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Keep Your Eyes on Data and Grow Your e-Learning Business

Sara Cortellazzi - Senior Product Marketing Manager LearnWorlds
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If you want to grow your e-learning business, you must know what your learners do in your school with your courses. Data is no perk!

In fact, let me challenge you: do you know the answer to these questions?

Too many questions at once? Perhaps.

However, having a clear picture of what your clients do in your online school is quintessential to your success. Skipping data is not an option.

Be the Best Course Creator You Can Be

Surely being a talented instructor helps. However, you still need to be able to answer those vital questions to optimize your educational offering and set both short and long term business objectives.

If you have taught face-to-face courses before, being present helped you read the room. You also probably used feedback forms, and you made decisions about your next actions based on these elements.

But, online? How do you “read the room” online?

How can you get to know learners’ behaviour in your online school? What do they like? Dislike? What do they find difficult? What are their content fruition habits? How can you understand both the big picture and the most intricate detail? Can you identify trends and patterns to improve your offering?

Revenue data alone unfortunately cannot answer any of these questions.

Here’s Where Course Analytics Come Into Play

Analytics cover four kind of questions:

Going through the data enables you to know what’s going on in your own school, and make decisions accordingly. You can work on improving your learners’ retention and completion rates, up-selling, cross-selling, and boosting advocacy.

Once you have the data to understand your own business, you have what you need to make decisions.

Let’s have a look at these scenarios together:

First Scenario: Capitalize on What Goes Well

What HAS happened?

“My introductory photography course is booming: sales and completion rates are satisfactory.”

WHY did this happen?

Data show many enrollments, the live sessions are very well-received.

What COULD happen?

Students may tire of the same content, and you will have to find new leads for your school continuously.

What SHOULD happen? → Your decision

You should capitalize on your current students’ high engagement levels. It’s an excellent opportunity to create more advanced courses to provide students a clear progression path. You can upsell and cross-sell to your existing audience: it’s cheaper and more effective. Everyone wins.

Second Scenario: Retire What May Harm Your School’s Brand

What HAS happened?

“My still life photography advanced course doesn’t sell much and has a very low completion rate.”

WHY did this happen?

It looks like students are getting stuck at the second lesson and just 1.3% of them proceed after that learning activity.

What COULD happen?

Students may think that the other courses are like this one, eventually damaging the perception of the rest of your content, causing the students to drop out or not enroll in any other course, possibly get poor reviews, and finally your cost per lead will be through the roof.

What SHOULD happen? → Your decision

Aim to keep your brand reputation intact and focus your efforts on creating and selling something that works. In this case, you may think about retiring this particular course.

Third Scenario: Improve Instructional Design

What HAS happened?

“My landscape photography is getting good sales, but 63% of students drop out at chapter no.4 and another 17.2% at chapter no.9. I have 22 chapters in total!”

WHY did this happen?

Courses are hard to follow, dig into more data: are your videos not engaging enough or too long? Or too many learning activities?

What COULD happen?

Students will not want to sign up for more and won’t recommend you to their community.

What SHOULD happen? → Your decision

Keep your students engaged and consuming content that they enjoy. You may want to revamp this course, so why not create easily consumable bite-sized videos, or split the course in two.

Fourth Scenario: Boost Your Marketing

What HAS happened?

“I have high completion rates for my advanced fashion photography course, but sales are a problem.”

WHY did this happen?

Your learning activities are a hoot, but you probably need to pay more attention to your marketing plan.

What COULD happen?

This course is gaining audience only through word-of-mouth, and revenues are growing at a slow pace.

What SHOULD happen? → Your decision

Such a great course should not go to waste! Find the right target segment from your current client base and put in place an enhanced marketing plan to attract new customers.

Course insight analytics usages

Each quadrant corresponds to one of the scenarios above:

Look at the data for each of the courses – into which quadrant do they fall?

Remember: Data is the Fuel to Your Schools’ Jetpack.

Only LearnWorlds Course Insights helps edupreneurs, training managers and L&D professionals, like you, answer those one million dollar questions and more as well as improve their business by feeding the data you need to keep education quality high and your audience engaged.

LearnWorlds Course Insights provides you with in-depth intelligence on how your school, so you can be confident while making business and instructional decisions.

Identify patterns of learners’ content consumptions

LearnWorlds Course Analytics provides user-friendly and self-service access to course design and performance insights. By looking at the data analytics about your content in retrospect, you will understand what’s most relevant and engaging for your audience, and what can be improved.

LearnWorlds Course Analytics has 68 data segments to support your quest (you can also create your own with any tags you like). You will be able to start a virtuous circle of continuous improvement and be the best edupreneur you can be.

Optimize your e-learning content

Did you know that top-tier universities use data to prevent drop-outs? With LearnWorlds Course Analytics, edupreneurs have the evidence they need to determine what works and what can be improved.
Having visibility into how your courses are being consumed, means you have the information you need to increase adoption rates. You can use this knowledge to efficiently improve your content’s quality in relation to learners’ demand.

Showcase your performance to your stakeholders and your audience

If that wasn’t enough, you could also use these data to demonstrate your work. For example:

Jetpack your commercial offering

With the ability to scrutinize the information about learners’ interaction with your courses, you can optimize your offering’s quality and increase student satisfaction levels.

Satisfied students will want to return for more content, become your advocates, participate in your case studies, leave you good reviews etc., thus helping you attract more and more learners.

How LearnWorlds’ Course Insights Tool Works

LearnWorlds Course Insights provides you with in-depth intelligence on how your school, so you can be confident while making business and instructional decisions.

It offers a state-of-the-art visualization and insights into your course and students. It’s great to quickly understand how your students interact with your course, find bottlenecks and improve the quality of your course. Here’s what’s included in our insights arsenal:

With this data at your fingertips, you will tackle the most challenging instructional design and business decisions!

Time to Embrace Data-Driven Decision Making for Your Online School

Shifting toward relying on analytics to make decisions, means embracing a new culture. Your LearnWorlds’ school is ripe with available data to understand content consumption habits and detect learners’ wobbliness or high performance, and therefore enabling you to make data-driven decisions.

With the new Course Analytics, together with user segments, user progress tracking, and automated reports, you are ready to plow the ground of business optimization.

Watch our Elearning Analytics Workshop Below:

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Sara Cortellazzi - Senior Product Marketing Manager LearnWorlds
Sara Cortellazzi
Senior Product Marketing Manager at LearnWorlds

Sara is on a mission to keep up to speed the LearnWorlds' community with the latest feature releases and more. She lived and traveled all around Europe, gaining an MSc in Marketing, experience in tech, and passion for education.