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How an online school augments an already great customer base

Jon Kaplan speaks about travelling the world to present unique classes in packed speaking arrangements and how they brought this interactive experience online!
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By ScreamFree and Jon Kaplan

Jon Kaplan is the COO of ScreamFree, a company focusing on relationship building, whose courses on anxiety management are hosted on Pause Platform, and had great results with more than 1000 speaking engagements all over the world. But after years of traveling started taking their toll they started looking for a way to scale these impressive numbers? The solution: starting an online academy.
Jon had gained technical knowledge on deploying software solutions and become familiar with cloud-based solutions in the last 10 years and while looking at reports comparing the different solutions available he quickly realized that LearnWorlds was the most thorough and flexible solution available.
If you're looking to create an online platform you are not going to find a more robust solution in the market that enables you to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Is it really impossible to replicate the face-to-face learning experience online?

It is quite common for creators and educators to feel that their training method is so unique and personal that it cannot translate into online courses so they resist creating them. ScreamFree were no different but they changed their minds when they witnessed the potential of LearnWorlds platform. They managed to retain the high-quality of personal, onsite teaching by creating online courses that are never boring, inactive, or dull.
Do you want to know how ScreamFree tackled this challenge?

Why LearnWorlds?

See how LearnWorlds exceeded ScreamFree’s expectations
When looking for the right platform, LearnWorlds 🎓 convinced the reluctant team of ScreamFree that they could achieve the same results with their online courses as with their speaking engagements. Jon and his team realized that with the breadth of solutions in LearnWorld arsenal they could offer complex and multidimensional solutions that their customers would find fun, engaging, and unique.
LearnWorlds has the best support of any company that I have dealt with in the technology world. Everyone has gone above and beyond to tackle any issues immediately.
LearnWorlds truly offers a unique combination of types of exercises and styles of learning to make learning fun while, at the same time, being really affordable.

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