person when it comes to choosing your next business tool?

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LearnWorlds is the best course sales software that provide the students with on time courses and manages the issues related to course handling. It has a demo that can make the user to feel easy in working.
- Ayesha Nasee
I took a long time for me to find a great platform for my online schools. LearnWorlds is a robust platform that is very easy to use and setup and it is also affordable for those that are just getting started.
- D’Andrea Bolden Ministries
The TEAM behind LearnWorlds is what makes the difference and the support they offer.
- Ariane G
I am in love with this platform and I would never change them for another. I feel cared for by the amazing support team that know my name, my work, my problems and needs. They offered me the attention and personalized tips. All that gave a big boost to my online school.
- Teya B.
LearnWorlds will soon be recognised as the GLOBAL authority in online teaching... they stand out above the rest and their promises are REAL.
The confidence I’ve gained in my business is priceless. No matter what issue I might have with my platform, the LearnWorlds Support Squad has my answer. When they say “customer service is their #1 goal” they truly mean it. I’ve never been disappointed.
- Missy C.
I have used few others providers and wasn't satisfied until I found LearnWorlds. They have all the tools and easy to use interface to build your online school.
- Jonas K.
I'd like to say that the support that we've been getting from LW since I got to know the platform is, until this moment, without any doubts one of the best customer services that I've experienced.
- Samir A.
Extremely easy to use their in house video hosting platform, so there’s no need to get a platform like vimeo which ultimately saves you money.
- Kenneth John
I can recommend LearnWorlds as a great tool to manage an online course, academy, accelerator or anything similar. The platform works well and has many adjustable features. The support is super fast and always helpful! 5/5
- Alona Belinska
LearnWorlds is likely the most interactive learning system I have encountered. Thanks to greatly integrated video functionalities, gamification and personal notes/library there are immense opportunities to enhance the learning experience by creating engaging content.
- Epp Krusenvald
Before I committed, I decided to contact every elearning platform but honestly, no one beats what they offer. They are always on top of things and all the best features are always being added. The creators are so amazing, I can tell they work so so hard!
- Corine C.
Easy to use, good support from the team (very responsive) and costs less than many course platforms
- Tany Williams
I was looking at maybe 5-7 different platforms before I decided to go with LearnWorlds. It is easy to use (intuitive) and there are the features that you need. I am happy I found it!
- Martin B.
Definitely the best option on the market. I like to compare my options and LW was the clear winner. The amazing, friendly and well trained support team that replies within a few minutes is also extremely impressive.
- Teya Bozhilova
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