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Customer Education: The What, Why & How Behind It [Guide]

Are you looking for a sustainable way to create the need for people to buy your services? Then, educational marketing may be the key.

Educational marketing is the ongoing process of teaching prospects:

A) Why they need your product
B) How to use your product

Potential customers need information that relates to what they want to hear. You might already be familiar with customer onboarding, especially if you are working on a technology-first company, marketing agency or a product with a long learning curve.

How can customer education boost your marketing efforts, and why is it so important? In this article, I want to show you why having your own academy is essential for your company and how you can start building your educational content.

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Customer education is any purposeful and organized learning activity that is designed to impart attitudes, knowledge, or skills to customers by a business or industry.

Educating customers helps them realize the full potential of your products, and gradually migrate to new or more sophisticated usage of them.

It provides customers with an extensive how-to guide that can answer most, if not all, questions they might have while onboarding their product. And then, any advanced questions that remain are better directed to a customer support employee or customer success manager.

Customer education is particularly beneficial for companies with:

It also serves marketing purposes like:

Customer training should create a need and also generate trust from a target audience.

By only reaching people to convert them into customers, you are limiting your potential to generate new customers. So, if you want to change how people perceive your brand, you need to distinguish yourself as the leading educational voice for your industry.

What is your initial thought behind your product or service?

What is your scientific background?

Sharing educational messages will dramatically increase the likelihood of people making a purchase. You also successfully target a much broader audience, creating an eagerness for people to buy your product.

A strong customer education program can have a significant impact on your business, including increasing customer satisfaction scores, reducing support costs, improving product adoption, driving lead generation, and growing upgrades. Understanding all these elements and integrating customer education will help strengthen your relationship with your customers throughout their lifecycle.

Let’s dive into each of these benefits:

Here are 5 significant benefits you can reap from investing in customer education:

Now you understand why customer education is so important in distinguishing yourself as the leading educational voice.

And with the right tech tools, you can start your own customer education program in a matter of time. All you have to do is choose a course platform that can do this job for you.

A well-trusted LMS like LearnWorlds will help you provide: Access to learning material on the go, flexibility in individual learning pathways, learning materials from one or various sources (SCORM & HTML5), and multiple classes or groups with assignments, scorings, and data tracking using only one tool.

The best way to start your online academy for your clients is with a well-trusted online course platform – I will explain later why.

If you want to try out LearnWorlds for free, it comes with a 30-day trial and guides you step-by-step on how to create excellent courses.

Create a beautiful online school without any technical skills.

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Customer education is maybe an essential part of your marketing strategy. Selling shouldn’t begin immediately. In the beginning, you have to build rapport and educate your subscribers, and then you must try to sell.

In the educational phase, you must create an understanding of your product and give value through high-quality content. And let me tell you the secret of this phase:

By using educational content, you frame yourself as an authority.

In other words, your prospects know how your content takes them from point A to point B and transforms their lives for the better.

Your subscribers have to see how you change their businesses, lives, relationships, or whatever your subject is all about. In this case, you have to invent;

You then gradually build the expectancy of something that must change their lives. You create the need for your product without directly presenting it. The selling phase will come after you have provided this upfront value.

What kind of content is educational?

An online Academy made in a course platform can provide a professional-looking learning experience and include all of the above learning material. An academy is essential because you can have all content in one place, and adorn it with quizzes and knowledge checks to measure the level of understanding.

After you have sent a right amount of valuable content out there and have warmed up with your recipients, it is time you move more aggressively into sales.

But sales are a whole new discussion, so let’s just discuss now how you can start your own successful customer education strategy.

Online courses are the most compelling way to deliver your educational content and keep people coming back for more. One of the benefits of using a course platform -as I said before- is that within it, you can include every form of education delivery:

All of these and many more assets are coming in through a well-packaged LMS.

This is precisely what the companies below do with their academy. Here are five examples of customer elearning:

Hubspot academy:

AWS customer training and certification.

Ahrefs academy:

Softomotive Academy:

LearnWorlds Academy:

Why don’t you take a look at one of them and see how an academy actually looks like?

With the plethora of online learning platforms and learning management systems – LMSs, out there, today, it’s easy to build your own online school.

Using a state-of-the-art online learning platform ensures that you are offering all the features that will make your academy the must-go learning destination.

With LearnWorlds, for example, within just a few clicks, you’ll get your own school website with powerful features: Student management, integrated payment processing, multiple types of activities, and everything else you need to teach online.

When exploring technology platforms to support your customer training program, there are four requirements to keep in mind. Your platform should be:

So, once you have chosen your desired course platform, it’s time to get some learning content on there. What are the steps?

One of the most effective ways to get people to buy from you is by providing exceptional upfront content that is designed to create specific needs.

The more you share your wisdom, the more customers will jump on a customer journey. Use your knowledge to educate your audience with zero commitment to your business.

Choose a great and flexible LMS to provide a great learning experience.
Why don’t you give LearnWorlds a try and see how you can reduce churn and keep customers satisfied?

Create a beautiful online school without any technical skills.

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