Going Beyond 1:1 Sessions: Triple Your Income by Selling Coaching Online

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A female coach being happy to sell online coaching and increasing his income.

As a coach, you must have given tons of advice to your clients: how to be happier, healthier, successful entrepreneurs, better parents, you name it! Now it’s your turn to get some advice on how to grow your coaching business, improve your services, and increase your impact.

Online coaching isn’t doing too bad, either. If you are a seasoned coach with a solid client base, here’s a thought: start selling coaching online! Because the business opportunity is real. For example, the online business coaching industry in the US is worth over 11 billion dollars.

This comprehensive guide presents you with actionable tips on how to sell coaching online based on thousands of successful coaching businesses run on LearnWorlds. We discuss how to build an online coaching business by creating your own online academy, a place where you’ll offer live sessions, self-paced online programs, or a combination of both, valuable resources for your clients under the membership website, engaging communities, and so much more!

And finally, you’ll get a brief overview of our powerful LearnWorlds features that will elevate your coaching programs to a true learning hub.

We hope we got you excited – let’s get started!

Save the screenshot of the checklist below to reflect later on the steps you need to take to move your coaching business forward 👇

Make money selling coaching online checklist

Perhaps you still don’t see the point in selling coaching programs online, especially if you have a successful business with your existing clients. But here are some arguments that will make you reconsider and get on board.

Wider Reach & Greater Impact

Selling coaching online is a surefire way to reach a considerably wider, even global, audience, spread the word about your services, and increase your clientele. Online coaching, being more affordable and accessible, enables you to touch and improve more people’s lives than you could ever do working offline or based on 1:1 sessions.

Streamlined operations

The best part about selling coaching online is that you can have streamlined and automated workflows. This helps coaches free up time so they don’t need to worry about tedious tasks, giving them more sessions on their bottom line with less effort!

Recurring Passive Income

By creating self-paced programs, you can cover more people with once-produced content or build a membership-based online website academy to set up a stable flow of recurring revenue.

Increased perceived value

The customer experience is much more focused and intimate when you sell coaching online. You also have complete control over how you present yourself. This means you can convey professionalism and expertise and build your brand more effectively. As a result, you can charge more for your services and build a stronger relationship with your clients.

Enhanced Coaching Services

You don’t need to think of an online coaching academy only as an alternative. Online can complement in-person coaching and be the source of additional materials clients can access for life, like eBooks and recorded events.

When it comes to coaching programs, there are all-in-one solutions available that can make things much easier to manage. You don’t have to worry about using multiple separate tools to build content, sell coaching programs, and engage clients. All-in-one solutions can cover it all and be much easier to manage.

Plus, all-in-one solutions are usually more affordable than buying multiple separate tools. So if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for your coaching program, check out the available options.

💡Here is a handy checklist you can download for recalling later while choosing an all-in-one solution. We’ve listed for you all the features you would need to make your online coaching business skyrocket👇

What criteria should you look for when choosing an all-in-one solution to build & grow your online coaching business?

Listed below are some of the elements you should consider when choosing an all-in-one coaching solution that works for you:

Try with a 30-day free trial the platform that has it all, and much more!! Get free access to LearnWorlds today and see how easily you can scale your business.

Time to cut to the chase and show you how to create and sell coaching online. Following these six steps, you can finally start online coaching and sell your advice.

Step 1: Understand Your Audience

All entrepreneurs, including coaches, must conduct audience research before changing their businesses. If you have been in the coaching business for a while, obviously, you know your clients’ profiles. But if you haven’t, take note.

Profession, age, family status, and income are all essential demographics you need to consider to create content for your online programs and set the right price. Generation Z, for example, prefers social learning. This means that you should emphasize initiating online discussions and group activities.

The best place to search for this information is social media. Join relevant groups to discover what your prospective customers talk about, their pain points, and what they want to achieve. You can also create a small questionnaire for each prospective client, so you can gradually collect information and have a clearer picture.

Step 2: Define Your Learning Goals and Objectives

A learning objective is what the client should be able to do after they complete their program. Essentially, they are your Unique Value Proposition; they give clients a reason to join your online program. Learning objectives must address the client/learner and be brief, specific, and realistic.

