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Searching for sustainable competitive advantages and ways to get ahead of the pack, service organizations are always on the lookout for ways to keeping clients connected to them as close as possible.

Customer education has long been seen as a means of creating value for customers. It helps customers realize the full potential of the products they purchase, achieving even higher ROI for their investment, and gradually migrate to new or more sophisticated usage of the product.

Facing constant pressure from competition and rapid development of new features, businesses need to do a better job of educating their customers. That’s why every company now needs to create its own academy- a series of online courses, that will educate their leads and users resulting in:

According to Meer (1984), customer education …

“… refers to any purposeful, sustained and organized learning activity that is designed to impart attitudes, knowledge or skills to customers or potential customers by a business or industry. It can range from self customer education instructional material for a particular product to a formal course related to a product or service”.

Customer education has a long-term impact on consumer behavior at every step of the decision-making process. Customers are incited to discover and use the features of products and make more intense use of the products.

So, should you also be educating your target audience?

Definitely, yes.

Benefits of Customer Education

There are many reasons to educate your customers. Some may work to improve your marketing or sales process; others can lower costs such as onboarding or support. Here are 5 of the top reasons for educating your customers (and not only):

1Customer Satisfaction

Customers and potential clients perceive provided training as a valuable augmentation to the service process. Customers get more satisfied because they become more skilled with your product.

They’re also more able to take full advantage of your product, without this turning into frustration. At the same time, product complaints, customer churn and product returns decrease.

2Quality Customer Support

When companies invest in customer education, there are fewer customer complaints and questions. This is because customers can figure out these snags using their product knowledge. Then, your customer support team gets to focus on the more complex issues.

3Customer Expertise

Customer education is also likely to lead to meaningful improvements in the level of customer expertise. Also, customers get better expertise about the average performance of similar brands in a product category. Educational efforts, therefore, will play an essential role in helping consumers know which behaviors to adopt.

4Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty refers to a consumer’s intent to stay within an organization and their commitment to improving their relationship with the organization. Generally, reliability has been and continues to be, defined in some circles as the frequency of repeat purchase or relative volume of same-brand purchasing.

With customer loyalty, people are more likely to upgrade to higher plans for your services or stay a customer for longer. Also, people are more likely to recommend your company to their friends.

5Market Leader Positioning

Companies that offer education to their customers position themselves as market leaders. A market leader can create a large follower-base by sharing industry-specific knowledge and convert those visitors into customers.

Starting Your Business’ Online Academy

You are already halfway there. Most companies deliver this kind of educational content already through different channels:

It is reasonable to discuss what the best way to deliver information out there is. There are plenty of ideas. However, the most optimal is building an online academy.

Creating an online academy is super easy these days. Your starting point is a well-trusted Learning Management System (LMS). An LMS will allow you to host all the educational tools you need, like e-books, interactive videos, quizzes, communities, learning analytics and much more to create memorable customer courses that can gently take your audience’s hand and lead them all the way to start from the brand awareness stage to a deeper understanding of your product.

The advantages of setting up an online academy instead of single sources of knowledge are a lot:

Teaching using a variety of media with which you may want to provide information either it is video, text or sound. Rather than sparingly sharing videos and e-books, a better way to do this is to provide a combination of those two. This type of delivery keeps learners’ attention at high levels and help you keep everything in one place.

Online education gives your clients an opportunity to study your product more in-depth and interactively, as online educational environments provide users with interactive e-books (where people can keep notes, star items, etc.) and interactive videos (where they can answer questions in videos and deepen learning).

Creating a step-by-step course, thus promoting the gradual structure of knowledge. This means that students can see the beginning, the middle and end of your information in contrary to web pages, blogs or email campaigns.

Online courses provide valuable quizzes and certificates which gives your customers a valuable sense of course completion. Platforms also automatically let people know about which activities are completed and which are semi-completed so that they know where to return to.

By using an online platform, you can track students and gain valuable data about their engagement and satisfaction. Then, you’ve got then highly useful data for making improvements, reducing your customer churn and increasing satisfaction instead.

In online academies there are communities. People can directly ask questions to you or other learners about your services, discuss and share their experiences. This makes them study your product in more depth.

Online courses give the opportunity of self-discovery. Instead of asking people to absorb the information you deliver them passively, learners can freely navigate your content at their own pace and scope. This will give a valuable sense of freedom and flexibility.

A great example of an online academy is LearnWorlds’ Online Academy which provides courses on how to create your own academy, courses, and video. Students of the LearnWorlds Academy can educate themselves and exchange experiences on course creation as well as see examples of online learning in action.

Be sure that grateful customers enjoy learning new things. The more opportunities they have to educate themselves the more likely they will be coming back to you. The reasons we referred to above explain why an academy is your priority over other companies that are possibly neglecting such an approach.

You can start by using any educational content you have already shared in your blog, social media marketing, provided that it is engaged, user-friendly and easy to share! Using material that you have already created is a quick win.

Moving Away From a Simple Product Presentation

It is a well-known fact that people are choosing to buy your product to become better at their jobs and to solve specific tasks at hand; not to learn every feature of your software. A webpage that is dedicated solely to describing the characteristics of a product will not be successful on its own. This means that you have to dive deeper into theoretical and practical education that concerns your product, moving away from a feature focused training.

How can you do that? Find what the best motivation for different segments of people is to use your product and create several courses in your academy. Answer these questions to yourself first, to start building your training:

Also, ask people on your team who spend time with customers about where training will be most effective. Invest some time in talking to your salespeople and customer support teams to understand people’s problems and desires.


Neglecting education can cost you much more than you may think. If potential customers do not fully or accurately understand your business benefits, they will be unable to discern your potential value.

What we suggest is enriching your interaction with your customers even more and leaving all your competitors far behind. If you don’t put all your efforts to educate your target audience, they’ll switch to the competitors. Prefer not to give your rivals such a present. Instead, reinforce customers’ perceptions of your business positioning as a high-quality service provider.

LearnWorlds has a rich set of features that can make the experience of launching your own Online Academy feel like a breeze. Try LearnWorlds today and have your customers coming back for more!

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