Let’s say you’re offering coaching on time management. Your learning objectives should look something like this:

After completing your coaching program, you’ll be able to:

Step 4: Populate Your Online Coaching Course With Engaging Content

Coaching programs need to be interactive, engage participants, and add value to be successful. To achieve this, it is important to offer different types of content. We have listed here some types of content that require no instructional design skills. In addition to engaging learners, these types of content maximize knowledge retention.

In LearnWorlds, we offer 20+ eLearning content types to design the most engaging coaching programs. Check the variety of options on our platform for free. You’ll be amazed by how immersive your online coaching can become!

Step 5: Offer a Certificate

Offering a certificate makes sense, especially in business or soft skills coaching. A certificate adds value to your offering, as clients can showcase it in their resumes and enhance their employability. As such, a certificate is an effective marketing tool to attract clients and a legitimate reason to set a higher price for your courses.

Step 6: Create Your Coaching Website

Now that your program is ready, time to build the exterior, i.e., create your academy’s website. If you’re wondering how to build a coaching website, you’ll be happy to hear what’s coming next.

With the website development problem solved, you need to make sure you do the following:

Looking to build a coaching academy but unsure where to start? Check out these great examples built with LearnWorlds. These academies have everything from personal development to executive, health & wellness, business, and career coaching. And the best part? They’re all available for you to get inspired!

Alex Carberry Courses

Screenshot from the “Alex Carberry Courses” coaching academy

The Alex Carberry Courses academy provides life & health coaching. This coaching academy has developed “The Know Yourself Method,” which connects the diverse language patterns for health, wellness, and self-development.

For a limited number of participants, the academy offers a premium workshop series that is refreshed and repeated every season. A certificate of completion is also awarded at the end of the workshop. It is an interactive format that combines video and in-person sessions.

Positive Psychology

Screenshot from the “Positive Psychology” coaching academy

The Positive Psychology coaching academy is headed up by Dr. Lily Cooper and a team of multi-disciplinary lecturers, bringing a wealth of academic and practitioner experience with them.

Dr. Lily’s 22 years of experience in higher education in psychology helps her bring essential guidance to Positive Psychology students.

Positive Psychology offers a blend of premium online coaching programs, combining 1:1 live sessions with video lectures, eBooks, assessments, and certificates.

Uplifting Leadership

Screenshot from the “Uplifting Leadership” coaching academy

Leadership coach Aleta Maxwell founded Uplifting LeadershipTM coaching academy to help leaders at all levels of management uplift their skills and become brand ambassadors. She has worked successfully with CEOs, directors, and entry-level managers in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors.

With her extensive experience as an international leadership coach and leadership development expert, Aleta leverages her background as a former CHRO and ten years of HR experience to offer proven strategies and techniques to help emerging and experienced leaders.

Aleta uses the coaching academy to offer custom leadership development coaching and consulting solutions. She enables companies to reach out to her team by submitting a form right within the website to request a free 45min strategy call. The academy also offers bundles, membership opportunities, and discounts for companies. The academy has even integrated Calendly to offer 1:1 consultations by letting people directly check Aleta’s schedule and schedule a meeting.
The academy also offers paid online courses jam-packed with video lectures, text material, assessments, Quizzes, and certificates of completion.

Gabby Bernstein

Screenshot from the “Gabby” coaching academy

Gabby calls herself the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, International Speaker, and Spirit Junkie. Her website is one of the most comprehensive membership sites you’ll run into. Its content varies from blog posts, quizzes, and podcasts to online courses and physical products, while you’ll also find a bunch of free resources acting as lead magnets.

If you were wondering how to increase membership and engagement, this site is a goldmine!

Intentionally Act Learning Portal Screenshot
Screenshot from the “” coaching academy is funded by All Aces, Inc, a renowned business consulting and services company. They offer their clients a process for cultural change through consulting and a learning platform for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Transformation (DIET) focused on Racial Equity + Justice in the Workplace & Beyond.

Providing blended learning with self-guided and instructor-guided courses, this coaching academy integrates interactive learning activities such as video, eBooks, post-exercise reflections, and self-assessments.

You’re here because you want to learn how to make money through online coaching, so let’s talk money now. We have already discussed that you can make a lot of money selling coaching online. Before setting a price for your online coaching services, consider the following:

The standard tiers of online course pricing are the following:

The LearnWorlds platform allows you pricing flexibility. Try today absolutely for free to build your subscription or membership website or your own eComm to offer coaching programs as a single digital product.

To get your online course business off the ground, a lot of work must occur online and offline. We have tons of advice about launching an online coaching business, so let’s dive in. Without further ado, here’s how to promote and sell a coaching program online:

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is very effective when done consistently. Start with the following small, careful steps, and soon you’ll start to see results and sell online coaching:

SEO Optimization

Optimizing your academy’s website for search engines will help increase online visibility and reach a wider audience. A few SEO elements to pay attention to are the following:

If you’re curious to learn more, we have created the ultimate guide on SEO optimization for online courses!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing works by offering a commission to third parties that promote your business or product and bring you referrals. In this case, your affiliates could be your existing clients or even coaches specialized in a similar niche that refers their clients to you for further coaching.

Email marketing

Email marketing remains a very effective communication strategy that enables you to engage current clients. You can use email to inform clients about upcoming courses and events, communicate current offers, and share the exciting news. Email marketing is also very effective in reaching out to prospects.

Social media once again plays a crucial role in building and expanding your email list, whether you try to target new clients through paid ads or organically. Networking and word-of-mouth marketing can also help you build your mailing list if you are a new professional.

Once you have built your mailing list, use an email marketing tool to set up automated email sequences that reach your audience at the right moment in every step of their buyer’s journey. Most email marketing platforms feature email templates and editing tools, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

For more information, check out our detailed guide on using email marketing to promote your online courses.


Networking is essential to increase your client base and stay up to date with news and developments in your coaching niche. Some ideas to expand your network are:

Yes, even experienced coaches can make mistakes when they take their business online. Don’t hesitate to learn from the LearnWorlds’ experience, so here’s what to watch out for:

They Don’t Market Their Services Enough

It is one thing to be confident in your abilities, and it is another to assume that clients will come running to you because “your expertise stands out.” Coaching is a competitive field populated with skilled professionals. Attracting, retaining, and expanding your client base should be an ongoing effort.

Promoting your business with every chance will pay off and help you outgrow the competition. And once you’ve caught their eye, don’t let clients go without a fight. Apart from offering a free resource, you can additionally offer discounts and create limited-time offers to add a sense of urgency. This is actually a common marketing tactic that works every time.

They Make too Many Promises

Another mistake coaches make is that they promise life-changing results. This can go either way. It either makes the coach sound untrustworthy and drives clients away (which is bad for business), or it makes clients believe that coaching will magically transform their lives. Creating high expectations that are never met is also bad for business; because you end up with disgruntled clients who communicate their disappointment to their circle and online.

It would help if you found the balance between reassuring clients they’re in good hands and expecting miracles. Create a FAQ session on your website to answer the most common questions about coaching. Be honest about what clients can achieve through coaching and its limitations, stressing that there are no quick wins and that they need to work to see results consistently.

They Don’t go the Extra Mile

People often view their coaches as mentors. They trust them with their thoughts and feelings. This level of connection is hard to achieve in online coaching. All the more so with online programs offering advice that generally works, with no real-time coaching included in the program. Throwing in a couple of videos isn’t the best version of coaching, though. It would be best if you aimed for much more than an asynchronous program to serve your clients right.

An integrated coaching program must include live sessions, whether online or in person. Wherever possible, offer the clients an evaluation before they sign up to direct them to the most suitable coaching package. If you are short on time and can’t arrange individual coaching calls, you can perform evaluations using an online questionnaire the client fills in. Another option to add more personalization is to check in with the client a few months after they’ve completed their program.

Take your coaching online today to grow and impact your customer base tomorrow. It’s a risk-free move to go beyond 1:1 coaching with low investment and high return!

The benefits are hard to ignore, from broader coaching impact and improved client experience to strengthening your presence in your coaching niche and streamlining your operations. Save the screenshot of the checklist below to reflect later on the steps you need to take to move your coaching business forward. We know you can do it, all you need to bring in is your expertise and passion for coaching. What are you waiting for?

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